Dino Piranha's Coconut Kickball is the first boss minigame in Super Mario Party 10. It is against Dino Piranha and is played at the end of Bianco Hills.


The player rides the blades up to the top of the windmill. Suddenly, Dino Piranha falls from the sky and roars. Like in Sunshine, the windmill roof breaks and they fall into the middle, alongside several coconuts.


You must run around the windmill, grabbing coconuts. You must kick them at Dino Piranha, who will swing his tail to knock it back. You must play a game of dead man's volley with him until he roars, causing the coconut to go into his mouth. You must then kick his tail into the back of his head, like in Galaxy. Once you've done this once, he will spin his tail while you're trying to kick a coconut. On the second time, his petals fall off and all the coconuts but one vanish. He will also breathe fire. After you've hit him three times, he's defeated.


With Nunchuk (on Wii U)

  • Move - Control Stick (Wii U), Control Disc (3DS)
  • Grab Coconut - A (both)
  • Kick - B (after grabbing) (both)
  • Jump - Z (Wii U), X/Y (3DS)


Dino Piranha roars violently as he vanishes (starting with his tail and going up). Once he's gone, Stars explode from him and they carry the player back to the top of the windmill, where he/she is announced the winner of the game.

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