Mario nx somewhat less crappy

Super Mario NX is a 2018 3D platforming adventure game published by Nintendo. It was released on the Nintendo NX on December 24, 2016 to mostly positive reviews. It has four playable characters and up to four players in each level.

Story Mode

At the grand opening of a museum in the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser attacks, stealing a special jewel known as the Toadstool Emerald. He escapes in the Doomship, and it is revealed that when you bring the Toadstool Emerald to the top of Mushroom Mountain, you will gain ultimate power. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi go to stop Bowser, but Wario appears and insists on going with them, as he wants to be recognized as a hero for once. The four of them chase after Bowser and manage to get on board the Doomship. They defeat Bowser, but Kamek appears and flies away with Bowser. They go to the pilot of the Doomship, Captain Koopa, and learn that he is sick of Bowser mistreating him. They convince him to help them out, and he will fly the characters to all the different worlds in the game. At the very end of the game, they will finally reach Mushroom Mountain, where Bowser uses the Toadstool Emerald, transforming into Giga Bowser. After Giga Bowser and Kamek are defeated, the heroes return the Toadstool Emerald to the Mushroom Kingdom Museum, and a parade is held in their honor.

Playable Characters

Name Description Power Flower Transformation


The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He has standard jumping, standard speed, standard strength, and high stamina. When Mario touches the Power Flower, he becomes Fire Mario, and can shoot flames from his hands. With this ability he can fight off enemies, but also melt special red objects, as well as ice.


Mario's cowardly brother. He has high jumping, standard speed, standard strength, and standard stamina. When Luigi touches the Power Flower, he becomes Ghost-Hunter Luigi, obtaining the Poltergust 4000, which allows him to suck up enemies. The Poltergust can also be used to suck up items, and can detect Invisi-Boos, larger Boos who are invisible to the players until they get close enough to them.


Mario and Luigi's greedy cousin. He has standard jumping, standard speed, high strength, and standard stamina. When Wario touches the Power Flower, he becomes Wario Man, allowing him to glide through the air as well as release powerful belches that blow away enemies. The belches can also be used to break glass.


Mario's trusty steed and close ally from Dinosaur Land. He has high jumping, high speed, standard strength, and standard stamina. Whereas the other characters punch enemies to fight, Yoshi can flick out his tongue to eat enemies and spit them out. When Yoshi touches the Power Flower, he becomes Dragon Yoshi, making him giant and giving him large wings. He can flap his wings to temporarily fly before falling back down to the ground, as well as using them to shield himself when he crouches.


Name Effect
Pyromaniac flower

Power Flower

Whenever a certain character touches the Power Flower (which resembles a Fire Flower from most other Mario games), it causes a unique transformation. Mario becomes Fire Mario, Luigi becomes Ghost-Hunter Luigi, Wario becomes Wario Man, and Yoshi becomes Dragon Yoshi.


Temporarily makes whoever touches it invincible, instantly killing any enemy they run into

Crimson Bill

A red Bullet Bill that transforms whoever touches it into a Bullet Bill (which is either red if Mario gets it, green if Luigi gets it, yellow if Wario gets it, or white if Yoshi gets it) that can fly limitlessly at super speed, but if they crash into something in this form they turn back to normal and fall to the ground.



Name Objectives Enemies Boss
Goomba Bog Goombas, Big Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros., Piranha Plants Gigoomba

A giant Goomba with red, glowing eyes and devil horns, as well as a large brown tail. He is encountered underneath the Goomba Palace, and attacks by spitting boulders from his mouth. He is defeated after the player jumps on his head five times. It is difficult, however, as Gigoomba moves super-fast and jumps around constantly.

Thunder Island Lakitu, Spinies, Buzzy Beetles, Koopa Paratroopas, Paragoombas, Bullet Bills Lakithunder

A Lakitu who rides on a thunder cloud with a black shell and black goggles. He throws down lightning bolts, and is encountered inside a cave full of Koopa Paratroopas. The Koopa Paratroopas can be knocked out of their shells, and once you throw ten Koopa shells at Lakithunder, he will be knocked off of his cloud, and scurry away.

Fortress of Fire Koopa Troopas, Fire Bros., Thwomps, Whomps, Dry Bones, Podoboos, Blarggs Boss Blargg

A giant Blargg with yellow eyes and a cartoonish crown, who breathes fire and spawns Podoboos.

Boss Rush Mode


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