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Super Mario RPG 2:
The Return of the Smithy Gang
Developer(s) Rhombus Xine
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
JP-June 4, 2009
NA-October 18, 2009
EU-TBA 2009
Age Rating(s)
ERSB: E10+
PEGI: 8+
Genre(s) Adventure, console role-playing game
Media Included Wii disc
Available Input Wii Remote
Classic Controller

Super Mario RPG 2: The Return of the Smithy Gang- known as Super Mario RPG the 2nd: Revenge of Smithy in Japan- or even just Super Mario RPG 2- is an upcoming game for the Wii. Although very little is known about this game at the moment, it has been speculated to involve the Smithy Gang's return to the Mushroom Kingdom, seeking revenge on Mario.



In the vein of its predecessor, SMRPG2 features Mario as the only visible playable character in the overworld. He gains new abilities as he progresses in the game, some of which do help him in the field-e.g. the Spin Jump. However, there are other platforming type areas in the game, which feature Mario in a 2.5D type world-e.g. outrunning an obese frog creature or constructing a bridge across a murky swamp.


In the battles, Mario and two partners are pitted against foes large and small. In typical RPG format, this game features a battle sequence in the order of: Mario, Partner, and then Enemy/Boss. The only time this sequence would be broken is if an enemy unleashes a "First Attack!" on you, in which case the enemy would attack first, followed by Mario. Likewise, Mario can take two turns in a row with the "Sneak Attack!" feature. If Mario's health is dwindling, Mario, much like in the Paper Mario series, can call his partner to attack before him. Once again, Timed Hits are almost necessary to defeat enemies, as they double or even triple Mario's-or his partners'-attack power! Experience points, which help you gain levels, add to your Attack Power and Defense statistics and are only gained in battle.


Characters and Setting

  • Mario: The hero of our tale, Mario retains his role as a silent protagonist who seems to enjoy a special 'Mario Ramen' mix which instantly revitalizes him. In the beginning of the game, he is visiting the Mushroom Kingdom capital town when the Chancellor calls him into his throne room to examine a strange object which turns out to be the original Axem Ranger Flyer belonging to the first Phantom Rangers. That leads to Mario's adventure across the Axem homeworld.