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SMPD is a very popular game, because it has different characters and minigames from lots of different places.


Unlockable Characters


  • Rain Jumper: Jump the rain and the first one to get to the rain cloud wins.
  • Rolling Spikers: Jump over the rolling spikeballs.
  • Power Volleyball: Play volleyball with power-ups.
  • Hover Helmets: Wear the hover helmets and hover to the top.
  • Statue Splasher: Finish your statue and ruin the progress of other people.
  • Fruit Surfer: Surf down the mountain on a piece of fruit.
  • Copter Twirlers: Twirl the copter with your partner to the top.
  • Laser Jumpers: This 1 v. 3 minigame involves players to jump to a platform that won't get lasered.
  • Dodgeballed: This is a regular game of dodgeball.
  • Don't Get Bombed: This 1 v. 3. minigame involves player to not get bombed.

Unlockable Minigames

  • Snow it All: Blast snowballs at your opponents.
  • Veggie Eater: Eat all the vegetables before your opponents do.
  • Brick Builder: Build what you are told to build before your opponents do.
  • Find 'Em!: The first one to find all 3 of his opponents wins.


  • Regular Mode: This mode is just like regular.
  • Maze Mode: Go through the maze and play the minigames at a dead end. First one to get out of the maze wins.
  • Step It Up: This is the regular step it up mode.
  • Upgrades: This is where the person or people who one the last minigame gets an upgrade for the next minigame.

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