Super Mario RPG: The Epic Battle is the sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It was released for Wii in late 2011.


Mario is out taking a peaceful walk with Luigi, Peach and some Toads. Suddenly, a meteor appears and crashes near Peach's Castle. Before they can see what's up, a vortex appears in the sky and sucks in Luigi, Peach and the Toads. It attempts to suck in Mario as well, but fails. Mario decides to go save them, and find out the reason behind all this.

Party (team)

Characters can join your party in this game. Once a player joins your party, you can fight as them. There are also different character types:

All-Round: These characters are average in all areas. They have no specific advantages or disadvantages.

Speed: These characters attack at fast speeds and can attack twice at a time. However, their attacks lack power.

Technical: These character's attacks miss less often than other character types. However, like Speed types, these characters lack power.

Power: These characters are very strong and their attacks do a lot of damage. However, they are slower than other types.

Defence: These characters don't take much damage when attacked. However, their attacks often miss.

Tricky: These characters deliver unpredictable attacks. However, they are not very powerful and miss often, but not as often as defence types.

Mario All-Round
Luigi All-Round
Princess Peach Technical
Yoshi Speed
Princess Daisy Technical
Toad Tricky
Donkey Kong Power
Diddy Kong Speed
Wario Power
Waluigi Defence
Ninja All-Round
White Mage


Black Mage Tricky
Bob-omb Buddy Defence