Super Mario RPG: Quest For The Dark Kingdom is a game published by Nintendo and Alpha Dream


After Mr.Darkness invades Mushroom Kingdom and Light Kingdom he throws Mario,Luigi,Peach and Bowser to an another Kingdom named Puzzle Kingdom so they need to travel through:  Light Kingdom,Puzzle Kingdom, Beanbean Kingdom,Sprixie Kingdom, Water Kingdom and Old Kingdom to save their Kingdom.


It was Bowser Jr.'s birthday the day that this happened.

Some kingdom are seen even in old games.

It is for Wii U and 3DS both but there is a secret which you can link these two for a special kingdom.

The Dark Kingdom changes its name in the European version. It is called: Kingdom of Night.

For the Users of 3DS and Wii U which have a Nintendo ID and register it after september 2017 at both of the consoles win this game for free.

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