Primary Objectives are bolded, and below them are Secondary Objectives that coincide until the next Primary Objective.

Main Story

Stop Bowser!

Follow Toad through the sewers to reach the castle.

Find Peach and get her to a safe place.

Enter the Airship and defeat Bowser.
Find the first Rogue Star Piece
Head to the Mushroom Plains and search for the Star Piece.
Talk to locals and see what has destroyed Toad Town.
Defeat Larry Koopa
Travel to the abandoned Mushroom Fortress and find a way inside.
Get to the Throne Room and defeat Larry!

Retrieve the first Star Piece.

Locate the next piece of the Rogue Star
Use your Star Energy to find the next Star Piece.
Travel to Shifting Sand Land and get the next Star Piece
Head to Shifting Sand Land and claim that Star Piece!

Ask around to see if anyone knows where the piece landed.

Find the Hidden Oasis before Morton Koopa Jr. and get your Star Piece!
Follow that Koopa!
Stay hot on Morton's tail so you can get that Star Piece back!
Defeat Morton
Find Morton inside the Ruins and get the next Star Piece.

Defeat Kamek so you can reach Morton.

Defeat Morton and claim what's rightfully yours!

Retrieve the Star Piece.

Locate the third Star Piece.

Travel to Sunny Skies.
Find the next Star Piece at Sunny Skies and get it before the Koopalings.

Swim to the Underwater City and ask for the Star Piece.

Stop Wendy from charming the King and get the Star Piece!

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