Cape MarioSMWWii
Super Mario Moonlight is a game developed by Electro Inc.It is about Mario returning to Isle Delfino for another vacation when Bowsers Doomship shoots them down with the Solar Ion Cannon(S.I.C).Not only does Bowser shoot Mario and co. down,he also crashes into the ocean.Before they lost altitude,Bowser initiated the U.D.B sequence(Underwater Doom Base) and survived the crash.Meanwhile Mario and co. make and emergency landing on Crescent Island.When they leave the plane they find out that the islands power source,the Moon sprites,have scattered across the island.Now Mario,Luigi,Peach and the Toads must find the sprites.While Bowser is sending his Koopalings and Bowser Jr. to stop them Mario,Luigi and Peach are playable.
Wind mario

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