Super Mario RPG 4: Journey For The 5 Emerald Shards is the sequel to Super Mario RPG 3: Search For The Silver Statues and part of the Super Mario RPG series. It involves Mario and his various partners searching for the Mushroom Kingdom's source of power and happiness the Grand Power Emerald which has been scattered in shards across the Kingdom. It was released for Nintendo Throwback II.


Prologue: A Big Deal

After a war with the Electric Company over who will control the Mushroom Kingdom's power Princess Peach decides that the power will flow by using a special emerald the Grand Power Emerald. Then one day an organization named the Darkness Initiative appeared and attacked.

Chapter 1: The Darkness Initiative's Attack

One day Peach invited Mario to a dining at the castle. Mario arrives and she introduces him to a special part of her castle the Power Chamber which powers the Grand Power Emerald. While Peach is studying the emerald with Mario the Darkness Initiative infiltrates the castle bursting to the chamber. A Darkness Soldier comes in and battles Mario. Mario wins but Magnoarter Ton Tongale the IIIIIII and defeats Mario. He is thrown out of the castle and the Initiative takes over the building. They also take the Emerald and shatter it into 5 shards scattered across the Mushroom Kingdom. The power then cuts out.

Chapter 2: When I Grow Up

The Darkness Initiative sends guards to each of the 5 castles where the shards are. However the Initiative keeps the core of the Emerald at its new base at Peach's Castle. Mario wakes up Goomba Central where a teenage Goomba meets him and introduces herself as Gloombarana. She says when she grows up she wants to be like Mario. Mario offers for her to join his team. She agrees and they set out to Gloomla Castle where the 1st shard held.

Chapter 3: The Problem With Mouser

Before the duo could get to the castle they see a Wanted poster for a Mario look-alike. Two Goomba policemen come and take Mario to a trial. Gloombarana pleads for Mario but they say if Mario can find the thief then he will be free. The duo find out Mouser is the cause of the crimes. After battling Mouser and winning the officers arrest the criminal. They head towards Gloomla Castle.

Chapter 4: Hassle In Gloomla Castle

As the duo continue on to Gloomla Castle they meet another challenge a Darkness Guard makes them answer 7 questions. If they answer all 7 questions correctly the monster will get angry and battle you. If you win the guard will explode in a puff of darkness. Suddenly Merlon runs up having come from Flipside. He tells them the Void has once again opened and soon will swallow the entire Mushroom World. Merlon then decides to give you the ability to switch between Overhead View and First Person view. They finally head into he castle. After meeting new enemies and getting through the 7 floors of the castle. On the top of the castle they battle a Darkness Executive. After beating him the duo grab the first Emerald shard and put it away.

Chapter 5: Krazy Times In Koopa Kountry

The duo arrive in Koopa Kountry where there are many nice Koopas. A crowd of Koopas gather around Mario and ask for his autograph. Gloombarana walks away because no one is paying any attention to her. She goes away and sees a little boy coming down the street. They quickly become friends and Mario comes looking for her and finds her with the boy who's real name is Parakarry The III grandson of Parakarry. They agree to let III join the team making the duo a trio.

Chapter 6: Parakarry Jr And The Lost Para-Package

The trio decide to visit the Parakarry's House. At the house they meet Parakarry Jr who is also a mailman. He is sad because he lost the package that was supposed to go to the royal Koopa family. Mario offers for him to help. Getting through the village Mario finds out Bowser Jr was the culprit. Battling Bowser Jr and winning causes him to run away. You deliver the package to Parakarry Jr who is grateful and delivers the package.

Chapter 7: The 1st Fortress Of Darkness

Mario and co. learn that the Initiative has made a Darkness Fortress in Koopa Kountry. Heading towards the fortress they see Magnus Ton Tongale. He uses magic and creates bottomless pits everywhere. They use Parakarry III's ability to fly to get to the fortress. Magnus runs in climbing to the top of the 8 story castle. So does the trio. They fight Magnus and win. Running towards Peach's castle Magnus jumps in. They grab the 2nd emerald shard.

Chapter 8: A Brave Shy Guy

Mario and co. head towards Shy Guy Square where the 3rd emerald shard is held. Getting off the train they see any Shy Guys. They want a guide who knows the square. They ask many Shy Guys but all refuse. But a little Shy Guy named Tarno agrees and joins Mario's party.

Chapter 9: Chain Chomp Trouble

Heading to the next castle the quartet a pair of Chain Chomps harassing a group of Shy Guy. There is someone driving the Chomps. None other than Iggy Koopa! You defeat Iggy and the Shy Guys go away. You get to the castle.

Chapter 10: The Second-To-Final Frontier

Heading in the 9-story castle gets you to the second to last battle against the second Darkness Executive. Winning the battle Magnus comes and sees you opponent defeated. He looks at Mario and throws him out. When Mario wakes up he is at Bowser's castle.

Chapter 11: An Unlikely Allyship

Going through Bowser 10 story castle he gets to the chamber room. You see Bowser locked up in a cage. The cage is guarded by... who else Magnus Ton Tongale the IIIIIII. He climbs inside a giant robot. He attacks by smashing his arms trying to crush Mario. Mario defeats the robot but still Magnus retreats. Bowser falls out of the cage. Mario albeit reluctantly asks Bowser to join his team. Bowser agrees but only because he's the one who takes over the world not them. They head to Peach's castle. First they have to get through one more town Bullet Bill Village.

Chapter 12: Bulletey's Big Problem

Heading towards Bullet Bill Village the Bullet Bills are a little different because they have legs that fold up and can launch themselves as they please. They meet a Bullet Bill named Bulletey who needs help learning to launch herself. Bowser teaches her having to teach all his Bullet Bills. She joins the team.

Chapter 13: Perfect Battle In Peach's Castle

Heading to Peach's Castle Mario is suddenly blasted to the top of the castle. On the top he battles Magnus and finally defeats him once and for all. You head towards the 3rd and 4th shards. He grabs the 3rd but the 4th is taken by the Darkness Queen. He goes through 15 floors of the castle and then has to battle Robo-Magnus who is even stronger than Magnus. They beat him and get the 4th emerald shard. They then go to the chamber on floor 20. They battle the Darkness Queen and win getting the last shard. You finally have beat the whole Darkness Initiative. You put the shards together and put it on the wall. Power is restored throughout the kingdom. The credits roll and the game ends. P.S The Void is also closed.


Overworld Characters

  • Mario


  • Gloombarana
  • Parakarry III
  • Tarno
  • Bowser
  • Bulletey


Darkness Executive

Magnus Ton Tongale

Darkness Executive

Magnus Ton Tongale

Robo-Magnus Ton Tongale

Darkness Queen



Bowser Jr

Iggy Koopa


This game did well and is considered the best game in the Super Mario RPG Series.


  • The Darkness Queen is the 4th main antagonist in the Mario series after Cackletta Princess Shroob and Elder Princess Shroob
  • Magnus Ton Tongale is the 4th assistant of the main antagonist that is more like a antagonist themselves after the Koopalings Fawful and Bowser Jr

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