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Developer(s) Hybrid2
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) HybridDeltaLogo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan November 10th 2011
25px-Flag of USA December 5th 2011
25px-Flag of Europe December 25th 2011
25px-Flag of Australia December 5th 2011
1-4 Players (Local). Unlimited Players (Online).
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer, RPG.
Media Included Hybrid Delta Data, Hybrid Delta Disk

Super Mario Quest Δ: Dimensions is the sequel to the well-received game Super Mario Quest: Black and White, and a free roam platformer with RPG elements. It features jump combinations, skill trees and combos, just like the first game, but also adds new and innovative abilities, such as the Dimensions.

The game focuses on Mario's journey after he finds out Bowser has, again, kidnapped Peach. However, soon, he discovers Bowser is just a puppet in a Dark Wizard's master plan to conquer and control all the different realms of the universes. As so, Mario, Luigi, and the mysterious Sesstela go on a journey to find what is happening on the Dimensions.


The game is a traditional platformer with RPG elements. ou can jump, run, and walk. When you start fighting, you can also throw punchs and attack. You have a open world, taking any paths you see, so you can go and pass levels by searching shortcuts. You can go, explore and travel different dimensions.

When you start winning EXP, you win acess to the Skill Tree. You can win EXP by defeating enemies, and doing missions or quests.

You can take items from Question Blocks, and power-up whenever you want. However, those items only can be used one time each. If you want to transform one more time, you need to take another one.

The world is open for you to explore, but has a story full of cutscenes.

Using the Dimension Switching, you can change from one dimension from another. The scenery and the placement of certain buildings changes, while the enemies do too, and nearly everything changes. Dimensions are completely different from each other.

You can also play online with a unlimited amount of players thanks to the vaporSteam system.

With each level, you can buy one skill from the Skill Tree (however, to have one you have to get the first of the line). These make you jump higher, farther, more times, attack with the hammer...

In the online mode, you can play with more than 300 players at the same time, battle them, co-operate with them, and even more.

Playable Characters

Artwork Name Description
MarioDelta Mario Mario is the hero and star of this game. Discovering of Bowser's new plan to try and take over the Mushroom Kingdom, he goes on a journey to stop him. However, soon, he discoveres Bowser is just a puppet on the master plan of a dark wizard, who dreams of conquering all the Realms and controlling everyone's lives as if they were simple marionettes.
LuigipartyDS Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother, always hidden in his brother's shadow, and somewhat of a coward. However, he can show true strenght and courage sometimes, even though he's always forgotten and all the glory falls onto his brother... Trying to avoid his jealousy, Luigi is trying to help him in whatever he can, but soon discovers something strange is going on.
Sesstela Sesstela Sesstela is a gifted child with the magic to travel between dimensions and time. With great skills and abilities, she's able to float for a short time, and is someone Mario must find early in the game. After doing so, she will give him the ability to travel through dimensions, and will join him in his adventure.
Nerdis Nerdis Nerdis is a clever, intelligent boy who is pretty much ignored at school. However, he's wise beyond his age, and besides his dorky appearance he can be quite a helper sometimes. After getting lost in Mario's first dimension travel, he decides to join Mario, his greatest hero, and have adventure with him.


Item Artwork Name Description
FireFlower FireMarioDelta Fire Suit The player can use a Fire Flower to turn into this form. In this one, the player's character can shoot fireballs, which effectively make enemies burn. These fireballs are bouncing projectiles, which bounce whenever touching the ground.
Ice Flower IceMario Frozen Suit The Ice Flower allows the player's character to skate through water lakes and passages without the risk of drowning, creating small ice platforms below his feet. He can also shoot ice balls, and freeze enemies. However, this form is one of the few that last for a little while, and is timed.
VoltShroom VoltMarioDelta Volt Suit The player's character can get a Volt Mushroom and turn into their Volt forms: in this form, they can shoot thunderbolts. In the air, they can, too, strike downwards with an electrified, powerful kids. Both of these attacks can shock enemies and paralyze them for a small amount of time.
FrogSuitDelta FrogMarioDelta Frog Suit With the Frog Suit, the player's character can turn onto their frog forms, allowing them to swim faster, do small jumps, swim in any direction, and give the user a greater jumping ability.
CapeFeatherDelta CapeMarioDelta Super Cape With the Cape Feather, the player's character can turn onto their caped forms, allowing the player's character to fly taking impulse and, with a spin, attack spiked enemies.
BallWand BallMarioDelta Ball Wand With the Ball Wand, the player's character can turn onto a bouncing sphere, being able to bounce long distances and roll on the floor. He will be able to bounce on enemies, do longer jumps, and dash against his opponents.
BrickMushroom BuilderMario Builder Suit With the Brick Mushroom, the player's character can turn onto their Builder forms. In these, they can grab big, giant blocks placed by enemies such as the Builder Bro. They can also throw them at enemies and smash others with them.
TreeMushroom ForestMario Forest Suit With the Forest Mushroom, the player's character can turn onto their Forest forms. In these, they are able to release small bouncing vines at ground level to attack and poison enemies. They are also able to hang on walls and climb them with their spiky claws.
NightMushroom NightMario Night Cloak With the Night Flower, the player's character can turn onto their Night forms, being able to slightly float and rise up in highness for a little time, and to shoot small, shadow-like energy spheres as projectiles.
GravitySuit GravityMario Gravity Suit With the Gravity Suit, the player's character can turn onto their Gravity forms, being able to flip gravity around to solve certain puzzles. This power-up can only be found on certain levels that require it to advance: it's not, unlike others, found in every level.