Dock and Roll is the fourth boss minigame in Super Mario Party 10. It is against Cosmic Spirit and is fought at the end of Cosmic Station.


The player reaches the edge of the station and look at the sun, confused. Suddenly, Cosmic Monster emerges from the sun and starts breathing Cosmoballs.


To start out, you must avoid Cosmic Monster's Cosmoballs. After doing so for a few seconds, Cosmic Spirit will emerge from Cosmic Monster and laugh evilly. Three dolls that look like your character appear and you must hide yourself amongst them, like in the Booster minigame from SMRPG. Cosmic Spirit will take over either you or one of the dolls (you must figure out the pattern). If she takes over you, you will be damaged. If she takes over a doll, she will be damaged. You must do this three times.


  • Walk - Nunchuk Control Stick (Wii U), Control Disc (3DS)
  • Grab Doll - A (Both)


Cosmic Monster melts into the sun, while Cosmic Spirit shrieks and turns into Star Bits.

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