Super Mario Open, known as 無制限のマリオ (Musigen no Mario) in Japan, is an upcoming game being developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo. It is the first Open World/Non-Linear, Mario game and the first in the Super Mario series with a non-linear story. Super Mario Open will release June 7th, 2016 for the Nintendo Wii U.

Super Mario Open
Join Mario and friends for an all new Open World Adventure!
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD Tokyo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)
June 7th, 2016
Age Rating(s)
ERating  3Rating  USK6  OFLC-G  CERO A
Genre(s) Action/Adventure Platformer
Series Super Mario
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc/eShop Retail Download
Cost $59.99

Main Story

Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Peach are out for a stroll one morning as Bowser emerges from a Warp Pipe with the Rogue Star in hand. He is about to use it to imprison Peach once again, but just as he prepares to do so, a Luma flies in and bats the Rogue Star out of Bowser's hands, causing it to shatter into ten different pieces. Bowser tries to grab the pieces, but the Luma quickly tells Mario and the gang to kick them all away. The Luma focuses its energy as they do so, causing the pieces to blast off into the many different corners of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser is defeated. The Luma is grateful for the help of Mario and friends, but is sad to inform them that he needs their help to recover the pieces before they fall into the wrong hands once again. The Luma uses his Star Energy to locate the first piece, which is somewhere along the Mushroom Plain. The four begin their journey and head towards the first piece, with the Luma trailing close behind.

However, as they leave, the Koopalings find Bowser on the ground. He tells them that Mario is headed towards a piece of the Rouge Star, and commands Larry to go after them. He tells the rest of the Koopalings to search for the remaining pieces. They leave, and Bowser Jr. arrives shortly after. He helps Bowser up, and the two leave to find the last two pieces of the Rogue Star.

Mario and friends are able to successfully retrieve the first Rogue Star piece from Larry Koopa, who stumbled across it before they did. They travel across the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom, traversing several different locales, defeating the Koopalings and collecting Rogue Star pieces. However, after collecting the first five, an unexpected visit from Fawful ensues. He battles the friends and is successful in retrieving their pieces. Cackling and exclaming, "Chortles!" he flies away. Luma tells everyone that Fawful originally had the Rogue Star, but Bowser stole it from him. Luckliy, he didn't know how to use it like Fawful did, but if Fawful got ahold of the pieces before Mario did, he would be able to reawaken the Dark Star and take over the Galaxy.

As Mario quickly travels to the next Koopaling, Fawful calls upon Midbus to defeat Mario before he and his friends reach the next Rogue Star piece. Midbus halts Mario, and a Boss Battle ensues. Once again, Mario loses. Midbus throws everyone all the way back to the Mushroom Plain, where they are too far away from the next piece. Fawful successfully gets ahold of the remaining five, and everyone watches as the Dark Star errupts from the ground and creates a dark cloud over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Luma asks Mario why he wasn't able to fight Midbus and Fawful, before realizing that the whole time, the Rogue Star pieces were harvesting Star Energy from everyone who was holding onto one. That's why it had no effect on Fawful - he didn't have any. Luma tells everyone that if they are going to defeat Fawful, they have to call upon the Star Energy of the Grand Stars, of which there are three in the Mushroom Kingdom. The friends immediately head off to find them.

Meanwhile, Fawful uses the Dark Star to turn Bowser, Bowser Jr, and the Koopalings into dark versions of themselves with unlimited power. He sends the Koopalings to stop Mario from getting the Grand Stars, and uses Bowser and Bowser Jr. to fortify Peach's Castle, where he has taken refuge.

The Grand Stars are successfully retrieved, but the Koopalings stop Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Peach dead in their tracks. A large battle ensues between Mario and his foes. Using their newly regained Star Energy, everyone is able to successfully defeat the Koopalings. Fawful, who was quietly observing from above, flies away to "begin the final phase." He returns to Peach's Castle. Mario trails behind, and arrives. He battles Bowser Jr. and enters. Inside, Fawful is embedding the Dark Star in Bowser's shell. Mario is too late to stop him, and Bowser gains Dark Matter, an energy far more powerful and evil than Star Energy. Everyone fights, and Mario loses.

Dark Matter Bowser is just about to "pummel the puny brats" before the Dark Star flies from his shell and grabs onto Mario, who becomes Dark Matter Mario. He battles his friends, and they are able to get the Dark Star off of him. The Dark Star flies out of the castle and into the dark cloud, creating a large flash. The Dark Star emerges as Dark Matter, and the final battle begins. As this happens, Fawful escapes with the Rogue Star. Mario defeats Dark Matter, and Luma congratulates everyone as Fawful is seen flying off into the distance.

Side Quests

Super Mario Open is the first Mario game to offer full-fledged side quests. Each involves its own unique objectives and story. Sidequests are listed in the order they are unlocked.

Bean-Bean Quest This is the first side-quest available to the player in the game. Mario must search the Mushroom Kingdom for 70 beans that were stolen by Popple and Rookie. For every 10 beans, the Bean Queen awards Mario with an extra Power Up storage space. After completing the quest, Mario can hold ten power ups at one time.

ShineBurst Collection

40 Super Mario 3D World style courses have appeared throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario must locate each course and complete it to earn a ShineBurst. After collecting ShineBursts, Mario can return them to Pelly Pianta, who will give Mario coins in return.

You can Bank on Bob-ombs

The Red Bob-ombs are building a bank where Mushroom Kingdom citizens can deposit their coins for safe keeping. The only problem is that the Bob-ombs don't have enough coins to purchase an exploding security system for the bank. Mario agrees to collect the coins and give them to the Bob-ombs, who will sell him their Bomb Suit. Mario ends up collecting 2,154 coins for the Bob-ombs. After the quest is completed, the Bomb Suit appears in Question Blocks and Toad Shops around the Mushroom Kingdom.

Order in the Council!

Eldstar wishes to hold a meeting with the other Star Spirits, but he can't seem to contact them. He enlists the help of Mario to travel around the kingdom and inform the Star Spirits of the meeting. If Mario completes this sidequest, Eldstar will give Mario a larger Star Energy Meter.

-More Coming Soon as page is created-



Image Name Description Ability
Mario-SM3DW Mario The leader of our heroes. He has saved the kingdom many times, and Super Mario Open is no exception. Mario is the all around character. He has no special abilities, making him good for intermediate players who want a little bit of a challenge.
Luigi SM3DW Luigi Mario's younger, taller brother. He is always alongside his brother, ready to save the day. Luigi jumps the highest of the playable characters.
440px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Blue Toad Blue Toad is one of Mario's closest friends and colleagues. Whenever there is danger, Blue Toad is ready to lend a hand. Blue Toad runs the fastest of the playable characters.
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Peach Peach is normally the one under fire, but this time, Mario saved the day before she could be kidnapped once again. However, instead of standing by and letting everyone else go on an adventure, Peach decided she would go along for the ride. Peach can float temporally in mid-air. She is good for beginners.


Super Mario Open is the first Mario game with a set list of objectives for the main story. Throughout the game, players will travel to hundreds of different locations marked on their map on the Wii U Gamepad. For a full list of objectives, see: Super Mario Open - Objectives.

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