Bury the Mummipokey is the second boss minigame in Super Mario Party 10. It is against Mummipokey and is played at the end of Desert Fortress.


The player walks into the fortress and looks around, confused. Suddenly, the cannons aim at him/her and fire parts of Mummipokey. They stack up and Mummipokey tries to squish the player. The player runs up to the wall and grabs a cannon.


You must aim your cannon at Mummipokey and fire dirt at him. Your goal is to cover him with enough dirt for him to be completely buried. Every pile of dirt you fire, one of his segments are covered. He has six segments. While your aiming, he will throw some of his spikes or spit fireballs. You have to fire dirt at the fire/spike to get rid of it, or you'll lose a heart. You have 6 hearts. After you cover two segments, he starts spitting rocks, which takes two dirt shots to be destroyed. After you cover four segments, Bullet Bill Blasters appear, which fire Bullet Bills at random, and the Bullet Bills take three dirt shots to be destroyed.


  • Aim Cannon - Control Disc (3DS), Control Pad (Wii U)
  • Fire Dirt - B (both)


The pile of dirt representing Mummipokey flashes and falls to the ground, showing that Mummipokey is gone. Several stars float out of the ground where Mummipokey was standing, and the Bullet Bill Blasters vanish. The player walks over to the stars, which carry him back to the start, where he/she is announced the winner.

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