Super Mario Quest is a 3D platformer for the Wii 2. It is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2. (NOTE: Grassy Green Valley and Toad Town are no longer up-to-date.)


It’s Peach’s birthday party! Luigi gives her a Red Star. Prof. E. Gadd says that it is a Rainbow Star, a very powerful object. Bowser hears this a few days later. He kidnaps the Princess and makes sure the only way to save her is to have a certain amount of Rainbow Stars. Mario must stop him (obviously).



  • Tanooki Mario: Like Bee Mario. He can climb on felt, fly for a short period of time, and use a spin attack. Go in water or take damage to turn normal.
  • Boo Mario: Boo Mario returns! Use him to go invisible and fly higher. To change back, take damage, go in light, or go in water.
  • Fire Mario: He can run across lava and shoot fireballs to light torches. To change into Mario, take damage, go in water, have time run out, or go into an icy area.
  • Ice Mario: He runs on water to freeze it. He can also run on very cold ice To change back, take damage, have time run out, or go on in lava.
  • Cheep Mario: Use him for unlimited underwater time. Controlling him can be hard. To turn into Mario, go on land, take damage, or collect an air bubble.
  • Mini Mario: Use him to crawl through tight spaces. Get hurt to change back.
  • Metal Mario: Since he's so heavy, he can activate heavy switches. You can't get hurt. The only way to change back is to have time run out. Also, he will drown if underwater and his jumps aren't as high.
  • Spring Mario: Spring Mario also returns! To change back, take damage. If you go in water, you can’t swim, so watch out!
  • Shell Surf Mario: When Mario hops on a blue shell, he can slide around faster than before, like Koopa Shells in SM64. Used in races with Speedy. Hit an enemy to return to normal.
  • Yoshi: Mario can ride Yoshi in this game! He can eat enemies, throw eggs, and cross long gaps. To change back, take damage. (You will just fall off, he will be wherever you got hit to ride again)
  • Giant Mario: Mario turns huge. He can smash almost anything and enemies run away from him. Used in very few levels.


In the worlds, these are the main ways to get stars. Not all levels have these.

  • Race Speedy: Race Speedy for a star. Sometimes you'll race in a kart or on a shell, or he'll time you.
  • Boss: Defeat the boss for a star.
  • Boss rematch: Defeat the boss (or someone else who attacks like the boss) again, and you'll get another star.
  • Find Luigi: There will be a letter from Luigi at the beginning of the level. Find where the picture shows and rescue him.
  • 8 Red Coins: This is always a secret star, obtainable by collecting 8 Red Coins.
  • 100 Coins: Collecting 100 coins in a world will give you a star for your effort.

Worlds and their missions

There are 5 large worlds in every area, which have 10 stars, one small world, which has one star, and one "castle", with a star and a key to the next area.

Peach's Castle

You can go to any world here. To get to a world, go to what appears to be a Pull Star, only purple. When you do, you’ll be teleported to that World. These are called TeleStars. There are also 10 Castle Secret Rainbow Coins. Plus the 100 Coins Rainbow Coin.

  • Red: Luigi’s Freebie- Talk to Luigi in the Castle Courtyard and he will give you the Red Rainbow Star.
  • Orange: Tanooki Mario in the Tower- Once you unlock Tanooki Mario in World 1, use the cannon in the grass on the courtyard. (It hadn’t been there until now.)Use it to fly to the roof. Get the Tanooki Suit and fly to the cloud. Fly across them to the Guard Tower in the front of the castle gates. There is a Rainbow Star on top!
  • Yellow: Boo Mario in the Attic- After you get the Boo Mushroom, get the Boo Mushroom on the third floor. Float through the hole on the ceiling to find the Attic. There are a few tall objects and gates, but if you clear them all then you get a Rainbow Star!
  • Green: Fire and Ice in the Furnace- Go to the basement after you get the Fire and Ice Flowers to find an Ice Flower. Go across the ice-cold obstacle course to find a switch. Flip it to make the Furnace hot and a Fire Flower to appear. Complete the course again, only with fire. In the entrance, there is a Rainbow Star
  • Blue: Speedy’s Courtyard Race- Speedy the Bandit is looking for a challenge. Race him through the courtyard for a Rainbow Star.
  • Indigo: Mario At the Pool: At the pool in the courtyard, get the Fishroom after you unlocked it. Then swim to the bottom of the pool for a Star.
  • Purple: Spring Mario goes to the Moon- Use the scattered Bounce Pads (Things that let you jump higher with Spring Mario) to try and get higher. Once you reach the moon, collect the Star.

Practice World

  • Music: New
  • To unlock: Nothing, as soon as the story ends, you start here
  • Located: A warp pipe on the castle’s roof
  • Enemies: Goomba, Koopa

This is a simple practice world, designed to teach you the controls. You’ll jump across some platforms and up some blocks, and learn how to beat up Koopas and Goombas along the way. At the end of the level, you’ll emerge on the rooftop and slide down. That’s the last you’ll see of the level for a LONG time. (You can't get back up unil much later.)

Grassy Green Valley

  • Music: Lineland Road (Super Paper Mario)
  • To unlock: Have one Rainbow Coin
  • Located: Directly outside the castle.
  • Enemies: Koopa, Goomba, Piranha Plant

A peaceful, grassy paradise has been taken over by Bowser’s forces. The rocks in the valley are purple. This is nothing for a master like Mario, right?

  • Red: Petey Piranha- Petey Piranha has been terrorizing the Plains. Complete a somewhat easy course to fight him. He stands on a platform in the middle of a pit and spits globs of goo. Do a spin attack to send it right back at him.
  • Orange: Tanooki Trouble- A Tanooki Suit will be waiting for you when you enter the level. Go across a path testing your abilities until you see that there is a felt ball. Climb around it and collect ten coins for a Toad. He will give you a Rainbow Star for you trouble!
  • Yellow: Speedy the Bandit- A yellow Bandit has come to town, and he’ll give you a Rainbow Star for beating him. Easy enough.
  • Green: Lost Luigi- When you enter the level, a letter from Luigi will be there with a picture of where he is. Find that area and rescue him.
  • Blue: Goomba Raid- Goombas are terrorizing the plains. Kill all thirty for a Star.
  • Indigo: Petey Piranha’s Revenge- When you enter, you’ll notice Petey Piranha a small group of Toads scared. Talk to them to learn that Petey has returned.
  • Violet: 100 Purple Coins- There are 100 Purple Coins across the plains. Collect them all for a Star. There is not a time limit.
  • Secret Star: In the Indigo Star mission, instead of collecting the Star after you defeat Petey, go talk to the Toad next to the Star. He'll give you a white Rainbow Star for you effort.
  • Secret Star 2: In after you get Sping Mario, get the Sping Mushroom near the entrance on any Star except 7. Use the bounce pad behind you and you'll get to a new area, with a black Rainbow Star.

Toad Town

  • Music: Toad Town (Paper Mario 64)
  • To unlock: Have 2 Rainbow Stars
  • Located: In the guard tower
  • Enemies: Goomba, Koopa, Bob-omb, Piranha Plant, Shy Guy

Toad Town, the capital city of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser's forces seem to have gotten into the area, but it's not taken over yet. However, it did get a redesign so the buildings look different.

  • Red: Mario the Mailman- Talk to the five Toads that have deliveries to make. They will give you items to take to other Toads. Once you deliver everything, the last Toad gives you a Rainbow Star.
  • Orange: Toad Town Terror- A bunch of Goombas and Koopas are attacking! Defeat 50 of them for a Rainbow Star.
  • Yellow: Speedy’s Bandit Race- Speedy challenges you to a race through town. Beat him for a Rainbow Star.
  • Green: The Top of Town Hall- Hop across the rooftops to get to Town Hall, where a Rainbow Star is. (Luigi wouldn’t get himself lost in Toad Town, would he?)
  • Blue: Tanooki Mario’s Triumphant Return- Grab a Tanooki suit when you enter the level and save the five Toad kids that got themselves stuck in hard-to-reach places.
  • Indigo: Toad Town Under Fire!- Like the Orange one, but now there are 100 enemies, Bob-ombs, Shy Guys, and Piranha Plants are there too, and Toad Town is in ruins. (must be unlocked by getting the Indigo coin of Bowser’s Airship Fleet)
  • Violet: 100 Purple Coins in the Ruins- Search the ruins of Toad Town for 100 Purple Coins.

Dino Mountains

Sailor Bay

Tall, Tall Tree

Sweet Treat Tower

Bowser Jr.'s Mechanical Castle

Ray Chain

Daisy's Garden

Rub-A-Dub River

Tall Fall Tree


Speedy's Speedy Speedway

Kamek's Crazy Twisted Mansion

Pipe Plaza

Hothead Desert

Goopbloop Swamp

Creepy Castle

Factory Tower

Creepy Crawlie Caves

Bowser Jr.'s Arms Factory

Mt. Magma

Jade Jungle

Mt. Mammoth

Meteor Mountain

Koopa Carnival

  • Music: Bowser Land (Mario Party 3)
  • To unlock: Have 50 Rainbow Stars
  • Enemies: Koopa Troopa, Scuttle Bug, Shy Guy, Goomba, all enemies (House of Freaks)

Welcome to the final large world of area 4! This is Bowser's theme park, which is in Dark Land. This park is in terrible conditions with rickety rides and traps all over the place, yet people still come here. I wonder why?

  • Red: Rickety Rides: Five young Toads have gotten themselves lost and are now in dangerous places. Save all five and the last one will give you a Rainbow Star.
  • Orange: The Fun House: There is a star at the end of the fun house. Go through a small obstacle course to get it.
  • Yellow: Speedy's Go-Kart Race: Speedy is by the go-kart track, and he challenges you to a three-lap race around it, but you're in go-karts.
  • Green: Luigi has gotten himself lost in the House of Freaks. Go through to find which cell he's in. (Some extra info about the House of Freaks: It's a three floored building designed like a jail, with cells housing the "freaks". In each cell there's an enemy or creature you've found on your adventure in there that can't hurt you and you can't get it out or get in unless it's Luigi's and Dorrie's cell. Each cell also has a name on a sign next to it. (i.e. Goomba is Evil Mushroom, Luigi is Nervous Wreck))
  • Blue: Free Dorrie Rides: There's a star on an island in the middle of a lake full of toxic water, so Mario can't get it. He must free Dorrie from the House of Freaks and use a strange contraption to get her into the lake, where the toxic does not harm her. Then ride her across.
  • Indigo: Mario the Human Cannonball: The big top is now open and Mario can go in. Mario must shoot himself with a cannon through three rings (each at seperate times) and a star will appear, which you need to shoot yourself at.
  • Violet: The Hall of Mirrors: Now there's a star at the Hall of Mirrors. Go through a puzzling mirror maze to get it.
  • Secret Star 1: Rickety Ride Rider: Ride 5 rides at the Koopa Carnival at any mission and a star will appear in the entrance to the park.
  • Secret Star 2: Roller Coaster Red Coins: Ride the rickety roller coaster, the Koopa Krusher, and collect the eight red coins to get a star appear where you go on.
  • 100-Coin Star: This one's easy. Go to the Indigo star and shoot yourself through the rings. Every time you do, you'll get 15 coins. Just keep doing that.

Waluigi's Dump

Kamek's Vile Vessel

Sunken Ship Cavern

Sky High Heights

Airship Fleet

Bowser Wastelands

Bowser's Castle

Practice World

Final Battle with Bowser

Happily Ever After


  • This is Waluigi's first appearance in a mainstream Mario game.
  • In the House of Freaks at the Koopa Carnival, there is a green Yoshi titled "Gender-disputed dinosaur alien", though Yoshi is never hinted at being an alien or anything of the sort in past games.
  • Again at the House of Freaks, there is a Goron in the last cell on the third floor. It is titled "Fat living rock".

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