Super Mario Pixel is a Japanese action/adventure anime series. It is created by Speedo3539. It introduces characters from the past Super Mario series, most from Super Paper Mario, like Mimi, Queen Jaydes, and Flint Cragley.


The story begins with Mario saving Peach from Bowser's Castle before Bowser notices, and sends off his Koopalings crew to stop them and take Peach back. The Koopalings are too much for Mario, so he calls Luigi and Daisy for help. It is still not enough, but fight to their last ounce of energy. Meanwhile, a boy named Haruko is asking his friends to help his Aunt Bluebell with a special experiment. He finds his sister, Yumika, who is willing to help. When they get home, their Aunt Bluebell is halfway done with the experiment. Bluebell had gotten hold of a Pure Heart, and her experiment is to duplicate it. She warns the two that if the experiment fails, it will unleash a portal to unknown origin. Haruko and Yumika help out with the experiment, and when Aunt Bluebell pulls a lever, the experiment supplies explode, creating a blue portal. Bluebell isn't sure about the portal.

Mario and Daisy have passed out from exhaustion, leaving Luigi and Peach to fight on their own. Then, the blue portal appears, sending the Koopalings off. It sucks in the four heroes, and transports them to Bluebell's lab.

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