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Super Mario RPG 2: Quest For The 8 Crystal Keys is the sequel to the first Mario RPG Super Mario RPG Legend Of The 7 Stars. It involves Mario looking for the legendary Crystal Keys to get to the Light Stone and defeat Bowser. It is the 3rd Mario RPG game not to have Bowser as an ally the first 2 being Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Even as a sequel it has greatly different graphics though keeping an overhead view. It will be for the Nintendo Throwback and will be released with the many other sequels to classic games.


Chapter 1: Legend of the Crystal Keys

One day Mario and Luigi and Peach and Daisy were taking a day off from working and having a picnic. Suddenly the sky went gray then dark black and a thick fog covered the place they were eating at. Bowser came and kidnaped the princesses and took them to Bowser's Castle. Mario and Luigi fainted. They were woken up by Toadsworth "Master Mario! Master Luigi!" He said. When they woke up he showed them something. "This is the prophecy of the Stones of Personality. In it it states that whoever possesses the Stone of Darkness can pull the world into his grip. It says only 3 Light Heroes can find the 8 Crystal Keys open the Door of Knowledge and take the Stone of Light. I'm afraid Bowser possesses the Stone of Darkness. But I know you and Luigi can be the Heroes of Light but you need another hero to help you. Starmadar the Light Star Spirit can help you actually! He'll come snipety snap!". So with Starmander Mario and Luigi set out to rescue the princesses and save the Mushroom World from the clutches of Bowser.


Peach and Daisy are stuck in Bowser's Castle even though they are in a grand room they feel like what they are prisoners. A little ant crawled into the room the ant suddenly started to glow. It turned into... Peach's old friend Twink. Peach introduced Twink to Daisy and vice versa. Twink using the same ability as Paper Mario allows her to send messages to Mario. They learn the first Crystal Key is in Yold Castle.

Chapter 2: Hassle in Yold Castle

Mario and Luigi continue their adventure going through Yold Town to the Yold Bridge. Going to Yold Desert they get through many areas infested with monsters. They get to Yold Ruins. At the end they meet a monster named Dragongondo who battles the group. When they win he flies to Yold Castle. After getting through the 10 floors of Yold Castle they battle Dragongondo again defeating the monster and getting the 1st Crystal Key.


Peach and Daisy try to escape with Twink but face difficulties with Kamek flying around. When they try they get told on by Morton Koopa Jr who makes Kamek take them away. But they do learn the next location of a Crystal Key Cloud City Castle

Chapter 3: Cloudy Cloud City Castle

Mario and Luigi continue their journey to Cloud City the Capitol of Cloud Country. They journey through the busy Cloud City and solve problems. Then they get to the Cloudnen State Building. They get to the balcony and meet Darkononoa a dark spirit. They battle him and beat him. He jumps all the way to Cloud City Castle. Going through the castle of 12 stories and beat Darknoanoana making him give up the 2nd Crystal Key.


Daisy finally escapes but Peach is left and soon prepped for a ceremony. This ceremony makes the Stone of Darkness reach its full potential making it engulfing everything in a thick black smog with purple dust blowing everywhere. Peach informs Mario of this and also tells her where the 3rd Crystal Key is Furry Forest

Chapter 4: Fun in Furry Forest

Continuing their adventure to Furry Forest Mario and Luigi get to a big clearing and meet a dark magician Genoosini. They battle him and win. Though he later jumps to Furry Fortress. They go through the 14 story castle and battle Genoosini and win getting the 3rd Crystal Key.


Peach wondering what to do is bored. Suddenly all she has on her mind is marrying Bowser. Twink is worried and sends Mario the next location Frogte Lake

Chapter 5: Lazy Frogte Lake

Mario and Luigi go to Frogte Lake. They battle a big man Mallouitousicous. When they beat him first he bawls. It sounds familiar though they don't know why. They beat him again and he gives up the 4th crystal key.


Bowser and Peach are married and it turns the Stone of Darkness into the Stone of Chaos. Twink learns he has lost his ability to send messages to Mario.

Chapter 6: We're Off To See Bowser

As Mario and Luigi walk lost Daisy runs up to them and gives them the 4 more Crystal Keys they need worrying about Peach. They go to Toad Town and solve the riddle "When all is lost who can you count on." They get to the Door of Knowledge and unlock the door. Finally grabbing the Stone of Light it transforms into the Stone of Heros. They finally get to Bowser's castle.

Chapter 7: When All Is Lost

They bros head to Bowser's Castle. They go through a maze before finally getting to the Chamber of Everything Evil. They face Bowser and defeat Bowser. It turns out Bowser got possessed by a dark star spirit Darkonickiano. They battle him but lose. Suddenly the Crystal Keys glow and along with Starmander they defeat the spirit. Peach is let go and everything goes back to normal.


The game did very well but it will never get a sequel since the 1st didn't do so well. Overall it's a great game that mostly everyone will enjoy.

RPG This game uses a turn based RPG system.

Prequel Re Release

Rumor has it that it's prequel will get a rerelease.

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