These are the enemies in Super Mario Odyssey, which appear in various places.


Picture Name Description Attacks Weaknesses
GoombaSMG4 Goomba

These enemies are from way back since Mario's first encounter with Bowser.

They can walk into the player and Headbonk Him. Pretty Much anything.
Paragoomba Card Paragoomba A flying version of Goombas, these guys are often discribed as hostile. They can drop Microgoombas on the player and jump on them. Almost anything.
GoombaElite Elite Goomba Bowser's strongest Goomba squad. They are incredibly powerful for Goombas. They can fly, stomp the player, and headbonk them. Anything.
200px-Koopa Koopa Troopa Mario's main enemies. They have shells which give them protection. They can catapult themselves at the player. Jumping, Fireballs.
180px-Paratroopa Paratroopa A flying koopa who can attack the player at various distances. They have a shell that homes in on the player. Jumping, Fireballs, Kicking.
KoopaElite Elite Koopa Troopa Bowser's most powerful koopas can withdraw into thier shells and attack Mario. They can home in on the player, cause tornadoes, and fly. Fireballs, Kicking.
ShyGuy Shy Guy These little guys wear masks to protect themselves and hide thier identity. They can chase the player and take off their mask. Jumping, Kicking.
EliteShyGuy Elite Shy Guy They can cause darkness and summon Spiky Anvils. They can cause darkness, summon Anvils, and cause a lazer with their mask. Kicking.
FlyGuy Fly Guy They can fly and love buzzing around to tease mario. They can fly, and try to cut the player with their anvil. Jumping, Fireballs.
Bandinero Bandinero These theives are under the rule of Bowser this time. They can steal Mario's hat and coins. Jumping.
Pitchfork Pitchfork Bandineros with pitchforks on their heads, which can stab Mario if he's not careful. They sever the player with their fork. Kicking.


Picture Name Discription Attacks Weaknesses
Crabber Crabber These crabs are under the rule of King Crabber. They snap their claws at the player. Yoshi, fireballs.
Cheep CheepSMG Cheep Cheep They bounce around on the beach and swim in the ocean. They try to eat Mario. Fireballs.
Deep CheepSMG3 Deep Cheep They can home in one Mario when he passes by them. They try to eat Mario while homing in. Fireballs.
Strolin'StuSMWWii Strollin Stu These little guys are often found sunbathing. They can hop super high. They jump on Mario.


Beach Koopa Beach Koopa Koopas without thier shells. They are very vulnerable to attack. They rush towards Mario and wham him with their fist. Ground Pound, Yoshi.
Swoopin' Stus NSMS Swoopin Stu Stus made out of goop. They explode on Mario. Self Destruct.
Bumpty Bumpty Penguins that live on beaches in this game. They do not harm Mario when they bump him. They ram into Mario. Jumping.
Squirto Blooper Squirto Blooper. Bloopers that squirt Goop. They squirt Goop on Mario.

Jumping, fireballs.

Elite Cheep-Cheep - A cheep-cheep who squirts poisonous water.

Elite Blooper - An oil-squirting blooper.

Beach Blooper - Bloopers that can live out of water and use ink attacks.

Scoomba - a scuba diving Goomba.

Aqua Bro. - Aquatic version of Hammer Bro.

Anti-Pianta - This Pianta is very evil.

Anti-Noki - They shoot spikes at Mario.


Picture Name Description Attacks Weaknesses
Piranha Plant Piranha Plant A man eating plant that mainly lives in pipes. They are ruled by Petey Piranha. Chomping. Fireballs.
VenusFireTrap Venus Fire Trap A burning Piranha Plant that shoots fire balls at Mario. Chomping, Spitting Fireballs. Water.
Panser Panser Flowers that can move and burn the player. Jump, Fireball. Jumping.
Zinger Zinger For the first time, Zingers are in a Mario game! They have iron stingers. Sting. Fireballs.
SeedyPodSMWii Seedy Pod These grass Pokeys are the annoying species of Pokey. The act like normal flowers. Seed Hurl. Jumping.
RexSMWWii Rex The rivaling species for Yoshies can fly and attack with thier horns. Chomp, Dash. Jumping 3 times.
Swoopin' PoinkSMWWii Poink Energy Suckers that are quite the pain. Bite. Jumping.

Venus Ice Trap - An ice-spitting Piranha Plant.

Venus Thunder Trap - A thunder-spitting Piranha Plant.

Shroob Rex - The Shroobified version of Rex.

Big Poink - These annoying pigs suck more energy than Poinks.

Pansice - An ice-spitting panser

Pansunder - A thunder-spitting panser

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