Super Mario Micro is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is a game in the Mario Series and the spiritual sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2. It features a brand new world and brand new characters and power-ups, this time in a microscopic world. It is for the Nintendo Wii.


It was a peaceful day in The Mushroom Kingdom. The Star Festival had recently passed and Mario was back on his planet, along with Yoshi and Luigi. Luigi & Yoshi were out on a walk. Today was the anniversary of when Mario had first saved Princess Peach from Bowser, making it a truly momentous occasion for Mario. Mario was relaxing in his pad when, suddenly, he heard a knock on the door. Mario opened the door to discover Toad, who was holding a letter from Peach. The letter read...

Dear Mario,

Happy Anniversary!

I'll be waiting at the castle with cake.

Love, Peach

After reading the letter, Mario ran outside and towards the castle. Upon arriving at the castle, Mario is greeted by Blue Toad and Yellow Toad, who exclaim happy sounds and then open the door for Mario, who goes into the castle. He was then greeted by Princess Peach, who gave him a kiss on the cheek. Mario blushed and became flustered for a few seconds. A banner was hung up on the wall that said "Happy Anniversary!!!" Mario was admiring the banner until Bowser, in his Koopa Klown Kopter, accompanied by Bowser Jr., crashed through the castle wall. Bowser let out a maniacal laugh and then said "Hello Mario & Peach! I'm baaaack! Even though you took the power of the stars away from me, I have a new ally that you'll be meeting very soon... Princess Peach will be mine, and you'll be too pathetic to do anything about it! Why? You will soon see... Happy Anniversary, Pesky Plumber..." Suddenly, Bowser Jr. took out a huge bazooka-like weapon from his father copter and blasted Mario with it. The ray from the blaster hit Mario. Mario felt himself getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller, until he got to a couple inches tall. Suddenly, he started shrinking even more! As he shrunk and the world around him grew, Bowser laughed again and Mario saw Peach in his copter yelling for help. Mario shrunk even more until he could see atoms around him. Finally, he stopped shrinking and landed on a strange atom-like mass.

No more storyline is known about the game, for it hasn't been released.


More to come...


The Gameplay Looks Similar To Super Mario 64's Gameplay. Power Stars Are Replaced With Princess Peach Cards. Mission Stars Are Replaced By Chao Emeralds. Chaos Emeralds Are Colorless When A Mission Is Incomplete.


W1- Boom Boom

W2- Mummipokey

W3- Porchu-puffer

W4- Big Mr. I

W5- Blue Blob

W6- Petey Piranha

W7- Bowser




World 1- Toad Plains

World 2- Crazy Desert

World 3- Puffer Sea

World 4- Haunted Castle

World 5- Space Chack

World 6- Piranha Mountains

World 7- Bowser's Planet

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