Super Mario RPG 2: Legend of the Seven Rainbow Stars
Developer(s) Square Enix PDD 1 & Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan December 12 2011
25px-Flag of USA December 29 2011
25px-Flag of Europe January 26 2012
25px-Flag of Australia January 27 2012
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure, Platformer, Console Role-Playing Game
Media Included Cartridge

Super Mario RPG 2: Legend of the Seven Rainbow Stars is an upcoming Console RPG for the Nintendo 3DS. It is considered to be the true sequel to Super Mario RPG released in 1996. It will be developed by Square Enix with some direct assistance from Nintendo.


The field gameplay is expected to be a combination of the original Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario games but with updated graphics and use of 3D thanks to the 3DS.

Mario can move around, jump, examine stuff, talk to people, and use his hammer to break rocks, big blocks and activate switches and can even ground pound to activate certain switches and break weak floors. Touching an enemy on the field triggers a battle.

Combat is expected to be the same as Super Mario RPG (Only with a three-four character party) with some elements from the Mario & Luigi series (such as the ability to dodge enemy attacks and to 'Guard' 'em) along with some all new gameplay elements, with the first being 'Power Moves now depending on your character you can unleash a different attack than normal which usually inflicts greater damage than normal and/or with other effects, another element is 'Teamwork' which is very similar to the Bros. Moves from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Once again depending on your character and an ally you select during battle you can have them unleash a joint attack which also inflicts more damage than normal and/or cause different effects

As with all RPG's, winning battles will net the party experience. When a character obtains enough EXP they will gain a level, increasing their max stats and sometimes learning a new power move. The max level for each character is 99.

Plot, Characters, and Locations

One night in the Koopa Kingdom Bowser went to bed very excited, tomorrow morning he was gonna unleash his newest weapon onto Mushroom Kingdom...until he heard something in the lab. His weapon was awaken and boy was it mad! The weapon was revealed to be a blue skinned, far eviler clone of the Koopa King filled with the intelligence of a thousand Magikoopas, the strength double that of the king himself and even triple that of ten of his Sledge Bros., and filled with the evil of all the villains Mario has ever fought, including Cackletta, Smithy, Grodus, Dimentio, the Elder Shroob, Fawful, AND the Dark Star! Obviously this was Bowser's biggest mistake of his life!

The clone (named Dark Bowser, the same creature created from Bowser's DNA and the Dark Star from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story) overthrowns Bowser and is now the supreme leader of the entire Koopa Troop, although Bowser tries to fight (the first tutorial fight), he is beaten easily and is exiled. For Dark Bowser's first attack he invades Star Haven and instead of stealing something there he instead destroys the santuary and as a result shatters a special star called the Rainbow Star in the heart of the Haven and it's seven pieces scatter all over the Mushroom Land. If not completed then the results can be very disasterious for the whole planet.

This forces the exiled Bowser to go to Mushroom Kingdom to get help from Mario and Luigi. Peach and a surprise visit from an old star friend (Geno) reveal the legend of the Rainbow Star to the three and now the Mario Bros., and Bowser with guidance and mentoring from Geno must now gather the broken pieces of the star and restore the Rainbow Star, all while combating the Koopa Troop now under Dark Bowser's command.

Main Playable Characters:

Image Description

The great hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, he heard the legends of the Rainbow Stars but didn't think they were real until he received word from Princess Peach that Star Haven was raided by something monstrous (A new experiment made by Bowser) and as a result the central part of Star Haven the Rainbow Star was shattered into seven pieces, and if nothing is done soon then the whole Mushroom World could be doomed. Mario must now journey to fight this experiment and restore Star Haven.

All of Mario's stats are well balanced and all his power and Teamwork Moves deal high damage to single targets.

The 'not so well known' younger brother of Mario. He is known for being a coward in even the silliest of situations but does have a clever streak too. Usually when Mario goes out on an adventure Luigi stays home to guard the home front...but lately has been going along for the ride, once again when he and Mario hear that Star Haven was sacked and the Rainbow Star was shattered he has decided to join his brother in stopping the new villain and save the Rainbow Star Pieces. Can he prove himself once again?

Luigi's attack, luck, and power point stats are lower than Mario's but are still balanced, and he has slightly better defense, speed, and health. His Power and Teamwork attacks are unique for they can cause various negative status to many enemies.

Mario's main rival and the supreme leader of the Koopa Troop. In the opening cutscene it was he who created something monstrous to attack the mushroom kingdom but when (unknowingly) the weapon escapes, destroys Star Haven and shattering the Rainbow Star, AND gives him the boot from the Koopa Kingdom he is left with no choice but to ask his hated enemies for help knowing that if they don't stop the creature then all of Mushroom land would be doomed. Although he maintains a humorous wit (like in all Mario RPG games) he acts more serious in this game due to it being his fault that Mushroom Land would crumble if his creation wasn't stopped, since it is HE who wants to conqueror the Kingdom.

Bowser has awesome healh, attack, and defense and his Power and Teamwork moves can hit all enemies AND punch through enemy defense. The downside to him is that his power points are fairly low, he barely has any luck, and he is as slow as molasses. Plus as a result of his defense piercing Teamwork moves they are fairly weak in strength.

Main / Minor Non-Playable Characters:

Image / Name Description

The star warrior of Star Haven and the main protector of the Star Road and a friend of the Mario Bros. and Princess Peach. He was one of the main characters of Super Mario RPG and became one of the most popular characters of the entire Mario series. His popularity was demanded on him becoming a playable character for the sequel by fans, but the makers eventually decided to put him in a supporting role much to the fans dismay.

Geno appears at the start of the game to assist Bowser in defeating Dark Bowser (he actually just hosts the battle tutorial) but they both lose and are exiled from the Koopa Kingdom. Later he arrives at Peach's Castle to unveil the legend of the Rainbow Star and what would happen if they don't get put back together.

For most of the game he stays at Peach's Castle giving sparce advice to the party until the final strech of the game (Chapter 8), where he returns to Star Haven to help defend it againt Dark Bowser's attack. He also appears in the ending to celebrate along with the heroes after Dark Bowser's destruction.

The beloved ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She knows of the legends of the Rainbow Stars but is one of the few to actually believe in it. She is a good friend of the Mario Bros. but many fans think she and Mario are also a couple.

Her role is usually the damsel in distress but not this time as Dark Bowser isn't after her at all, only the Rainbow Stars.

Peach can be found at her castle during the entire course of the game, she usually gives small bits of advice to the party.

The tomboyish ruler of Sarsaland. She is a friend of Princess Peach and also the Mario Bros. but like the Peach / Mario relationship, many fans think Daisy and Luigi are a couple too.

Daisy also knows of the Rainbow Star legends but is one of the many who doesn't believe in least until Geno arrives to help explain it.

Daisy can be found at Princess Peach's Castle after the events of Chapter 2, she usually gives some advice to the party.

The new ruler of the Cloudians. He originally was the prince of Nimbus Land but after growing up he decided to lead his people to Cloudia where they lived happily until Dark Bowser's troops (actually Bowser's) attacked the town and stole the Cloudian Medallion, luckily Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser arrive to stop the Koopa Troop. Mallow was a playable character in the first Mario RPG game, Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars.
Vivian is one of the Shadow Sirens, and is the youngest of the three sisters. After collecting five of the Rainbow Star Pieces you can find her as well as Beldam, Marilyn, and even Doopliss in Toad Town on vacation. Vivian unlike in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door where she was a playable character then here she doesn't play a major role but meeting the Shadow Sirens will trigger a side quest if you choose to accept it.
The mail delivering Paratroopa from Paper Mario, unlike last time here in this game he doesn't play a major role and only hosts a huge side quest with great rewards if the player chooses to accept it.
One of Mario and Luigi's best pals, he is from Yoshi's Island because obviously he IS a Yoshi. He's helped Mario in his adventures countless times in the past.
There are many different Toads out there but they're all minor ones than the "Toad" we all know and love. He is plays a minor role in this game as he is the one who delivers the message from Princess Peach to the Mario Bros. After that though he becomes more of a minor character but you can still find him at Peach's Castle where he hosts some interesting Mini-Games you can play.
A cute, female Toad who works at Peach's Castle. She is friendly and extremely hard to anger, she is friends with alot of different people including the Mario Bros, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toad, and Yoshi. The only ones she dislikes are those who work for Bowser.


Image / Name Description

The main antagonist of the game, a villainous and WAY more evil clone of Bowser who originally was originally made by Bowser and his best scientists as a secret weapon to conqueror Mushroom Kingdom and finally defeat Mario, but the clone escaped and easily overthrowned Bowser as king and supreme leader of the Koopa Troop and sent him to exile too. His first task as the new king was to destroy Star Haven and shatter the Rainbow Star so that Mushroom Kingdom would be clouded in darkness. When that failed he had his troops go back to Star Haven and steal the reformed Rainbow Star so that he would use it's powers to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom.

N/A: This is Dark Bowser's second appearence in a Mario RPG game, the first was in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story as a major antagonist and the final boss who was created by the Dark Star and Fawful.

The Koopalings make their second RPG debut and their lastest appearence in a Mario game period, with their role in this game. They serve Dark Bowser out of fear instead of loyalty, respect, and love (which they did to their father). In this game they have been dispatched by Dark Bowser to guard and/or retrieve a Rainbow Star Piece from each location they've been scattered to. As Mario collects Star a Koopaling falls as well (from being defeated). Later on in Bowser's Castle, the last world of the game you fight them again (again seperately) on a different floor or room in a different order than from previous chapter. First: Iggy Koopa, Second: Lemmy Koopa, Third: Morton Koopa Jr., Fourth: Wendy O. Koopa, Fifth: Roy Koopa, Sixth: Larry Koopa, and last: Ludwig Von Koopa.
Bowser's final (but also most favorite) child and the current heir to the Koopa Throne. Despite still being incredibly loyal to his father, he was forced to be loyal to Dark Bowser after Bowser got booted out. His role in this game is a minor antagontic anti-hero because although he does cause you a boatload of trouble several times, and you fight him three times (all battles with him are onboard a Doomship) he does also somewhat help you too because he still show signs of loyalty and love to his father (such as handing you items at times).
The second-in-command of the Koopa Troop when under the orders of Dark Bowser. He was created by the dark powers of the Magikoopas, aided by a piece of Dark Bowser's hair and thus a new antagonist helper was created. He is depicted as a cold, cruel, and downright sadistic warrior. He is also very powerful and uses powerful techniques and sword skills in battle. He is fought twice. Once as a tutorial (but also storyline) section and once for real in Bowser's Castle as the lastline defense before fighting the final boss.
A recurring boss from Super Mario Bros. 3. Here he serves the same priority from the same game, but is fought much less, only seven times here.


  • Toad Town: The home base of the Mario Bros and the capital city of the Mushroom Kingdom. It also homes Princess Peach's Castle. Shooting Star Summit is to the north of the castle.
    • Peach's Castle: The castle ruled by Peach herself.
    • Toad Town Tunnels: The sewers. Early on the enemies here are powerful but become weaker as you proceed and grow stronger.
    • Shooting Star Summit: The place where wishes fall to when granted, a very beautiful place.
  • Garina Land: A peaceful grassland home to many Goombas and Koopas.
    • Garina Village: A small town home to friendly Koopa Troopas.
    • Abandoned Fortress: An abandoned fortress (duh!) found in the middle of Garina Land, however it got fixed up and is now a small military base for Larry Koopa and his troops.
    • Cavern of Sorrows: Another hideout, but it is here that Larry Koopa is fought.
  • Sarsaland: A desert with a city and castle in the middle, it is ruled by Princess Daisy.
    • Sarsaland Desert: For those who wanna get to town, they must cross the desert.
    • Sarsaland Town: A town with tons of buildings, including a library, shop, and inn.
    • Sarsaland Castle: The castle ruled by Daisy, it is overrun by Morton Koopa Jr. and his troops.
  • Petalburg: A watery place with beaches, cottages, and a small town. It also has an underwater reactor.
    • Under Sea: Home to aquatic enemies.
    • Reactor: Home to undead enemies, the problems were being caused by Wendy O. Koopa.
  • Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's home, it is home to the Yoshi's and plant life...but it's main attraction is it's volcano, Mt. Hotfoot.
    • Yoshi Village: A village home to the Yoshi's, it has a shop and an inn.
    • Jungle: Quite simply a jungle, has both clean water AND poisoned water.
    • Mt. Hotfoot: The main attraction to Yoshi's Island. It has fire enemies and lava. Defeat Iggy Koopa here to get the fifth Rainbow Star Piece.
    • Doomsgip MK1: Captained by Bowser Jr., it is the very first Airship stage of the game and there are lots of Mecha-Koopas to fight. Traps to watch out for are those Rocket Engines and Cannons that shoot out Bob-ombs. Bowser Jr. is fought at the end and releases the fifth Rainbow Star when beaten.
  • Rockwood Mountains: A rocky cliff mountain, home to strong ground enemies many of which are immune to Thunder but are vulnerable to Ice.
    • Mountain Cave: A cavern in the middle of the mountain, it'll lead you to another part of the mountain.
    • Mountain Fort: A small (but still large) Fort filled with lava and traps but suprisingly not very many enemies. Roy Koopa'll be waiting for you at the end.
  • Fahr Icefields: A freezing cold climate found in the north of the Mushroom Kingdom, it is almost 50 below zero and it is the home to many different ice type enemies.
    • Fahr Outpost: A village home to friendly Penguina and Bob-ombs.
    • Fahr Mountain: A large ice mountain, at the very top of it you'll find the Fahr Tower.
    • Fahr Tower: A large Castle-like tower with lots of enemies and patches of ice. Lemmy Koopa wil be ready for you at the end.
    • Doomship Mk2: Captained by Bowser Jr., Lemmy will throw the sixth Rainbow Star onboard and now you must go retrieve it from this harder Airship. Less Mecha-Koopas but Rocky Wrenches are introduced and there are loads of Cannonball firing Cannons.
  • Cloudian Skies: A sky land home to many cloud people, including Mallow and his parents. It is home to many fierce sky type enemies.
    • Sky Lands: The sky obviously.
    • Cloudian Kingdom: The home to the new king, Mallow. This city has many interesting sights, including a shop (department store), inn (hotel), and a castle (Nimbus Palace).
    • Cloudian Castle: The castle home to Mallow and his parents, the Koopaling Ludwig Von Koopa is fought here.
  • Star Haven: Home to many stars and the Star Spirits. It has a library, a shop, and inn.
    • Star Way: Those who wanna go to Star Haven must travel through Star Way first.
    • Star Sanctuary: The building inwhich wishes come here before being granted, it also holds the Rainbow Star in the place of the Star Rod.
    • Doomship Mk 3: Captained by Bowser Jr., this doomship is the one who attacks Star Haven, but is called back to the castle. It introduces the Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bros. and has lots of Cannons and Rocket Engines.
  • Bowser's Castle: Bowser's home and the Koopa Troop's main base of operations....until it got taken over by Dark Bowser after he overthrowned Bowser. It is huge and full of lava, puzzles, obstacles, and contains some of the strongest enemies in the game. It is split into eight floors and at the end of the first seven you'll have a rematch with a Koopaling you've beaten before while floor 8 has a rematch with Kamek, while the very top floor has a fight with Niregma before Dark Bowser.

Status Effects (Positive, Neutral, Negative)

Name Effect
Fire Throw Fireballs at enemies.
Ice Throw Iceballs at enemies.
Lightning Throw Thunderballs at enemies.
Hammer Throw Hammers at enemies.
Water (FLUDD) Squirt Water at enemies.
Poltergust 3000 Can use a Vacuum like move that may remove an enemy from battle.
Shoe Can use a Stomp attack.
Cape Can use a Spin attack that may inflict Confusion on an enemy.
Propeller Can use a high jump that makes evading certain attacks more easily.
Cloud Evasion rises by 50%.
Name Effect
Metal Can't be damaged...but cannot move either.
Giant Attack is increased by 150%, evasion is lowered by 100%.
Mini Attack is decreased by 150%, evasion is increased by 100%.
Name Effect
Poison Causes damage at the beginning of affected target's turn.
Sleep Cannot attack until woken up.
Confusion May accidently attack ally instead.
Burn Causes damage at the beginning of affected target's turn; Attack is reduced by 25%.
Paralysis The affected character may or may not move on their turn
Fear Attack and Defense are reduced by 50%.


Name Description
Mushroom Restores 30 HP.
Blue Mushroom Restores 60 HP.
Yellow Mushroom Restores 120 HP.
Green Mushroom Restores all HP.
Honey Syrup Restores 20 PP.
Maple Syrup Restores 40 PP.
Jelly Syrup Restores 80 PP.
Royal Syrup Restores all PP.
Nuts Restores 25 HP to all characters.
Super Nuts Restores 50 HP to all characters.
Ultra Nuts Restores 100 HP to all characters.
Max Nuts Restores all HP to all characters.
Silver Mushroom Restores all HP, PP, AND cures all status ailments.
Golden Mushroom Restores all HP, PP, AND cures all status ailments to all characters.
Antidote Cures the Poison status ailment.
Potion Cures the Burn status ailment.
Hammer Cures the Paralysis status ailment.
Gaddlight Cures the Fear and/or Confusion status ailment.
Megaphone Cures the Sleep status ailment.
Refreshing Herbs Cures all negative status ailments
Anchor Inflict Paralysis on one enemy.
Poison Shroom Inflict Poison on one enemy.
Fire Shroom Inflict Burn on one enemy.
Music Box Inflict Sleep on one enemy.
Cauldron Inflict Paralysis, Poison, Burn, and/or Sleep on one enemy.
Fire Flower Gain Fire power for three turns.
Ice Flower Gain Ice power for three turns
Thunder Flower Gain Thunder power for three turns.
Hammer Suit Gain Hammer power for three turns.
Jugem's Cloud Raise evasion by 50% for three turns.
Kuribo's Shoe Gain Shoe power for three turns.
FLUDD Gain Water power for three turns.
Poltergust 3000 Gain Vacumm power for three turns.
Feather Gain Cape power for three turns.
Propeller Mushroom Allows the user to dodge attacks much better.
Metal Cap Become Metal for three turns.
1-Up Mushroom Revive fallen ally with 50% of their current HP.
1-Up Deluxe Revive a fallen ally with 100% of their current HP.
Magic Whistle Allows party to escape battle without fail. (does not work in forced fights or boss fights)
Mega Mushroom Become Giant for three turns.
Mini Mushroom Become Mini for three turns.
Starman Become Invincible for three turns.
Green Koopa Shell Raise user's defense by 50% for three turns.
Red Koopa Shell Raise user's attack by 50% for three turns.
Winged Cap Raise user's speed by 50% for three turns.
Green Pepper Raise user's defense by 100% for three turns.
Red Pepper Raise user's attack by 100% for three turns.
Blue Pepper Raise user's speed by 100% for three turns.


Image Name HP EXP Coins Item Location
Goomba 8 3 1 Mushroom Toad Town Gates, Garina Lands
Paragoomba 8 3 1 Mushroom Toad Town Gates, Garina Lands
Koopa Troopa 12 6 3 Nothing Garina Lands
Koopa Paratroopa 12 6 3 Nothing Garina Lands
Hammer Bro. 20 / 182 10 / 153 5 / 28 Hammer Suit Garina Lands, Bowser's Castle

Obstacles and Traps

Traps and Obstacles are field stuff that either must be destroyed or avoided.

Picture Name Description
4-Way Cannon These are Cannons that rotate around after firing a Cannonball. The Cannonballs can be jumped on and destroyed but if they hit the player directly, it'll knock Mario back a small distance and drain 5% of the party's HP.
TBA B. Bill Blaster Bombshell Bill Blasters (Or nicknamed B. Bill Blasters) are golden cannons that fire Bombshell Bills. These cannons cannot be normally destroyed but you can stand on top of 'em. They can only be destroyed if you defeat a Bombshell Bill RIGHT next to the B. Bill Blaster, thus the explosion left by the Bombshell Bill will destroy the two hits that is.
Ball 'N' Chain A Ball 'N' Chain is a spiked ball on a swinging chain on a pivot. Getting hit by this weapon will knock Mario back a small distance and drain 10% of the party's current HP.
TBA Banzai Bill Blaster Banzai Bill Blasters are giant cannons that fire Banzai Bills. These cannons cannot be normally destroyed but you can stand on top of 'em. They can only be destroyed if you defeat a Banzai Bill RIGHT next to the Banzai Bill Blaster, thus the explosion left by the Banzai Bill will destroy the three hits that is.
TBA Bill Blaster Bill Blasters are cannons that fire Bullet Bills. These cannons cannot be normally destroyed but you can stand on top of 'em. they can only be destroyed if you defeat a Bullet Bill RIGHT next to the Bill Blaster, thus the explosion left by the Bullet Bill will destroy the cannon.
Bowser Statue A simple statue of the great Koopa King himself, but these ones breath fire. These statues can be stood upon but if you touch the fire they breath. You'll be sent back to the entrance of the room you're in and 10% HP will be drained from the party.
Cannon Cannons are... well cannons found mainly on Airships and fire Cannonballs. The Cannonballs can be jumped on and destroyed but if they hit the player directly, it'll knock Mario back a small distance and drain 5% of the party's current HP.
Firebar Firebars are rotating rods made of fire, that are found in various caves and dungeons. If Mario touches one then the party will lose 10% of their current HP.
Giant Cannon Giant Cannons are warp pipe shaped cannons found on the last Airship that fire Giant Cannonballs. The Giant Cannonballs if they connect to him can knock Mario back a large distance and drain 15% of the party's current HP.
Muncher Munchers are small invincible relatives of the Piranha Plant and are found mainly in cold climates. They can be walked upon...if you like the party losing 1% of their HP for as long as your're on top of 'em.
Pillar Pillars are large column's littered with spikes that are found found in later dungeons and caves. They are the worst obstacles in the game because if one manages to crush Mario then he'll lose conscious for a moment and the party would lose about 35% of their current HP, Ouch!
Podoboo Podoboo's are living fireballs found in lava where they pope in and out trying to hit Mario and he tries to cross the lava without falling in. If a Podoboo hits him he won't get hurt...but he'll fall into the lava instead where it'll hurt him instead!
Rocket Engine Rocket Engines are hazardous cannons that spits flames out on the occasion, they come in two types: One comes from a cannon that rotates around, and the other shoots from the walls turning on and off on occasion. If Mario accidently touches the flames then the party'll lose 10% of their current HP and Mario will jump up in pain..
Super Thwomp Super Thwomps are giant animate cinder-blocks found in a few late caves and dungeons. They are the second worst obstacles in the game right behind the Pillars. Because if they crush Mario then he'll lose conscious for a moment and the party would lose 25% of their current HP. No joke!
Thwomp Thwomps are animate cinder-blocks found in many caves and dungeons. If one manages to crush Mario then he'll lose conscious for a moment and the party would lose about 15% of their max HP, yikes!
Urchin Urchins are slow, blue, spiked sea creatures found only in the underwater area of World 4. If Mario touches one while swimming then he'll be knocked back a small distance and the party would lose about 10% of their current HP.