Super Mario Melee
Developer(s) LYON Games
Publisher(s) LYON Games
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E10+ for Violence
Genre(s) Fighting
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Super Mario Melee is a game similar to the Super Smash Bros. games, but only features Mario characters. Super Mario Melee is a WiiWare title for 1500 Wii Points, and was developed and published by LYON Games. The range of attacks has been cut down to three, similar to that of Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. The game consists of 20 playable characters, 12 of which are unlockable.


The game plays like a Super Smash Bros. game - you have to accumulate damage onto your opponent, causing them to weaken, and eventually KOing them. Each player has three attacks, plus a final smash. Attack 2 is often used as a recovery move. Swimming/drowning is adapted from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with water featured in certain courses.


Wii remote is held sideways. Menu controls in italics.

  • 2: Attack 1/Confirm menu selection
  • 1: Attack 2/Execute final smash/Cancel menu selection
  • 2 + 1: Attack 3
  • +: Pause/Confirm menu selection
  • D-pad left or right: Move
  • D-pad up: Jump
  • D-pad down: Crouch


Default Characters

Name Image Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3 Final Smash Description
Mario 286px-Jumping Mario Artwork - New Super Mario Bros. Wii Fireball Super Jump Punch Star Spin

Mario Finale

Mario releases a giant wave of fire

The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Average in all stats.
Luigi 97px-Luigi - Super Mario 64 DS Green Fire Super Jump Punch Green Missile

Poltergust 5000

Luigi uses a giant version of the Poltergust 3000, sucking up all fighters.

Mario's younger brother. Luigi is a little lighter and weaker than Mario.
Peach 425px-PeachMP8Official Pan Smack Parasol Glide Peach Bomber

Peach Blossom

Puts all fighters to sleep on the spot!

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom has this bad habit of getting kidnapped. Not very strong, but can float.
Bowser 478px-Nsmb2 bowser Fire Breath Whirling Fortress Bowser Bomb

Koopa Clown Car

Bowser utilizes his Koopa Clown Car. While inside, he can drop metal balls (2), Mecha-Koopas (1), or bombs (2 + 1)

Mario's archenemy. Quite heavy, but very powerful.
Yoshi 180px-Yoshi Bowling Gulp Egg Toss Chomp Rock

Super Dragon

Yoshi can now fly, spit fire, and cause earthquakes when he hits the ground.

The faithful dinosaur companion of Mario. Can flutter jump, but not too strong.

Wario 181px-NSMBomegaWario Shoulder Ram Corkscrew Wario Waft


Wario dons a suit, and increases his power and speed considerably. Did we mention he's invincible? 

A rival of Mario's. Pretty heavy, but his strength makes up for it.
Donkey Kong DK Universe (1) Giant Punch Spinning Kong Hand Slap

Super Kong

Becomes invincible, with his attack power drastically increased.

This ape was Mario's very first rival. Heavy, but great in power.

Unlockable Characters

Name Image Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3 Final Smash Description
Waluigi 120px Tennis Racquet Whirluigi Bomb Toss

King Bomb

Waluigi tosses a giant Bob-omb (actually King Bob-omb), causing a giant explosion.

A rival of Luigi, and the partner of Wario. A little lighter than Luigi, with very low power.
Bowser Jr. 540px-BowserJrFortuneStreet Fireball Jr. Whirl Shell Toss

Jr. Clown Car

Bowser Jr. operates a smaller version of the Clown Car, in which he can launch homing Bullet Bills (2), drop Mecha-Koopas (1), or drop fire (2 + 1).

Bowser's son. Lighter than Bowser, but not as powerful.
Toad 88px-SM3DL Toad2 Mushroom Toss Headbutt Vegetable

Turnip Rain

Loads of vegetables fall from the sky, inflicting anywhere from 4-20% damage per veggie depending on size.

The subject of Peach is very light, but not very strong.
Diddy Kong
Peanut Popgun Jetpack Banana

Barrel Barrage

Diddy Kong flies through the air, with the ability to rapidly shoot exploding peanuts.

The nephew of Donkey Kong. Light, but average in power.
King Boo 119px-KingBooSME Boo Toss Float Vanish

Bowser Suit

King Boo dons the Bowser Suit from the final battle in Luigi's Mansion. This makes him invincible,and he can shoot giant spiked bombs and fire. 

The king of Boos, who is Luigi's nemesis. He's average in weight and power.
Daisy 86px-Daisy MK7 Tennis Racquet Flower Jump Flower Guard

Crystal Smash

Based off of her special move from Mario Strikers Charged, Daisy causes crystals to come from the ground, inflicting heavy damage and knockback.

The princess of Sarasaland plays like Peach, only a little heavier and a little stronger.
Baby Mario 250px-Baby Mario NSMBDIY Baby Fire Cape Glide Cape Smack

Super Baby Mario

Baby Mario becomes invincible, with his attack power tripling.

The toddler version of Mario, Baby Mario is very fast and light, but not very strong.
Baby Luigi 431px-Baby Luigi NSMBDIY Baby Fire Super Jump Baby Tornado

Baby Thunder

Baby Luigi causes multiple lightning bolts onto the course.

The brother of Baby Mario is lighter, but not as strong.
Birdo 120px Egg Cannon Egg Launch Suction

Shy Guy Storm

Birdo calls upon a wave of Shy Guys, similar to Toad's Turnip Rain move.

Is it a boy or a girl? Birdo is somewhat on the heavy side, and can pack a punch!

Geno 120px Hand Cannon Jet Boost Geno Whirl

Geno Flash

Multiple beams of light come down onto the course, inflicting heavy damage to other fighters.

Geno, a star being in the form of a doll, is powerful, and somewhat light.
Mallow 141px-MallowByJoeAdok Ribbit Stick Cloud Boost Sonic Cymbals

Star Rain

Based on his attack from Super Mario RPG, a giant star comes down, which explodes into little stars, doing heavy damage.

The prince of Nimbus Land, who thought he was a tadpole, is very light. However, he has decent power to back it up.
Petey Piranha 250px-Petey Piranha Sludge Bomb Fly Body Slam

Shadow Goop

Causes goop to fall onto the course, making all players except Petey slip and fall when they try to walk.

The mutated Piranha Plant is very heavy with intense power - however, he can jump three times instead of two.

Unlock Criteria

  • Waluigi: Play 10 matches with Wario
  • Bowser Jr.: Clear 1P Mode with Bowser
  • Toad: Clear 1P Mode with Peach
  • King Boo: Clear 1P Mode with all default characters
  • Daisy: Clear 1P Mode with Luigi
  • Baby Mario: Clear 1P Mode with Yoshi
  • Baby Luigi: Clear 1P Mode with Baby Mario
  • Birdo: Clear 1P Mode
  • Geno: Play 100 matches
  • Mallow: Clear 1P Mode with Geno
  • Petey Piranha: Clear 1P Mode with all other characters


There are 4 downloadable characters for Super Mario Melee currently released. They can be bought for 200 Wii Points per character.

Name Image Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3 Final Smash Description
Fawful Fawful Laser Gun Vacuum Helmet Fawfulcopters

Dark Fawful

Fawful transforms into Dark Fawful, increasing his speed and power drastically.

A villain from the Beanbean Kingdom, often found as comedic. Light, and has power to back it up!
Wiggler Wiggler MK7 Body Slam Flutter Burrow

Giga Carrot

Seen in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Wiggler uproots a giant carrot, which he throws, damaging all fighters.

The worm with some minor anger management issues. Has medium weight, and decent power.
Koopa Troopa 200px-Koopa Troopa NSMB Shell Shield Paratroopa Shell Slide

Koopa Corps

Similar to Birdo's final smash, Koopa summons an army of Koopas and Paratroopas.

One of Bowser's weaker underlings, Koopa Troopa is ready to fight! Koopa is on the light side, but can't pack much of a punch.
Kamek 92px-Kamek Suprised Magic Broomstick Teleport

Toadie Army

Kamek calls in an army of Toadies which will do damage to fighters.

Bowser's most trusted minion, Kamek! Kamek is average in weight, with low power


Default Stages

Name Description
World 1-1 An 8-bit stage featuring bricks, Goombas, and Koopas.
Subcon A stage featuring the waterfall area from W1-1 of Super Mario Bros. 2.
Vanilla Dome A dark stage with lava that will knock out fighters instantly, Buzzy Beetles, and ? blocks.
Bianco Hills A grassy stage with slippery goop. Pretty normal aside from that.
Shroob Castle A castle stage with occasional laser shooting.
Eel Ship As seen in Super Mario 64, the ship on which the giant eel rests. Said eel will attempt to bite if you get too close. There's also water surrounding the ship.
Kero Sewers An area with pipes and water.

Unlockable Stages

Name Description Unlock Criteria
Bowser Castle An 8-bit stage with lava, and the occasional Hammer Bro. Play as Bowser 10 times.
Palace of Shadow The area in which the final boss of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is fought. The room sometimes goes dark, and there are also Dry Bones occasionally. Clear Classic with 5 different characters.
Luigi's Mansion Ripped directly from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Luigi's Mansion can be broken down, and there are also platforms on the edges of the stage that move up and down. Play as Luigi and King Boo 10 times.
Mario Bros. Like Luigi's Mansion, this stage comes from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Spinies, Crabs and Fighter Flies come out of the pipes on the stage. There is also a POW Block on the stage. Play as Mario 20 times.
Doomship One of Bowser's airships. This stage has Rocky Wrenches on it, along with constantly shot Bullet Bills and cannonballs. Every now and then, a Banzai Bill appears. Play all the default stages in VS. Mode.


  • Mushroom: Heals 50% of damage
  • Life Mushroom: Heals 100% of damage
  • Mega Mushroom: Makes players giant
  • Fire Flower: Allows players to shoot fire
  • Freezie: Can be thrown to freeze others
  • Starman: Makes the player invincible
  • Mini Mushroom: Makes the player small
  • Shells (Green, Red, Spiny): Slides along the ground, homing in depending on color
  • Bob-omb: Explodes upon contact with anything
  • Assist Trophy: Releases one of the partners from Paper Mario
  • Frog Suit: Allows a player to swim briefly
  • Kuribo's Shoe: Allows a player to hop around, causing earthquakes when they land, and damage when they land on other players
  • Metal Cap: Turns a player metal, making them damage resistant and knockback resistant
  • Carrot: Allows a player to jump higher and descend slowly
  • Golden Mushroom: Heals all damage
  • Smash Ball: Allows a player to use their final smash


VS. Mode

VS. Mode is the standard mode for Super Mario Melee. 1-4 players can join a match, which can be free-for-all or team play. The amount of players in a match can be from 2 to 4. CPUs have 4 different levels of difficulty - Easy, Normal, Hard, or Extreme. VS. Mode can also be played online.

Time Match

Time Match is one of two styles of matches in VS. Mode. In Time Match, the players compete to get the most KOs throughout a set amount of time. If there is a tie after time runs out, an untimed stock match is played - whoever is KOed first loses.

Stock Match

Stock Match is the other style of match. In Stock Match, players have a set amount of lives. When one player is left standing, the match ends and that player wins.

1P Mode

Commonly recognized as Classic mode from Super Smash Bros. Melee, Brawl, and Ultimate Fight, Super Mario Melee takes the title from the original Super Smash Bros. - 1P Mode. In 1P Mode, 10 stages are played through. 8 of them are random fighters (if no players have been unlocked, the human player will fight a pallet swap of themselves in one of the matches), 1 is a bonus stage (Board the Platforms, also from Super Smash Bros.), and 1 is the boss, Giga Bowser (from Super Smash Bros. Melee). Giga Bowser is a clone of Bowser, with much more powerful attacks. The player can choose from one of the four difficulty levels, and has 3 lives to complete all 10 levels.

All-Star Mode

The player must fight all of the characters, only unlocked after all fighters have been. The player can choose difficulty, but only has one life to complete all 20 stages. Damage accumulates over fights, and can be healed by the three Golden Mushrooms in the rest area.


This mode is self-explanatory - its a tournament. The amount of contenders can be 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 32. Unlike VS. Mode, more than four people can play, as all matches aren't at the same time. Battles can be stock or time matches.


A demo for the game was released. The game only featured the 7 default stages, the stages World 1-1, Subcon, and Vanilla Dome. Only VS. Mode (Stock match only) is available for playing.


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