The North American Boxart
Developer(s) Hammer Egg House, Inc.
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2012
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2012
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2012
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2012
Korea Flag TBA 2012
Story Mode, Multiplayer Story Mode, Battle Mode, Multiplayer Battle Mode, Coin Rush Mode, Minigame Mode, 3DS Compadible Minigame Mode
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: ERating

PEGI: 3Rating
GRB: All Rating

Genre(s) 2D Sidescrolling Platformer, Action-Adventure
Media Included Wii U Disc
Superior Mario World, known as デラックス スーパーマリオ ・ ブラザーズ 4 (Deluxe Super Mario Brothers 4) in Japan, is a fan game for the Wii U. It is like Super Mario World in the same way New Super Mario Bros. is to Super Mario Bros.


The gameplay is extremely similar to Super Mario World, as this is a direct sequel. Features from the New Super Mario Bros. series also appear. The game now features multiple rideable characters. Like the Yoshi's Island series, each level has a name. Each level once again features 5 Dragon Coins but they are more important in the game, as important as Star Coins. The game also features a more "free" world map, which you can freely walk around on but you can't cross areas you haven't unlocked yet. There is a large world map like Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U. Another new feature is that in some levels the background has more of an in-level effect and acts like a platform(s). The player's coin amount, life amount, point count, coin count, collected Dragon Coins and time (known as the progress bar) aren't shown but can be viewed at any time (see controls section).


In-Level Controls

Move Left: Left on D-Pad

Move Right: Right on D-Pad

Crouch: Down on D-Pad

Spin Jump: Up on D-Pad

Control Spin-Jump Direction: Left Control Stick

Dash: Left or Right on D-Pad + Y

Jump: B

Double-Jump: Jump directly after landing

Triple Jump: Jump forward directly after landing a Double-Jump

Ground Pound: B + Down on D-Pad

Slide: Down on D-Pad on Slope

Wall Jump: B while sliding on a wall

Enter Pipes: Down on D-Pad

Enter Doors: Up on D-Pad

Grab Items: Y

Throw Items: Release Y

Swim: B + Left or Right on D-Pad

Grab Ropes or Chains: Y while touching

Swing on Ropes or Chains: Left or Right on D-Pad

Climb Ropes or Chains: Up or Down on D-Pad

Get off Ropes or Chains: B

Climb Fences: D-Pad while touching

Hit Fences: Y

Flip Fence Panels: Y

Pause Game and go to Menu: + or -

Home Menu: Home Button

Look Left: L

Look Right: R

View Progress Bar: Up on Right Control Stick

In-Level Controls (On Rideable Characters)

Get Off: Up on D-Pad

Aim at Target: Right Control Stick

Shoot Eggs/Krawler Shells at Target: A

Eat Target (Koopa Krawler, Ninja Dino, Yoshi): X

Flutter Kick (Yoshi, Birdo): Hold B

Super Dash (Ninja Dino, Koopa Krawler): Y + Left or Right on D-Pad

Map Controls

Look Left: L

Look Right: R

Enter Item Menu: A

World Select: Y

Level Select: B

Move Left: Left on D-Pad

Move Right: Right on D-Pad

Move Up: Up on D-Pad

Move Down: Down on D-Pad

Menu: X

Playable Characters

Image Name Description Abilitiy Unlocked by...
Mario on Yoshi SuperiorMW Mario Everyone's favorite hero is back! When he finds himself on a vaction gone wrong, he has to rescue Peach and help Yoshi rescue his friends. Star Spin

Shake the controller to spin and attack like you do in the Super Mario Galaxy series! Do it in air for an extra high jump.

Luigi on Birdo Luigi Mario's brother is asked to tag along on the vacation-which leads to him entering the adventure, weather he likes it or not! Scuttle

Hold B to descend slowly from a jump.

Wario on Koopa Krawler Wario The Wario Bros. come with Mario to Dinosaur Land! They regret their company, but Wario needs to help out Mario to repay him for his rescue! Wario Whack

As he is unlockable, Wario does have an "extra special" move-He has the punch that Kung Fu Mario has! However, Wario attacks using a body slam, but it has the same effect.

By finding the "W" key in a random level and entering and beating the boss battle with Dark Wario.
Purple Toad on Ninja Dino Purple Toad This little guy is Mario's new friend, and he already has the honor of being selected to go on Mario's vacation! But he gets captured on it-is he still happy he came along? Headbonk

The ability Goomba Mario has can always be used by Purple Toad!

By finding the "Purple Toad Emblem" key in a random level and entering and beating the boss battle with Dark Toad.
Yoshter Bro. Yoshter Bro. From the virtual world of Fantendo, MarioGameChampion's mascot, Yoshter Bro. appears! Yoshi Power

Yoshter Bro. has all of Yoshi's powers but with unlimited eggs!

By downloading him from the eShop on the Wii U for $2.50.
Waluigi Yoshi SMW MGC Waluigi Waluigi takes another plane than the rest of the gang, which Bowser crashes into his castle! He hopes to escape and explore the secret areas of Dinosaur Land. Hanger
Waluigi can hang on the side of cliffs and blocks like characters can in 3D Mario games.
Snowball Effect
Waluigi can shoot snowballs like Ice Mario in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
By beating Bowser's Castle.
Virtual Mario NSMBVR Virtual Mario The character played by player 3 in multiplayer mode if only 2 players are unlocked or player 4 if only 3 players are unlocked. Star Spin

Shake the controller to spin and attack like you do in the Super Mario Galaxy series! Do it in air for an extra high jump.

Virtual Luigi NSMBVR Virtual Luigi The character played by player 4 in multiplayer mode if only 2 players are unlocked. Scuttle

Hold B to descend slowly from a jump.



Yoshi sends Mario a letter inviting him to his house on Yoshi's Island in Dinosaur Land for a nice vacation. Mario is allowed to bring 5 friends, so he invites Luigi, Wario, Peach, Purple Toad, and Waluigi. However, Bowser sees the letter because he is working undercover in the post office in case any letters like this were sent to Mario, and he takes a post airplane to Dinosuar Land immediately, and orders an airship to pick up his minions and children. Waluigi has to go on a different plane than the gang because all of the others are fully booked. His plane leaves first. When Mario and co. get to Dionsaur Land, the bros., Wario and Purple Toad leave Peach alone because she wants to explore a forest, but when they get back, she is gone! Waluigi is also gone-seemingly trapped by Bowser as well! Next, two airships suck the 4 into the skies! They drop all of them in random places in Dinosaur Land, but Mario and Luigi fall into cape feathers and successfully fly to Yoshi's Island. They find a shaking Yoshi egg, which they hatch. Yoshi comes out and tells them Bowser trapped him in the egg and has captured his friends and turned them into Baby Yoshis! Yoshi, however, is able to call his friends Birdo, Koopa Krawler and Ninja Dino and their species and asks them to help out. The bros. and Yoshi start another adventure to save Princess Peach and their other friends!


Please note that even though the charts only mention Mario all playable characters can use each power-up.

Image Name Power-up Image Power-up Name Description
Mario NSMB2 Super Mario SuperMushroomNSMB2 Super Mushroom This power-up turns you into Super Mario, your normal form. You can now break brick blocks and some flip blocks. Getting hit makes you become normal Mario (Small Mario) again, and unless said getting hit in any other form makes you become this form.
Cape Mario Cape Mario Cape FeatherSMWWii Cape Feather This classic power-up finally returns after over 20 years! Mario can now hit enemies with your cape spin, slowly descend from a jump or fall, and best of all, fly! The flying style, however, is now like Raccoon Mario's from NSMB2 and SMB3.
Water Mario MGC Water Mario Ice Flower2 Water Flower In this form, not only can Mario swim well, but he can trap almost anything in the bubbles he can shoot (even other players)!
Rock Mario Rock Mario RockMushroomSME Rock Mushroom With a new look and power style, Rock Mario makes its sidescrolling debut! Rock Mario is just like normal until you shake your controller, when you roll at a high speed, destroying almost everything in your path!
NSMB2 Fire Mario Fire Mario Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower A classic power-up returns once again! Mario's fireballs can defeat most enemies, damage most bosses and melt ice!
Goomba Mario Goomba Mario Goomnut Goomnut Though Goombas don't appear in the game, they do appear as a Power-up! Mario can headbonk enemies or the ground. When he lands he wiill bounce up and can ground-pound to stop the bounce.
Skunk Mario by MGC Skunk Mario Skunk Leaf Skunk Leaf Mario becomes Skunk Mario with the help of a skunk leaf! Mario now can release stinky gas to make enemies temporarily faint from... behind :P. He now also crawls around but can perform a bounce jump by jumping in midair and using gas as an engine. He has limited gas, though, and when he runs out he returns to Super Mario.
FrogMario Frog Mario Frog Suit MGC Frog Suit Frog Mario makes a hopping reappearance! Mario can now walk normal with it. He can swim like Water Mario and can jump very high but can not perform triple or double jumps.
Mega Mario by MGC Mega Mario IMAGE COMING SOON Mega Mushroom Mega Mario is a temporary power-up that can cause Mario to grow to huge sizes and destroy almost everything in his path! He can not be damaged by enemies, bosses or harmful objects.
Hammer Mario SM3DW Hammer Mario 100px Hammer Suit When Mario puts on a Hammer Suit, he becomes a Hammer Bro.! He can duck to avoid some enemy attacks and throw hammers to defeat enemies.
Tanooki Mario EPIC Tanooki Mario EpicTanooki Tanooki Suit With this suit on, Mario can descend from the air slowly by repeatedly tapping the jump button, tail attack, and best of all, avoid enemy attacks with a statue disguise!
Balloon Mario MGC Balloon Mario P-Balloon MGC P-Balloon Balloon Mario reappears with a new look! Mario can temporarily float slowly wherever he chooses, but when he gets hit, he falls to whatever is below (or not below) him with no control!
Kung Fu Mario Kung Fu Mario Kung Fu Mushroom Kung Fu Mushroom This new Power-up gives Mario advanced skills in Martial Arts! Mario can punch and kick enemies or other objects to get the normal reward of smashing it but also a bonus!
IMAGE COMING SOON Invisible Mario IMAGE COMING SOON Invisibility Starman A power-up from Wario Land 3. Mario is temporarily transparent. MORE INFO COMING SOON
IMAGE COMING SOON Ball o' String Mario IMAGE COMING SOON Gold Yarn A power-up from Wario Land 3. Mario is a ball of yarn. MORE INFO COMING SOON
7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o Invincible Mario StarMarioParty9 Invincibility Starman Another very classic power-up returns! Appearing in all Mario sidescrollers, this rare item gives Mario temporary invincibility.

Combo Power-ups

Sometimes if you have a certain power-up and you get another one you can get a combo power-up, which gives you both or exclusive abilities.

Image Name Power-up Image 1 Power-up Image 2 Description
Fire Bro. Mario MGC Fire Bro. Mario Fire Flower NSMB2 100px Fire Bro. Mario is just like Fire Mario, but Mario can also crouch and dodge some attacks.
Tanooki Mario Statue Rocky Raccoon Mario EpicTanooki RockMushroomSME Mario has all of Tanooki Mario's powers but he is always a statue! He can even move in Statue form.
Karate Goomba Mario Karate Goomba Mario Kung Fu Mushroom Goomnut Mario is has the powers of Goomba Mario and Kung Fu Mario in this form!

Worlds and Levels

Yoshi's Island

This basic world is a great place to get used to the controls. It is filled with Yoshis.

Beta Elements

  • The name was originally New Super Mario World (Wii), but was changed for unknown reasons.
  • It was also going to be for the Wii and downloadable, but was changed to the WiiPad because the Wii's successor, the Wii U, was coming close to release.
  • Finally it was changed for the Wii U rather than the WiiPad for unknown reasons.
  • The Mega Mushroom was originally going to have its coloring from the beta version of New Super Mario Bros., but was changed to its coloration in Mario Party 4.



  • The Water Flower is identical to the Ice Flower from New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy.
  • This was MarioGameChampion (tbc)'s first fan game, but he rewrote it after he created a few so it is considered one of his more recent games.

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