All the levels in Super Mario Pirate Adventure.

World 1

World 1 is confirmed to take place on a grassy island, with a huge lake in between.

Level Name Mission 1 Mission 2 Mission 3
Water Station Petey Piranha's Water Battle
Defeat Petey Piranha.
Breaking In the Water System
Race Banzai Bill to defeat him.
Petey's Speed Run
Defeat Petey Piranha in a limited timeframe.
Yoshi's Island Ride With Yoshi
Reach the end of the level using Yoshi.
Giga Lakitu's Return
Defeat Giga Lakitu
Giga Lakitu's Epic Invisible Chase
Defeat all the Spinies Giga Lakitu drops
Breakable Ocean Floor Digs for Oceager
Defeat Ocager.
Silver Stars Beneath the Ocean
Collect 8 Silver Stars.
Oceagar's Daredevil Run
Defeat Oceagar with one life only.
Flip-Swap Island Think Before you Jump
Get to the end of the Flip-Swap Island.
Jump for Red Coins
Collect 100 Red Coins
There is no 3rd Mission in the level
Rightside Down Ocean Floor Underwater Gravity Laws
Get to the end.
The Great Crate Firekiller
Fire all the crates before time runs out.
There is no 3rd Mission in the level
Stir Fry's Underwater Volcano Monstour's Appitite Collision
Defeat Monstour
Underwater Volcano Speed Run
Defeat Monstour in a limited timeframe.
There is no 3rd Mission in the level

World 2

World 2 is confirmed to take place in the deserted islands.

Level Name Mission 1 Mission 2 Mission 3
Puzzled Islands 10 Island Challenges
Complete the 10 Island Challenges.
Bugaboom the Pirate
Defeat Bugaboom.
Spin for Red Coins
Collect 100 Red Coins.
Waterfall Icefall
Climb to the top of the Waterfall using the Ice Flower.
Icy Water Speed Run
Climb to the top of the waterfall using the Ice Flower in a limited timeframe.
Silver Stars in the Waterfall
Collect 8 Silver Stars.
Rocky Ocean King Whomp's Territory
Defeat King Whomp.
Go for the Gold!
Use the Gold Flower to destroy the enemies.
Gold Romp
Defeat all the Whomps in 1 minute with the Gold Flower.
Cosmic Cove Galaxy
Returned from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Twin Waterfalls Test
Use the Ice Flower and Fire Flower to get up to the top.
Exploring Beneath
Find the Treasure Chest in the Sunken Ship.
Catchin Rosalina
Catch Rosalina to get her special star.

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6

World 7

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