Super Mario Park is a video game developed by ChopChop Games for the Nintendo CC. It is set to release on March 8th, 2016. The game is planned to have a sequel called Super Mario Park Splashdown, in which you will build waterslides instead of rollercoasters.

Super Mario Park
Super Mario Park
The game´s boxart
Developer ChopChop Games
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo CC
Release Date March 8th, 2016


In the game, you start out with $2500 as Mario and have to build rides in your Park. Building rides costs money, but you earn money everytime someone rides one of your rides. You can also use money for advertising, and the more advertising you have, the more people you get, and that means more money. Some people that come to your park will apply to be a worker, and you have to pay them in order for them to join. Every character is able to build their own special track part, so the more characters that work for you, the more rides you can build. Sometimes The Trader will stop by and give you a random powerup that you can use on a rollercoaster. The powerups only work once and you can only use one per ride, but they do special things to the ride.


Grandstar new version by banjo2015-d8u271a
Super Star

When used on a ride, this powerup

makes the ride go at Star Speed!

Coin 2
Double Coin

This powerup gives you double the

amount of money you get.

Bowser Coin
Bowser Coin

You only get half the money your customers


Star Coin
Star Coin

Use this coin to get a classic rollercoaster

(no special tracks) built for free!

Mario Cap

Employee Hat

The rider in the front seat  becomes a worker

for free!


NSM Mario

The infamous Italian plumber that runs the theme park!

Ability: None


Mario's loyal brother!

Ability: He can make Speed Tracks!

Toad Artwork - Super Mario Crystalline World

He's Peach's loyal servant and is a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Ability: He can build rides that go in loops!

Peach (Super Mario 3D World)
Princess Peach

The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and also Mario's girlfriend.

Ability: She can build rides that go upside down!

Princess Daisy



She is Peach's best friend and the ruler of Sarasaland!

Ability: She can build rides that twist!

Donkey Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Donkey Kong

The big ape himself is here at Mario's theme park!

Ability: He can make better advertisements!

290452-toadette mario party

She is toad's sister and is excited to be at Mario's theme park with Toad!

Ability: She allows you to build a bouncy house!

Yoshi Smash Bros

Mario brought him to the theme park because he loves all the rides- and the snacks, too!

Ability: He allows you to build concession stands!

Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy

Mario met her on his space adventure and they've known each other ever since!

Ability: She allows you to build the Space Shooter game!

MKXL Pianta
Pianta These tropical creatures live on Isle Delfino and are very excited to come to Mario's theme park!

Ability: They allow the Pianta Power Tower to be built!

Easter Eggs


If you play as Mario and ask the Toad working at the bouncy house, he'll say, "Hey Mario! Nice theme park! I wish there were waterslides though..." Which is a hint to what the sequel is about.

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