The following is a list of badges found in Super Mario RPG: The Eight Shining Stars.

Name Description Cost (BP) Cost (FP) Effect/Damage Equippable by?
Vegetarian Increases power of Turnip and Mega Turnip 3 N/A Turnip/Mega Turnip power x1.5 Toad
Power Plus Increases overall attack power 6 N/A ATK x2 Any
Defend Plus Increases overall defense power 5 N/A DEF x2 Any
Speed Plus Allows two consecutive attacks 7 N/A SPD x2 Any
HP Plus Increases maximum health 4 N/A HP x1.25 Any
FP Plus Increases maximum FP 4 N/A FP x1.5 Any
HP Drain Increases health, but lowers attack 2 N/A HP x1.5, ATK x.5 Any
All or Nothing Doubles power if action command is succeeded. Failed, drops to half 4 N/A ATK x2 if action command is hit, ATK x.5 if action command is failed Any
Gambler Quadruples power if action command is succeeded. Failed, drops to 0. 6 N/A ATK x4 if action command is hit, ATK x0 if action command is failed Any
Reckless Doubles power, but lowers accuracy 2 N/A ATK x2, 50/50 chance of miss on all attacks Any
Electrified Increases power of electric moves 3 N/A Electric moves x1.5 ATK. Luigi
Damage Dodge Halves damage intake on succeeded action command. 3 N/A x2 DEF on succeeded Guard. Any
Happy Heart Automatically heals 5 HP each turn 2 N/A +5 HP each turn Any
Happy Flower Automatically heals 5 FP each turn 3 N/A +5 FP each turn Any
Superstar Increases Star Power healed on each turn. 2 N/A x2 Star Power restored Any
Ice Smash Allows Ice Smash to be used. Chance of freeze. 1 2 Same as base power Mario/Luigi

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