Dock and Roll is the third boss minigame in Super Mario Party 10. It is against Gooper Blooper and is played at the end of Dolphin Sea.


The player walks to the end of the dock, and looks around, confused. Suddenly, Gooper Blooper leaps out of the water and smacks the player with his tentacles, sending him/her flying to the other edge. A Toad brings out a cannon.


You must swim to the dock with Gooper Blooper chasing you. There is also a clock. You view yourself on the top screen, while you can see Gooper on the bottom. While you're swimming, Gooper will try to slow you down and catch you by attacking with his tentacles, which will reach from above and try to grab you. You can tell by the shadow. If you do get grabbed, you can shake free. If you take too long to escape, Gooper will catch you and take you back to the start. Once you reach the dock, the battle becomes similar to Blooper's boss minigame from Mario Party 9, and the clock will vanish. You must shoot at him and the Urchins he throws at you.


  • Swim - Tilt Wiimote forwards, backwards, left, and right while holding sideways (Wii U), use Circle Pad (3DS)
  • Escape Tentacles - Shake Wiimote (Wii U), spin Circle Pad (3DS)
  • Aim Cannon - Point at screen (Wii U), use Circle Pad (3DS)
  • Fire Cannon - A (both)


Gooper Blooper sinks into the water, with several Stars coming out as he goes in. Several Toads will toss the player into the air a couple of times.

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