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Super Mario RPG Deluxe is an RPG for the GameCube where Bowser kidnaps Peach and sets up a Super Castle. This game has all the features of an RPG, including Time and Day system, Camp system, 3-D graphics and many others. This is also the first ever 4-Player Mario RPG.


Bowser kidnaps Peach, Toad informs the bros. and then they call Yoshi and the 4 set off on a journey. You have 1 hour and 40 minutes. to pack up and get ready for the trip. Mario goes to get their transportation ready, Luigi goes and gets their supplies (1-up, fireflower, etc.) Toad heads to the shop to get some food, and Yoshi goes to buy them some gear. When everyone is ready, Mario tosses their stuff in their plane and they take off. You don't increase stats except for HP and FP, but you do gain new specials.



HP: 20

FP: 34

MTBLSM: 1 day, 14 hrs, 20 mins, 45 secs

ATK: 5


LMT: Super Heavy

SKL: Jumps

SPEC: Fireball




MTBLSM: 1 day, 19 hrs, 59 mins, 30 secs




SKL: Hammer

SPEC: Thunder




MTBLSM: 23 hrs, 18 mins, 8 secs

ATK: 9

DEF: 1


SKL: Fast

SPEC: Egg Throw


HP: 63

FP: 23

MTBLSM: 2 days, 11 hrs, 45mins, 55 secs


DEF: 2

LMT: Medium

SKL: goes into small openings

SPEC: Heal

Things You Can Do

  • Explore lush environments
  • Battle enemies and bosses
  • Set up camp and equip it with weapons
  • Do co-op attacks
  • Experiment with characters' abilities
  • Buy weapons, food
  • (more to come)


HP: Health Points. If the hero's HP reaches 0, their defeated until someone revives them

FP: Flower Points. FP is needed to do special moves. Lack of FP results in not being able to do special moves.

MTBLSM: Metabolism. If your character gets hungry, feed them quick or they will die.

ATK: Attack. This is how much damage a character can deal.

DEF: Defense. This is how much damage gets reduced when a hero gets attacked.

LMT: Limit. If an armor or weapon is too big or heavy for someone to carry, they cannot equip it.

SKL: Skill. This is what your character can do in the field.

SPEC: Special. These are character-specific moves that deal damage, heal your party, put positive status on your party or inflicting negative status on the enemies. Each hero has 5 specials to learn.


(coming soon)


  • Toad is the only hero who has dialogue in the game.

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