Super Mario Reborn is an upcoming game for the Gameboy Reborn, and is the sequel to Super Mario 64, it has 3D gameplay and will be released in 2016 to celebrate to 20th anniversary of Super Mario 64.



Picture Name In-Game Description Special Ability's
359px-Mario - New Super Mario Bros U
Mario This is the main guy, Mario!

Medium stats and normal jumps, he really is the best!

Can activate the

Fludd Power up

and use the mighty

power of the

Mega Mushroom!

Super Luigi !
Luigi Level up! It's Luigi!

This high jumper is the younger of

the Mario Bros, but still has power!

Can activate the

Cape Power up!

220px-Wario MPIT
Wario Look out Bowser! It's Wario!

He can break blocks with his bear hands!

Can activate the

Rock Mushroom

Power up!

Yoshi egg yoshi render
Yoshi Look! It's a dinosaur? Wait, It's Yoshi!

This dino can eat up enemies and turn

them into eggs!

Can activate

the Lava Power up!

Red Toad SM3DW
Toad Look how cute he is! It's Toad!

The fast runner will certainly lap you!

Can activate

the Boost

Power up!


Princess Peach It's the Princess! She's been

kidnapped by Bowser and it's up to

the 5 heroes to save her!

Princess Daisy TBA
Donkey Kong The Kong is in the house!

This Kong will help the bros by selling

Mushrooms and more!

Diddy Kong TBA
Toadsworth TBA





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