You've got the power: use it.
Game's original slogan

This is a list of all the beta elements of Super Mario Powers: Δ.

Power-Up forms

There were a few changes in the appearance of some power-up forms, including Water Mario and Ice Mario. There were also two unused power-up forms: Paint Mario and Shadow Mario. They were removed for having, either, useless powers, or being too similar to already existing abilities.


In production, World 7 was going to be a Luigi's Mansion-esque world with King Boo as the castle boss, Boolossus as the fortress boss and Bouldergeist as the airship boss. The world was later changed to fit as an icy world with the Crystal King, Lavora Koopa and Gobblegut as the three bosses, but to fit the theme of the rock'n'roll-ice theme, Gobblegut was changed to an improved version of the boss Sorbetti from Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Originally the game was going to be based on Wario's enemy from Wario World, Greenfist, coming to the Mushroom Kingdom with all the Magons. Mario and Wario were going to have to team up.

The game idea (above) was scrapped due to being incomplete, and not feeling like a traditional Mario game.

Kid Kiba Super Mario Powers: Δ Faitingu: Origins

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