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Super Mario RPG 3: Search for the Crystal Toad is an Upcoming Mario RPG for the Nintendo Wii. It will be the sequel to Super Mario RPG 2: Prophets of Doom and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Not much is known, except that Mario must rescue the Mushroom Kingdom, yet again. The game is slated for a 2012 release.


One day, Mario gets a letter from Wario, saying to visit him at his Castle. When he gets there, he and Wario are attacked by a Mecha-Toad. Mario battles and defeats the mechanical Toad. Soon an evil Toad, named Kaiser Toad, appears stating that he will conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, and turn into a world perfect for him. However, he is none too happy with what Mario and Wario did to his Mecha-Toad. Using his power, Mario and Wario are blasted out of Wario's Castle. Mario lands in his House, and he notices that Luigi isn't there. Thinking Luigi has just gone out for some fresh air, Mario heads off on a journey across the entire Mushroom Kingdom, and defeat the evil Kaiser Toad. But, Mario has never even seen an evil Toad before.

Mario starts his journey. He heads for Peach's Castle, to learn of Kaiser Toad from some of the Toads there. Unfortunately, Peach has gone out to play a few games of Tennis, along with the Toads, while Toadsworth has gone to an Elders Conference in Retiretown. Without the source he needs, Mario decides to head for Retiretown, to see what they can learn from Toadsworth. But first, he must head thru River Way, which will take them to River Town, which has a boat linking to Retiretown. Unfortunately for him, things go from bad to worse, as there are numerous monsters along the way.

Other Features

As seen in a few screenshots, an odd quadrepedial turtle will be one of Mario's partners. Toadette has also been seen, but her role in the game is unknown. Additionally, other famous Mario characters, such as Princess Peach and Bowser haven't been seen in the game, and wether they will be in the game or not, is unknown. Although, Peach was mentioned.