Boom-Boom Single Sprite

Boom Boom, the most faced boss in the game.

" Super Mario RPG 2: Smithy Strikes Back," is the 2014 sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It now has better graphics and returns to RPG style roots.


After the previous events of the original game, Mario and the crew go to their respected homes and relax. However, Kamek is scouting the Mushroom Kingdom when he comes across an old chain and hammer. Kamek uses his magic to make the weapons a new minion, only to revive Lord Smithy! Smithy vows revenge against Mario and his pals, so he kidnaps Luigi and Kamek for bait. The adventure then begins...


Mario (NSML)

Mario, the main hero

Mario: The main hero of the series, Mario won't stop until Smithy is destroyed!

Peach: The fair princess of the kingdom, she packs a punch for enemies who stand in her way!

Bowser: He may not be a real hero, but the King of Koopas wants his throne back from Smithy!

Geno: After a long absence, Geno has returned to help his friends in combat!

Mallow: The Prince of Clouds, Mallow is one happy hero!

Luigi: Mario's little brother gets more spotlight than ever! Watch out for the green!

Kamek: Kamek is back and ready to help his king! Watch out for his magic!

Minor Characters

Toads: As usual, the Toads are information-givers who always want to help Mario and his pals.

Yoshi Tribe: The Yoshi Tribes are back! Hop on their backs, and you'll be flying in no time!

Baby Yoshi: The cutest Yoshi around! Baby Yoshi is the only baby on the island, so that makes him exclusive.

The Teehoads: Toads from another part of Mario's world, these Toads are slighty grumpy, but still help Mario stop Smithy.

Clouders: People of the Clouds, these inhabinets are Mallow's fellow people and kingdom helpers.

Hamm.R. Bro: The nicest Hammer Bro around! He's a little shy, but that doesn't stop him from helping Mario!

Toadsworth: The princesses royal advisor, Toadsworth is beside himself with worry when Peach leaves with Mario.

Toadette: One sweet Toad! Toadette can be found making Power Ups or food for the gang.

Croco: A reformed theif, Croco can gladly sell Mario items... for the right price!



Croco is back, and is the Mushroom Kingdom Merchant!

Bowser: At first, Bowser is once again an enemy. He kidnaps Peach once again... for five minutes!

Axem Rangers 2.0: The Axems are back and ready for revenge! Now, their armor has increased and is stronger, making them tougher.

Croco: In order to prove their worth, our heroes had to fight Croco. If beaten Croco will help you and let you pass.

Storm Mallow: Mallow's evil conterpart, Storm Mallow won't let you go to Rainbow Forest without a fight!

T.E.C.H.: The robotic ruler of The Rainbow Forest's new factory, T.E.C.H. won't let you get to Smithy without his Robotic Rumble going on!

Koopalings: Bowser's 8 children have been hypnotized by Smithy to stop the fearless friends!

Axem Blue: The mysterious new Axem Ranger, Blue is extremly skilled in throwing stars and kung-fu!

Boo-Onza: A giant Boo that wields a giant Bullet Bill cannon, this ghostly enemie can even put King Boo to shame!

Axem Ship: The main cannon of the Axem Ranger's ship, this cannon won't be defeated easily!

Captain Bot-Bread: Arrrr! The Sweet Revenge's captain, he can swashbuckle you until you walk the plank!

Boom-Boom: The most faced boss in the game, Boom-Boom serves Smithy now!

Smithy: The time has come to face Smithy! This battle tests your skill and might!

Smithy 2.0: Smithy's dragon form. This battle ends the game for either Smithy or you!
File:100px-Geno Brawl.png
Koopa Troop Enemies 2

The whole entire enemy cast, all in one bunch!

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