Super Mario Planets, known as Mario Universe Adventure (マリオ宇宙の冒険 Mario Uchū no Bōken) in Japan, is a game developed by Nintendo EAD, Nintendo EAD Tokyo and ND Cube, and published by Nintendo. The game is a 3D platformer in the style of Super Mario 64, 3D World and other installments. The game features 4-Player local co-op, new powerups, and online Miiverse functionalities.

SMP Logo
SMP Cover
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD, Nintendo EAD Tokyo, ND Cube
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Solo, Multiplayer
Genre(s) Adventure, Platformer
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc, eShop Download


Mario and company were relaxing when suddenly the sky was turning red, and a giant portal spawned in the sky. Bowser was taking over an alternate dimension known as the Planetverse, where the lands were all seperated into several planets! And now, along with taking over the alternate dimension, he's taking Princess Peach with him! Now Mario and company have to stop him from taking over the Planetverse and possibly the Mushroom Kingdom as they know it!


Character Picture Name Description Unlock Method
Nsmbulmario Mario Mario is an all-around character, with normal jumps and speed. Starting Character
LuigiSquad Luigi Luigi is slippery and has pretty high jumps. Starting Character
100px Toad Toad is very fast, however, he has a slightly mediocre jump. Starting Character
220px-Toadette111 (2) Toadette Toadette is slightly slower than Toad, but has a much higher jump. Starting Character
250px-Warioloafing Wario Wario is very slow, but is able to pick up many enemies. Beat the Wario and Waluigi boss in World 4.
180px-250px-WaluigiMP8a Waluigi Waluigi is very slippery, and has the highest jump. Beat the Wario and Waluigi boss in World 4.

Non-Playable Characters

Character Picture Name Description
240px Bowser Bowser is up to no good again. He has taken the Princess and is trying to take over the Planetverse.
Peach FS Peach Peach is yet again the damsel in distress, captured by the clutches of Bowser. Mario and co. must save her!
ToadBrigadeSME Toad Brigade The Toad Brigade have decided to explore the Planetverse just as they have with the galaxies and the Sprixie Kingdom. They are usually hidden in levels and will give you powerups or Planet Coins if you find them.
ShyGuyn s Shopkeeper Guy While this may look like a normal Shy Guy, he actually runs his own shop across all 9 worlds. There you can buy items and other things using your coins.
YoshiSquad Yoshi Yoshi, Mario's loyal dino friend. Yoshi can be rode by finding a Yoshi egg and can finally be taken across levels again like Super Mario World.


Picture Name Description
Super Mushroom When you are small and on the verge of death, make sure to grab one of these to grow big again!
230px Fire Flower Grab this, and you are able to shoot fireballs that will knock out your enemies quickly!
SuperLeafSM3DW Super Leaf Grab this, and you will become a Tanooki, able to flick enemies out of sight with your tail and have slow and swift landings when jumping.
Cape Feather An old favorite from Super Mario World! Grab one of these and you will be able to run up walls, backflip, and fly for short periods.
Super Bell When you get a Super Bell, you can become a cat. You can pounce and knock your foes and scamper up walls!
175px-Double Cherry Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Double Cherry

Getting one of these will cause a clone to appear! Use different strategies with your clone's movement!

The more cherries you collect, the more clones you have!

PoisonMushroom Poison Mushroom DON'T GRAB THIS! This mushroom is a phony! Grabbing it will cause you to take damage!
Penguin Suit Grab this, and you can become a penguin! Sliding around on your belly, shooting Ice Balls!
Propellor Mushroom Getting one of these will allow you to soar the skys with your Propeller Suit and land slowly and safely!
Mega Mushroom Grab one of these to temporarily become a giant and thrash anything in your path!
Thunder Rod Lightning Rod This is new! Getting a Lightning Rod will allow you to throw lightning and release lightning forcefields that will things in a bolt!
252px-Lightmushroom Light Mushroom If you get one of these, you can transform into Light Mario. Though it's really only useful in dark caves.
Bomb Leaf Bomb Leaf

Woah, watch out! Getting this will turn you into Bomb Mario. As Bomb Mario you look like a Bob-Omb.

You can explode once around enemies and then you turn back to normal.

Other Items

Picture Name Description
Planet Coin Planet Coin Planet Coins are necessary towards defeating Bowser and saving the Planetverse. There are 3 hidden in each level. They are used to unlock levels, and castles.