Super Mario RPG 2: Prophets of Doom is an upcoming fan game by Xzelion. It stars our heroes in a battle against the Prophets of Doom.


Chapter 1: A Silver Age

The screen opens up to a dark and mysterious worlds, the homeworld to the Prophets of Doom. Several Prophets are gathered at a special meeting, a meeting to discuss the fate of their world. Their leader Shadow Mage has used his powers granted by the gods too much. and so will tear the Ozone layer of the planet. Killing all life. The Committee decides to overthrow Shadow Mage. Shadow Mage is then stripped of his powers and banished forever. Under a new leadership of Fernin the world is saved from doom.

But meanwhile Shadow Mage is banished from his world and sent to a dying planet. He then finds an ancient relic, a relic that peaks of Four Heroes. He spots a well bit and menancing looking figure. He hides the Relic and Travels to the planet, the planet of Musroom Kingdom.

Shadow Mage crashes upon the Mushroom World, this crash kills the entire town in which he lands in. He rises from the ashes and low and behold he spots Bowser in an Airship flying over his head. He uses his remianing powers to land on the Airship, killing all passengers aide from Bowser. Whom he posseses. Luigi meanwhile have way across the world is on a date with Daisy. But the date is suddenly crashed, by Kamek. Luigi leaps at Kamek and topples him. Kamek stands to his feet and tells Luigi he is not here to do battle. But that his king, Bowser has been possessed by an Evil Entity. Luigi refuses to help, until Kamek kidnaps Daisy. Luigi then agrees to cooperate.

Yoshi is on Yoshi's Island and notices a small riot going on....Bowser's forces lead by Kammy is invading. Using his brains and skill Yoshi and his people are able to repel the invading force.

Meanwhile Mario hears the news of the tragedy and heads out to investiagte the crime. He is then confronted by the Shadow who has possed Bowser. The two duel and Mario wins. Then in a stunning move Shadow Mage posses Mario!

Chapter 2: A Truce

Shadow Mage (or now know as Mario Mage), attacks a nearby city and steals something, one of seven Chaos Crystals. Mario Mage then moves on destroys the city entirely. He then attacks a nearby city, he finds the gem is not here. But he knows who was knowledge of its where abouts. Upon hearing the stunning event the Senate pass a law to form an army to be formed this army called hte "Agents of Peace", a call goes out to herooes world wide. Few showup, among these few are Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Daisy (who was released). This group is ordered to stop Mario.

Mario Mage is then setup because the news brodacasts news a Crystal transfer. The Agents of Peace ambush the Mario Mage, yet somehow mario Mage forsaw this and capture Dasiy, and leaves.

Chapter 3: Heart Broken

Luigi asks permission from Yoshi the leader of the Agents of Peace to pursue Mario Mage. Yoshi realizing that they are not match for the esteemed villian doesn't grant his wish. Luigi angered by it all quits the team and pursues the Villian on his own.

Diddy and Dixie Kong is sent on a recon mission. And is attacked by Mario Mage, Mario Mage sucessfully defeats the monkey. But then is attacked by Luigi. Finally after a heated duel Luigi is knocked tthousands of feet away. And Mario Mage captures Diddy and Dixie Kong who has a Chaos Crytal necklace.

Yoshi realizeing that the group is quickly falling apart asks permission for an Airhsip Fleet to be given to him. This is granted. Yoshi hovers his fleet around and searches for Mario Mage.

Chapter 4: Confrontation

Yoshi moves his fleet and locates Mario Mage, The fleet opens fire and pours everything out, thinknig Mario Mage to be defeated the group ceases fire...but they're wrong. Mario Mage now with upgraded powers destroys the entire fleet and Duels yoshi. yoshi puts up a good fight but in the end is defeated. Mario Mage captures him and uses his power to build a large aricraft ten times the size of Mushroom Kingdom. He uses this large station controlled by him alnoe to attack DK's island, he destroys a nearby volcano it erupts but in its quake appears another Chaos Crystal.

Chapter 5: Vengence

Mario Mage uses the large aircraft and his vastly growing powers to invade his homeworld, the army of his hoeworld stands little chance as they are quickly destroyed.

On the Mushroom World the Agents of Peace gather a small shuttle together and follow Mario Mage back to his homeworld. They witness the destruction on the Leaders of the alliance (the group which overthrew Mario Mage), as well as the Destruction of the capital city. Knowing that they must stop him, they attack. Donkey kong leaps out and engages him in hand to hand combat, DK is defeated after standing toe-to-toe with the Mage. Mage invades a small town and teals yet another crystal. Giving him four.

Chapter 5: Amends

Luigi rejoins the small group of just Bowser and Peach. Knowing them must beat Mario Mage to the next Chao Crystal they succesfully gather two of them. But then Mario Mages ambushes them and Defeats Luigi and grabbs the two crystals. Now Mario Mage need one more before gathering all seven crystlas nad unleash something upon his former homeworld.

Chapter 6: Revealations

Peach and Bowser are visited by Eelrem the mistress of the world and tells them of the power of the Chaos Crystals and the victoriuos Seven, (seven peopole to be the hosts for the crystals powers). If gathered Mario Mage would have his powered boosted by nearly seventy seven times. She then warns them that with an overuse of the powers that Mario Mage will not only tear their Ozone layer apart, but destroy the enture universe in a matter of days she warns them that they have four days to stop the destruction of the Universe. When Mario Mage attacks the town, Bowser and Peach rush out to attack. Mario Mage defeats Bowser and Peach, he then takes off Peach's crown, a Chaos Crystal has been housed in her crown for decades. Now with all Seven Chaos Crystals and claiming he has all Sevn host begins to use the ritual to boost his powers. He then flies away to his new castle.

Chapter 7: At World's End

Bowser alone now charges off to the castle and confrots Mario Mage. But Mario Mage has already begun the ritual and easily defeats Bowser. Bowser realizing the situation charges and grabs a Chaos Crystals, He then stabs himself and steals half of Mage's power. the two engage in a battle...for the fate of all life. Bowser uses the pwoer to collapse the building on top of himself and Mario Mage, but Bowser not knowingly used part of his power to save the other seven. Shadow Mage is beaten out of Mario's body. Bowser then teleports himself and shadow Mage elsewhere where they both explode. But all life remians, but the Bowser is no more. all the damage caused by Shadow mage is undone, all lives restored, all but one. The live of Bowser.


After the credits, Bowser is seen burnt on the surface of an unkown world. Bowser gets to his feet and realizes the world, a big expression grows on his face...its his Homeworld.