Super Mario RPG 3: Search For The Silver Statues is a game for Nintendo Throwback. It is the unexpected sequel to Super Mario RPG 2: Quest For The Crystal Keys. It will be released in late 2013.


Prologue: The Dark Order

A long time ago an evil queen named Darknasmea lived. One day she fused with a Dark Star Spirit. She took over the Mushroom World and made everyone her slaves. After years of grueling work 4 great heroes rose. They sealed her sprit in a golden stone. But Darknasmea put a spell on them. If they ever put 4 special statues together they will summon the golden stone and if ever sung to with pure and dark voices the witch would rise again. When the heroes died the story stayed alive but is now dismissed as a fairy tale. But there still is a special day for the 4 heroes.

Chapter 1: The Day Of The Heroes

It was the Day Of The Heroes and Peach invites Mario to a big party at the castle. Mario arrives and meets many fans. The Mayor Of Toad Town has a surprise, 4 silver statues honoring the heroes. Before he can put all 4 on their stands a mysterious ship comes overhead. A giant mechanical claw grabs Peach and the statues. It knocks people down in the process. You see Bowser on the ship too but it doesn't look like he is behind this. Mario faints. When he wakes up a man introduces himself as Disgustavoni. He tells him those were the Z-X-Team and they are determined to pull the Silver Statues together and awaken th evil queen. He tells him to collect the 4 Silver Staues and save the worl from the Z-X-Team. So Mario sets out on a journey to save the world starting with saving the first Silver Satues in Forest Of Lakes.

Chapter 2: The Forest Of Lakes

Mario arrives in the Forest Of Lakes. He travels through the big forest and battles a big blob of slime named Boblenette. He sees Yoshi at the end. Mario asks Yoshi if he will join him. Yoshi is busy but has his nephew Joycki joins Mario. In a big lake Mario and Joycki find the 1st Silver Statue. Back in Toad Town Mario places the Silver Statue on one of the stands. Mario learns from Disgustavoni that the next Silver Statue is at Platform Beach.

Chapter 3: Platform Beach Panic

Mario and co. travel to Platform Beach. The beach is very confusing and is like a big maze. At the end it reaches te clouds. Mario meets an old enemy from the last game Mallouitoucous. After beating him Mario realizes something he is Mallow. The monster changes back into Mallow and it is revealed Mallow was brainwashed and tuned evil. Mallow joins Mario. Dangling from a cloud ahead the next Silver Statue. Mario Joycki and Mallow return to Toad Town and puts the next statue on the stand. Disgustavoni tells Mario the next statue is at Volcano Vacation Paradise

Chapter 4: Vacation Under The Volcano

Mario and co. travel to VVP an exclusive resort. At the resort Mario and co. head towards the volcano. At the foot of the volcano they meet another enemy from last game Genoaaini. After defeating Genoasini he changes into Geno Mario's old friend. Geno joins Mario's team. At the top of the volcano hanging from a rope is the 3rd Silver Statue. Back in Toad Town they put the statue in its stand. Disgustavoni tells Mario and co. the last statue is in Epicotmo Desert Ruins.

Chapter 5: Epic Adventure In Epicotmo Desert

Mario and co. arrive in Epicotmo Desertc. They roam a little bit before getting to a big sand dune. At the foot of the dune Bowser Jr joins your group wanting to save his father. At the foot of the dune a Dark Magician named Damockato battles them. They win and get the last Silver Statue. They go back to Toad Town. They put all 4 statues together. Suddenly the eyes glow and create a stone. A golden stone!

Chapter 6: Disgustavoni's True Intentions

Disgustavoni suddenly comes with Peach and Bowser and makes them both sing. The voices make the stone glow and release the evil queen Darknasmea. The Z-X-Team leader Cleanartris tries to defeat them but fails. Mario and his partners suceed in defeating them and win the game.


The game did excellent.

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