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This is an Nico Corporation fan game made by NicoL.
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Super Mario NATES
SMNates boxart
The boxart.
Developer(s) Nico Corporation
Publisher(s) 250px-Nintendo svg
Platform(s) Nintendo NATES
Release Date(s)
Single Player


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included NATES Card

Super Mario NATES is a 3D platformer game for the Nintendo NATES. This game will be released in 2012. Many elements from older games, such as Super Mario Exploit and Super Mario 3D Land.



Image Name Description Special Power-Up
2554998-2676523391-Mario Mario N/A
NewLuigi Luigi N/A

Non-playable Characters

Image Name Description
SM3DL Peach Princess Peach
YoshiSMSJ Yoshi
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth
ToadbertSME Toadbert
ToadBrigadeSME Toad Brigade


Monty Moles



Image Name Description
HeartSMSJ Heart
NSMBWiiCoin Coin

Purple CoinSMWWii

Purple Coin
PowerStarSME Power Star
GreenStarSME Green Star
RedStarSME Red Star
SilverStarSME Silver Star
BronzeStarSME Bronze Star
GrandStarSME Grand Star
YoshiEggNSMBW Yoshi Egg

Power-Up Forms

Item Name Description Result
N/A Small Mario SmallMario3DLand
Super Mushroom SM3DL Super Mario Mario jumping
FireFlowerSM3DL Fire Mario FireMarioOriginal
IceFlowerSME Ice Mario IceMarioSMG3
StarFlip Invincible Mario Starmanmario
SuperLeafFlip Tanooki Mario TanookiMario3D
GoldenSuperLeafSME Invincible Tanooki Mario
FrogSuitSME Frog Mario FrogMario
Boomerang Mario BoomerangMarioSM3DL


Name Description
PowerStarSMSJ Power Star
SuperKeySMSJ Super Key
GrandStarSMSJ Grand Star
SecretStarSMSJ Secret Power Star
SpecialStarSMSJ Special Power Star


Levels are laid out inside a pipe in the garden of the Princess Peach's Castle, or sometimes the walls themselves. They can also be found in holes, gaps, oil pits, and inside a clock. Each world has seven Power Stars. Within each, one of which is gained by finding one hundred coins in the level. The other six Power Stars are found by performing "missions", fighting bosses, winning races, etc. Every course has boundaries to limit the player from going too far, either as a strict wall or an invisible boundary. If Mario hits either, he falls down (quite often losing a life). Otherwise, Mario is free to roam the large expansive levels at his leisure.

Levels often feature pink Bob-ombs called Bob-omb Buddies. They open cannons littered around the levels for Mario to fly with. When the cannon is open, Mario simply falls into the pit where it is, and it raises. The player targets the cannon with a cross hair shot, and fires. This helps Mario reach high or far away areas.

Course Name Unlocked by Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Beetle Town 0PowerStarSMSJ Welcome to the first level! You can find ladybugs and discover ladybug costume ... But do not be fooled by the appearance! Lots of enemies are there! PowerStarSMSJ Fly! Flies pretty ladybug!  ??? Bigbug
PowerStarSMSJ Silver Stars of Beetle Town None
PowerStarSMSJ The Fountain's Trapdoor None
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
Dolphin Beach 1PowerStarSMSJ This level is filled with friendly dolphins! There are also Bob-ombs Buddy who tan in the sun. PowerStarSMSJ???  ??? ???
PowerStarSMSJ??? ??? ???
PowerStarSMSJ??? ??? None
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???

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