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Super Mario R, is A made up game for the nintendo R, with A new storyline instead of peach being kidnapped.

Instead, one day Mario & Luigi had just got up from bed, when they heard A knock at the door.

"Hello!?" Said Mario as he opend the door.

"Heeeeeeeelo! Said A business Toad, I came here to ask you, if you were interested in buying A telaporter, for 10,000 coins!"

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeel......." Said Mario as he thought.

"Or would you be interested in buying A telaporter that travles through time too, for 100,000?!"

Well it is true, I am pretty rich, said Mario as he thought, well I guess I would like to have A-"

"Of course you would! Said the Toad, now, sign this contract."

So Mario & Luigi have A time machine and they both march in, Mario sets the time to A waaaaaay long time back and the machie disapears.

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