Super Mario Pirate Adventure
Developer(s) Super Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platforming
Media Included Game Card
Super Mario Pirate Adventure  is the next game in the Super Mario 3D Platformer Series (Coming after Super Mario Galaxy 2). It shares many similarities to Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy (1 and 2).       It is made by Super Games Inc and is continued by ArchenMythStudios.


Peach invites Mario to the castle for cake. When Mario arrives out of the warp pipe, he heads outside the castle. When he heads to the entrance, Peach is there (and not kidnapped). However, they head inside, and Bowser is there. Bowser says that the Koopalings have been kidnapped by some Pirate Guy. Bowser asks Mario and Peach to join him in his quest. Together, they run out of the castle, and into the warp pipe. The Warp Pipe teleports them to Delfino Airstrip, where a Pirate Ship is waiting for them. Mario, Peach and Bowser head inside, to see that Bowser Jr. and Luigi are in there. There are two pirates: One beastly looking guy, and a pirate human. Mario jumps on the boat and battles them. The human pirate reveals to be a hero, and the monster guy is a villain. Bowser Jr. and Luigi decide to join Mario, Peach and Bowser on their quest to save the Koopalings.

The human pirate reveals his name. His name is Guido. The evil monster's name was Bok Choy! He also has a son named Stir Fry. Guido then sails out to the ocean with the gang. Bowser calls Kammy Koopa to the pirateship, and Peach calls many Toads. Together, the entire gang renovated the pirate ship, and named it MARIO'S SHIP! It had rooms for all the gang, and a usable steering wheel, and places for friends to hang out. Kammy and the Toads went to a spot, and Mario and co. can go talk to them.

Similar to SMG2, there are 6 worlds and a special world. Each world holds a Koopaling (Iggy Koopa is available right from the start). Mario must steer the boat around, or switch characters. Before he gets a chance to start on World 1, a Polluted Piranha Plant shows up. Mario must defeat the Polluted Piranha Plant, and save Iggy Koopa.

Playable Characters

Image Name Description Special Power
MarioPA Mario 3/3 - Jump
2/3 - Power
1/3 - Speed
Mario can jump higher with the use of FLUDD style="border-color: gray; width: 2%; background-color: white;"
PeachPA Peach 2/3 - Jump
1/3 - Power
3/3 - Speed
Peach can float using her umbrella.
BowserPA Bowser 1/3 - Jump
3/3 - Power
Speed - 1/3
Bowser can breathe fire.
BowserJrPA Bowser Jr. Jump - 2/3
Power - 3/3
Speed - 3/3

Bowser Jr. can somersault through bricks.

Supporting Cast

Image Name Description
Rosalina Rosalina Rosalina is a major help in this game. She leads all the Toads to help.
PiantaCarnival Pianta Piantas are found on various locations. They sometimes chuck you to hard to reach places.
YoshiCarnival Yoshi Yoshi is a rideable character. He has special powers like a tongue grab. You can ride him in various locations.
ToadPA Toad Brigade The Toad Brigade is part of the Fearless 10. They are found in various locations helping Mario and Co. out.
Toadette Toadette is part of the Fearless 10. She is found in various locations helping Mario and Co. out.
ToadsworthPA Toadsworth Toadsworth is part of the Fearless 10. He will appear in various locations helping Mario and Co. out.
BoomBoom Mario
Boom Boom Boom Boom is part of the Fearless 10. He will appear in various locations helping Mario and Co. out.
Pom Pom Pom Pom is part of the Fearless 10. She will appear in various locations helping Mario and Co. out.
Whittle Whittle Whittles are characters that will appear in various locations. They sometimes hold Power Stars.
Gearmo Gearmo Gearmos appear in various locations. They usually have mission for Mario and Co.


  • Goombas
  • Koopa Troopas
  • Bob Ombs
  • Piranha Plants
  • Bullet Bills
  • Lakitus
  • Spinys
  • Magikoopas
  • Spin Goombas
  • Chain Chomps
  • Dry Bones
  • Podoboos


  • Petey Piranha
  • Banzai Bill
  • Giga Lakitu
  • Ocager
  • Chow Mein
  • Monstour 
  • Pirate Bowser (clone)


See Main Article: Super Mario Pirate Adventure/Levels

Power ups

There are many power-ups for Mario and Co to collect. They are:

Fire Flower- Fire ability

Ice flower- Ice ability

Cloud flower- Cloud ability.

Rocket Nozzle- If character is Mario then this make him able to fly, If he touches lava he loses this.

Rocket Brella-   If character is Peach then she can fire her brella at enemys.

Giga Shell- If character is Bowser then he becomes a giant Giga bowser; it lasts for 1 minute.

Bomb-Omb Buddy- Throwing Good bomb-ombs ability

Giant Mushroom- Makes character bigger for 30 secs.

Tiny mushroom- Makes character tiny for 1 minute.

Smash Ball-  Puts character and all enemys in that area on a 2d smash bros arena for 1 minute.

Boo mushroom- Makes character a boo, if character touches bright light then they turn back.

Spring Mushroom- Forms a spring around character, if they touch water it disappears, if they press B when hitting the ground then they bounce alot higher.

Boomerang flower- Gives character a boomerang until they get hurt 4 times.

Rainbow star- makes character invicible for 15-20 secs.

Bee mushroom- Turns character into a bee form until they touch water.

Blimp fruit- if riding yoshi, yoshi can fly for 30 secs. 

Bulb fruit- If riding yoshi, yoshi can stand on invisible platformes and reveal them, it runs out after 30 secs.

Dash pepper- Id riding yoshi, yoshi becomes dash yoshi and can run up and on anything really fast for 30 secs.

Double cherry- Makes a character clone, there can be up to 6 for each player on screen.

Frog suit- Transforms the character into a frog form, allowing them to swim faster in any direction and jump higher.

Goomba Mask- Disguise player as a goomba, if the character gets hurt (can't get hurt by goombas) then the character looses the mask.

Penguin suit- Transforms the character into a Penguin form, letting him slide on his belly, throw Ice Balls, and swim more freely (similar to the Blue Shell, Ice Flower, and Frog Suit respectively). He also has webbed feet, so he doesn't slide when he's on ice.

Rock mushroom- turns the character into a rock form, letting the destroy enemys and glass by rolling into them and it.

Canon Nozzle-  if character mario, then this gives fludd a giant cannon nozzle that mario can use for 30 secs.

Bell- Turns player into a cat form. Such as cat Bowser.

Meowser=Cat bowser

Meowser- Cat bowser