Mario invite his freinds to play Mario Party but of course Bowser wasn't invite so he his going to destroy the Mario Party Boards Forever.

Gamemodes (Gameplay is from Mario Party 1-8 and DS)

Story Mode-Go through all 8 boards and      stop Bowser ( 1 player )                                            Box Art  

Party Mode Choose a Board and play (1-4 players but up to 8 if in team mode)

Minigame Mode Choose a Minigame and play it (Same as Party mode)

Boss Mode(1 player)


Charcter Partner  Special Item
Mario Luigi Fire Flower
Luigi Mario Poluterguiest 3000
Peach Dasiy Hearts
Toad Toadettte Mega Mushroom
DK Diddy Giant Banana  
Yoshi Birdo Yoshi Egg
Koopa Hammer Bro Blue Shell
Wario Waluigi Big Bob-omb 
Unlockable  Partner Special Item
Waluigi Wario Triple Bob-omb
Daisy Peach Flowers
Rosalina Boo Star Bits
Toadette Toad Mini Mushroom
New* Diddy Kong DK Triple Banana
Birdo Yoshi Birdo Egg
Hammer Bro. Koopa  Hammer
Boo Rosalina Boo

Team Names

Mario Luigi Peach Toad DK Yoshi Koopa Wario Waluigi Dasiy Rosalina Toadette Diddy Birdo Hammer Bro Boo
Mario N/A Mario Bros. Savior and Savee Mushroom Players Old Foes Fan Faviorites 8-bit Wonders Rival Stars Stache Clashers Flower Users Space Heroes Marionettes Jumping Buddies Stuff Chuckers Hammer Kings Brave and Boo
Luigi Dream Team N/A Waltzing Duos Savage Sidekicks Green Bananas Green Machines Mean,and Green Green and Greedy Rival Staches Tango Tanglers Green Star Cha-Cha Chaser 2nd Players 

Water Melons

Hi Jumping Foes Scardey Pants
Peach Fireworks Mario's Friends N/A Loyal Friends Pink Bananans Floating Buddies Candy Jars Sugar and Spice Purple Roses Diamond  and Pearl Queen and Princess Pink Pals Pink Popguns Pink Lemonades Glammor Hammers Pink Boo
Toad Fungi Fun Guys Side Heroes Loyal Compaines N/A Tie and Vest Good Buddies Short Guys Unexpeted Friends Short and Tall Bloomy Shroomy Spaceship Pliots Mushroom Mix Cool Shrooms Double Dreamers Shroom Smashers Doom and Shrooms
DK 1st Players King of 2nd  Bananas King and Princess Jungle Shrroms N/A Animal Buddies Donkey Koopa Strong Clashers Wild Foes Sweet Bananas King and Queeen Forest Shrooms Friends Forever Food Throwers Smashing Foes Shy Bananas
Yoshi Best Friends Green Buddies Kind Hearts Helpful Helpers Animal Friends N/A Shell Launchers Poached Eggs Scrambled Eggs Cute Flowers Space Lovers Star Supporters Ride Buddies Egg Users Hungry Hammers Hovering Fiends
Koopa Classic Foes Fast and Green Rotten Peahes Helpful and Unhelpful Shell Crushers Hungry Shells N/A Mario's Foes Skinny Shells Withered Flowers Galatic Foes Pink Shells Helpful Underlings Former Friends Bowser's Shells Common Foes
Wario Foe Bros. Mario Wannibies Sugar and Spice Poison Mushrroms Power Fiends Unlikey Friends Big Shells N/A Wario Bros. Wilted Flowers Planet Owners Bad Shrooms Copy Wanters Rotten Eggs Smash Smashers Double Dealers
Waluigi Stache Stars Mean Leanies Sweet and Sour Cranky Duo Crazy Foes Jumping Fiends Shell Shockers Bad Boys N/A Akward Dates Unlikey Buddies Purple Shrooms Clever Smart-allekys Purple Lovers Stench Henchmen Creepy Creeps
Dasiy Flower Power Shy Sidekicks Princess Power Button Shrooms Jungle Daisy Cutie Pies Sweets Jars Yellow Flowers Double Facers N/A Peach's Friends Perfume Shrooms Super Sidekicks Gal Pals Barn-Buliders Flower Smellers
Rosalina Super Stars Star Sidekicks

Girl Power

Nice Captains Space Stars Cute Stars Likey Fiends Power Stars Superstar Wanters Comet Observers N/A Star Acquaintcies Helpul Buddies Galaxy Dreamers Cosmo Foes

Interstellar Fiends

Toadette Super Buddies Somewhat Stars Pink Lovers Zommin Shrooms Party Lovers Hi Flying Friends Shell Sucesss Double Agents Pranky Duo Petal Dancers Lovley Buddies N/A Unknown Friends Pink  Powerhouses Smash Success Boo Duet
Diddy Red Hat Lovers Cool Sidekicks Sweet Savees Loyal Guards Forever Buddies Flying Friends Jumped on Haters Red and Yellow Caps Pranky Foes Dancing Dancers Space Captains Mysterious Friends N/A Egg Popgunners Banana Hammers Untoucheable Foes
Birdo Super Snozzios Samba Smashers Pink Superpowers Suprise Attackers Spin Spinners Egg Lovers Former Baddies Stinky Eggs Scammy Duo Girl Pals Space Eggs Power Pinks Jumping Shooters N/A Two Timers Unfair Pair
Hammer Bro Blow Bros. Green Hammers Fancy Hammers Stealth Strikers Hammer Smashers Hamer Chukers Koopa Bros. Stinky Hammers Bad Vibes Flower Hammers Star Fiends Pink Hammers High Bouncing Foes Egg Hammers N/A Bowser's Top Minions
Boo Soul Bros. Scared  Scaridies Boo for Tea Invisble Strikers Hovering Pounders Cute and Scary Bowser's Underlings Coin Collectors Total Creeps Daisy Pushers Galatic Fiends Stealth Agents Banana Boo Unfair Pals Scary Foes. N/A


Name Descrption How to get the star Mini Boss Boss Diffclty and Special Board Iems Dual Minigame
Mario Land A circle shape board split into four areas Mushroom Kingdom,Peach Castle,Dark Land,Bowser's castle Go to the Star space and pay 20 coins Shadow Mario Mecha Mario Easy and Ice Flower,Fireball

Mario,Peach,Bowser- Like Rock,Paper,Scissors.

Mario beats Bowser. Bowser beats Peach,Peach Beats Mario.

Mushroom Plains A straight forward stage split into four areas,Land,Mushrooms,Bridge and Platforms Go to Toad and pay 10 coins Monty Mole Goomboss Easy,Poison Mushroom,Ultra Shroom Ground Pounder Bouncer- Ground Pound the Mushroom. The Person that goes the Highest wins.
Sunshine Beach A board in the shape of a shine sprite, the center and tips are land and the rest is underwater Go to the Star Space and pay 20 coins Paint Prihana Plant Gooper Blooper Normal,Paintball,F.L.U.U.D. Clean the Sheet- Clean up the Paint with FLUUD first to win.
DK Island A board in the jungle. This board is like a maze. There is jungle,a bridge,a waterfall, and on top of the trees. Go to the Funky Kong and give him 30 coins Tiki Tong King K. Rool Normal Peanut Popgun,Bongo Drums Bongo Bash- Bash the Bongo to the notes. The one with the most right bnotes win.
Rosilina Ice Lake A stage that is a circle with a lake in the middle with a smaller circle in the lake. There is also a cave area and a underwater area Go into the cave and go underwater then go to the circle in the middle of the lake and give 10 coin Giant Cooligan Ice Bowser Hard,Frog suit,Penguin suit Frozen Skater-Skate through te track forward the first to falll through one of the holes loses)
Boo Valley A boardwalk stage that is straight forward  that goes Anti-gravity up a wall and upside down. Give the Boo on the upside down section and give him 20 coins Broozer King Boo Hard,Bomb Boo,Boo circle Boo Tag - Just like the one in Mario Party DS but only two people. 
Sky Station A top-shaped stage that has a lot of obstacles  The Star is on the top of he stage surronded in 3 electric fences. Land on three switches to turn of the electric fences and go to the star and get it for free (Oppoentes could steal it even if they had not landed on a switch) Topmaniac Bouldergeist Expert Lightning cloud,Banazi Bill Bullet Lauchers- Shoot 3 bullet bills at the other player to make them fall of there flying platform.( Like Lava Lobbers)
Bowser's Fortress A huge stage that is like DK Island. There is a courtyard,inside the fortress, Out side area in the fortress and a huge Tower Go to the  one of the Three Stars that all cost 20 coins. One is real  which gives you a star, Another does Nothing, and one that is actually a Ztar that takes a Star Bowser Jr Bowser Expert Fake Bowser and Ztar  Tug o Lava- Like Tug o War but the hole is lava and Lava Bubbles can appear to screw you up


There is 48 minigames (64 if you count the boss minigames)  (24 4-player,16 2 vs 2 minigames,8 1-v3 minigames,and 16 boss minigames)

4-player Minigames  (Minigames in Yellow are Coin minigames,so you can't win or lose)

Shape Drawer-Draw the Shape shown

Mushroom Bouncers- Bounce on Mushrooms to climb up a cliff

Shiney Treasure- Find the Shine Sprite in two of the  4 Treasure Chest

Maze Runners-Run through a maze first one there wins.

Underwater Divers-  Dive to the bottom and get the treasure firts.

Merry-go-Boo-The Merry go round will spin and stop. Memerioze which seat  one did not have a Boo on it. After it stops the Boos turn invisble. Choose a seat. If a Boo was on It it turns visble and you are out.

Sky Eye- Run around the Platform around the Mr.I. If he dosen't get dizzy he cause the platforms to fall.

King of the Tower - Punch or Kick the other players off the Tower

PIrhana Planter- Go to a empty Flower pot and plant a Pirhana Plant. Plant the most to win.

Coin Collector-Coin are Falling from the Sky. The coins collected will had to your total.

Paracoining -Collect Coins as you are parachuting to the ground.

Bridge Hopper- Jump on platforms and collect coins. Reach the end first to win but don't fall or you will lose coins.

Shell Shuffle- Shells are hiding jewels as they are shuffling. Choose the one with the most jewels.

Tidal Wave- Like Cast Aways but Tidal waves can come to mess up your aiming by moving the coin,bag,or chest.

Ice Cream Stacker- Stack has many Ice cream you can (Like this minigame)

Kartiding- Race around the track for two laps. Come in  first to win.

Shock and Slam- Ground Pound a man hole. If you don't ground pound one, The electricy shocks any players that are above ground.

Dizzy Racers- Reach the end of the race but be careful your controls became confusing.

Rolly Polly- Roll down the hill on yourstar ball and reach the end with the most coins to win.

Wall of Doom- Survive in a room with Bullet bills and Banzi Bills. be the last one standing to win.

Starcase- reach the top to get the star (Like this minigame )

Thwomp my Style- Jump to Platforms that the Thwomp will not  land on. When a Thwomp lands on a platform it gets destroyed, so its no longer in play. You can be an platforms with other players. You start with 6 platforms.

2 vs 2

Goomba Horder- Wave your hand to get the goombas' attention. Have more goombas on your side to win.(Like this minigame)

Mole Whamming-Like  Crops'n'Robbers but only hammering no crop picking.

Artsit on the Board- Paint the ground with more of your color than the other teams.

Blooper Hooper- Throw your team colors  ring. One throws it the other reals it in. The team with more blooper in there rings in 3 tries wins.

Rocket Racers- Take turns pumping oil into your rocket, The team with the most oil wins.

Cannonball!- Shoot Cannonballs to the other teams' ship. (You can move the ship). The teamthat goes down first loses.

Relay Slide-  Race up the hill with your sled. When a team reaches the top, the other member must slide down to the finish line.

Paddle Pals- Race to the end by rowing. (Like Rowed to Victory but its not a circular but straight)

Flashlight Finders- Travel through the maze to find your partner. First to find there partner wins. (Like Murky Maze   and  Meet and Greet combined)(Murky Maze being the darkness and Maze and Meet and Greet with the prepactive.)(Also Flashlights,Not Light Blocks)

Shipping Shopers- One person must grab the Mecha Koopa the other person must grab the box. Put the Box first the the Mecha koopa. The team with the most mecha koopa filled boxes wins.

Hammer Backs- One team member is giving the other team member a piggy back ride. The person on bottom moves, the person on top has a hammer. The team who hist the other team with more hammer swings wins.

Pedal Jumpers- The team mebers are on one giant bike one person must push the pedal then the other person and Repeat. The first to reach the end wins.

Block Breaker- Control a giant robot. One person must move the bot's legs, the other its fist. Punch blocks to move forward. Don't punch when no blocks cause you can't move when punching same with moving without punching a block.

Baddie Basher-  Jump or punch a enemy until they die. Fisrt to go through all 10  enemies win. (Order of enemies, Goomba,Koopa troopa,Cheep Cheep,Blooper,Spiny, Wiggler,Whomp,Thwomp,Chain Chomp, and Giant Boo.

1 vs 3

Ukikki in the Middle- 3 people have to toss the ball over the 1 person. The 3 people win when the time limit runs out. The 1 person wins when he/she gets the ball.

Pool in the Whirl- The 3 players are in a lake. The 1 player as to make whirl pools to cause the players to fall in them. The 3 players win if even one person is still alive when the time runs out. The 1 player wins when he/she captures evey one in whirlpool.

Swing It- The 3 persons and the 1 person has to swing one vines. the 3 players are stacked on each other, so they have to swing together and there vines are farther apart. The 1 person has to swing and jump to vine to vine and the vines are in shorter distance.

You Run,I Freeze- The 3 people have to run and jump to avoid 1 player's freeze machine. the 3 people win when the time runs out. The 1 player wins when all 3 people are frozen.

Mecha Mayhem- The 3 players and the 1 player are in mechs. The 3 players have to run to avoid getting hit by 1 player's Mech's boxing gloves. The 3 players win when the time runs out. The 1 player wins when all players are punched out of there mechs.

Bullet Shooters-  The 3 players can shoot a bullet bill or Banzi Bill (Which requires charged) The 1 player has to run on he/she's platform. If the 1 player is 3 times the 3 players win. If the time runs out the 1 player wins. (Note the Banzi Bill dosne't take 2 hearts, its just bigger and harder to dodge)

Find and Seek- Its Hide and Seek The 3 players hide and the 1 player seeks. But the 3 players can move in the Darkness and the 1 player find with flashlight. The 1 player wins when all 3 players are found. The 3 players win when the Time runs out and at least 1 player of the 3 is still not found. Drop the Thwomp- The 3 players have to avoid the Thwomps and the 1 player has to make the Thwomps fall on them. The 3 players win when,at least,one of them is alive and the time runs out.  The 1 player wins when all 3 players are hit.

Boss Minigames (Can be 1-4 player) (Players also have health so you don't lose points when hit if all your health is gone that player is out of the game)

Shadow Mario- Shadow Mario paints Posiones Goop and Paintballs and will throw his paint brush. To hurt him you just got to punch him. Hit him the most to win.

Mecha Mario- He shoots Bullet Bills,Fireballs,and a Flamethrower he sweeps back and forth. Use Your Bill Blasters to Shoot him. Hit him the most to win.

Montey Mole- He will chuck bombs to hurt you. He will use decoys too. Hit him with your hammer the most to win.

Goomboss- He stands on a Platform kicking Goombas and jumping to the foreground to pound to. Switch all the switches to cause a thwomp to fall on him. Hit him the most to win.

Paint Pirhana Plant- It will shoot Paintballs,a stream of paint, and also bite who ever is close.Shoot FLUUD at him to hurt him. The one who hits him the most wins.

Gooper Blooper-He will whack you with his tentacles,ink balls,and Bloopers to hurt you. You must chuck shells at his face or else it will not hurt him. Hit him the most to win.

Tiki Tong- Fight him the same way in DKCR,Hit him the most to win (Click thissite to see his attacks and weakness)

King K. Rool- He attacks with cannoballs, electrictc,and his crown . Hit him with Puches and kicks. Hit him the most to win.

Giant Cooligan- Beat him in a race. He will use snowballs and Iceballs to stop or freeze you. beat him to win (When more than 1 person the person who came in fisrt wins.)

Ice Bowser-He uses Spike balls,Ice breath and shockwaves. Ground Pound a switch to cause the Holes on the Stage to cause fire to appear. If Ice Bowser hits one he takes damadge. (If more than 1 person Ice Bowser is automaticlly hit so reach the switch first to hit him. Hit him the most to win)

Broozer- He uses Barrels and a vareity of Punches and also a counter to your punches . Punch him to hurt him. Hit him the most to win.

King Boo- He uses boos,bomb boos,spike balls, shockwaves, and Lightning to hit you. Flash your Light box at him to hurt him. Hit him the most to win. (Note you are in a Maze)

Topmainic- He attacks and is hurt the same way in SMG (Click here to see) Hit him the most to win.

Bouldergueist- He attacks and is hurt the same Way in SMG (Click[http:// here] ) Hit Him the most to win (Note he has his hands at the beginning) 

Bowser Jr.- He gets in his clown car and throws bombs, punches,ground pounds,and Fireballs. Use your clown car to hit him into the electric fence (If more than 1 person you aren't in a clown car and hurt him by jumping on his head. Hit him the most to win)

Bowser-Similar to the Ice Bowser but fire breath and meteors are his attacks. His 2nd phase as him in his clown car using the same moves as before but also bomb, bullet bills and lightning . 1st phase use you fireballs to hurt him. 2nd phase Same as  1st but you have to aim up and hit bowser if you hit the clown car nothing happens. Hit him the most to win.


Combine all items from all Mario party Games


Team Names can have two names depending on who is in the front.

Dual Minigames depend on the board like mario party 2

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