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Super Mario RPG: World of Metal
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises, Nintendo, and Square Enix
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Release Date(s)
March 9th, 2021
1 player story mode
Age Rating(s)
E 10+
Genre(s) Action-RPG
Series Super Mario RPG
Predecessor Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Media Included Pyrohedron disc

Super Mario RPG: World of Metal (occasionally referred to as Super Mario RPG 2 by the developers) is a sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars developed by Pyro Enterprises and Square Enix alongside Nintendo.

The game was designed around the goal of updating the original game with modern RPG elements to make it feel fresh, and claims to take thematic inspiration from previous RPGs in the franchise as well as Kirby: Planet Robobot and Bravely Default.


eShop Summary

Return to the world of Super Mario RPG!

One fateful day, Mario and his dear friends find themselves lost in a strange new world; a world of metal and mechanical beings. When the Platinum Kingdom is threatened by an evil overlord, Mario and his friends set off to save the World of Metal!

Meet new characters as you explore an all-new kingdom of synthetic life!

Battle foes new and old in a classic combat style!

Team up with friends over the internet to battle against superpowerful Triad Bosses!

It's Super Mario back in action... Super Mario RPG: World of Metal!

Prologue: The Platinum Kingdom

The story begins with Mario taking a rest in his house, with Luigi writing in a diary in a nearby desk and Princess Peach outside tending some flowers in a homage to the original Super Mario RPG's opening. Everything seems fine for a bit, but calamity strikes when a Bowser-shaped shadow looms over Peach, and the camera cuts back inside the house as Peach screams and Mario wakes up. Accidentally knocking over Luigi, the red-garbed plumber runs out the door, on his way to Bowser's Castle.

Mario makes his way to Bowser's Castle, taking the simple shortcut from the beginning of the original SMRPG, and encounters a lone Koopa Troopa guarding the front gates. The Koopa Troopa muses aloud to himself, wondering why exactly Lord Bowser was so up front about the kidnapping this time around, not resorting to any scheme or evil plan like usual. Mario jumped to get the Koopa's attention, and the lone guard sighed in annoyance, entering a tutorial battle.

After beating the tutorial Koopa, Mario rushes into Bowser's Castle, engaging in a simple platforming segment before arriving in Bowser's throne room. Princess Peach is dangling from the ceiling on a rope, and perks up with delight as she notices Mario. However, Mario notices something odd; Bowser's throne is completely destroyed, and in its place stands a large mirror-like crystal made of some strange metal. Mario approaches Peach, but a massive object hurtles down to face him; a surprisingly silent and ferla-looking Bowser, covered from head to toe in a similar metallic substance and augmented with bits of technology. Without so much as a word, Bowser attacks Mario.

Boss: Bowser?

Mario defeats Bowser, but the giant turtle gives nary a response as he grabs Peach, running directly into the crystal and vanishing as it ripples like liquid. Seeing no other option, a confused Mario rushes in as well, and he falls into a black void with massive floating globules of liquid metal. He tumbles for a while before falling into a large funnel, which the metal seems to be pooling into. Holding his breath, Mario was transported into some new area, though he had little time to see it before blacking out.

World 1

World 2

World 3

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World 6


World of Metal's gameplay is highly reminiscent of the original game, acting as a mix of Square-developed RPGs and Mario platformers. The overworld takes on an isometric angled perspective, where Mario walks around and undergoes platforming akin to Mario titles. New to World of Metal is the Rotate button, typically assigned to one of the Pyrohedron's Scroll Bars, which allows the player to rotate the angle at which the world is viewed.

Enemies are active on the overworld, and contacting them or one of their attacks triggers battle. Mario and his party members have four options in battle: Attack, Special, Item, and Tactics. Combat in general revolves around Action Commands (or "Timed Hits"), which entail pressing a button or doing another command in time with your attack or the opponent's attack. Special abilities tend to have more complex Action Commands, and also utilize SP, or Star Points.

A new gameplay mechanic appears in the form of MP, or Metal Points. Metal Points are a separate stat only increased by defeating certain metal-infused enemies, and each character only has a maximum of 5. MP is used to power up very powerful Special attacks, as well as perform the potentially life-saving Metal Guard ability, which completely negates an attack when used. Unlike most Action Commands, Metal Point abilities use the Beta button as opposed to the Alpha button.



Name Summary Abilities
The All-Star Plumber
Mario may not look like much, but he's a man of many talents: fixing plumbing, cooking up a mean dish of spaghetti, saving royalty from a variety of situations, and even saving the world on multiple occasions. This time, he's leaping from his own world of the Mushroom Kingdom to the metallic wonderland of the Platinum Kingdom, in an attempt to save his beloved Princess Peach from a seemingly mechanized Bowser as well as help the native Princess Copper save her kingdom from a mysterious metal sorcerer.
Mario is a standard, all-around kind of fighter. He can fight with strong jumping melee attacks, attacking with fireballs to do magical damage, and has decent stats all-around. Mario can pretty much do anything that isn't healing, as he has no special abilities that do so. Keep in mind he ONLY has fire magic, so enemies that resist it can be a nuisance.
Princess of Steel
The princess of the Platinum Kingdom, a beautiful iron maiden with a big heart despite lacking one. She is a master metalworker, putting intense time and devotion into forging her kingdom from basically a wasteland into a beautiful metal wonderland... One now on the verge of ruin. She accompanies Mario in his "quest" to defeat the metal overlord attacking her kingdom... A quest entirely imposed by her, as Mario is far more concerned with finding Peach and the mechanized Bowser.
Copper is very similar to Mallow from the original Super Mario RPG- a mage-like character with elemental properties. She uses far more SP overall than Mario will, but she luckily has a much higher SP stat. She has melee shortcomings but high defensive stats, meaning she can be an efficient crowd-clearer if kept alive.


Important NPCs

World Map


  • The game released on March 9th, 2021, chosen specifically for being the 25th anniversary of the original Super Mario RPG.