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SuperMarioMazeUS Box Real
American Boxart of Super Mario Maze
Developer(s) GamelineLogo
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Publisher(s) 830px-250px-Nintendo svg
Platform(s) Game Boy
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan February 23, 1990
25px-Flag of USA April 15, 1990
25px-Flag of Europe March 19, 1990
25px-Flag of Australia 23 July 1990
1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Platform
Media Included Game Boy cartridge

Super Mario Maze (スーパーマリオの迷路, Sūpāmario no meiro, in Japan) is a Mario platform game released for the Game Boy system in 1990 and later to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in 2011.

In this game, Mario can't jump, but can punch pressing A. He will be faster while B is hold. The game contains 75 levels, with the objective of take a Key to a Keyhole in the different levels. At the last level, the player will found Bowser and will fight him. The level's items' places are chosen randomly, therefore, Coins, Game boys, Fire Flowers or Stars can be anywhere.

Fire Flowers and Stars will appear in this game with the same functions as other games. The game will have an new item, that there's one per level, the Game Boy. Koopa Shells are here and they have the function of knock enemies and break Blocks. These items will be under Brick Blocks.

In game, different enemies will appear and attack Mario or just walk, waiting for him. The player can punch the biggest part of the enemies (he can't punch enemies made of lava or ice) to defeat them, with fireballs, a Koopa Shell or being invincible. There's also invincible enemies, such as Piranha Plants.


D-Pad: Move
A Button: Punch
B Button: Run
Pause Button: Pause


Goomba: Walk from one side to other.
Koopa Troopa: If punched, will hide in its shell. They will disappear only when the shell gets off-screen or is punched again.
Thwomp: They try to squash who's near them.
Piranha Plant: They will block the way sometimes.
Fire: Walk from a side to other, similar to Goombas, but can't be defeated.
Shy Guy: They will follow Mario.
Snifit: Appearing in the last levels, they will spit balls to attack Mario.
Bill Blaster: They are located at the edge of some levels.
Bullet Bill: Fired by Bill Blasters, they run horizontally until the other edge of the level.
Firebar: Bars made of fireballs.


Sprite Item Description
CoinSMMaze Coin A simple coin. Grants 100 points and a 1-Up if 100 of them are collected.
FireFlowerSMMaze Fire Flower Grants 1000 points. With it, Mario can throw fireballs.
Brick BlockSMMaze Brick Block Brick Blocks contain items and can be smashed with pounds. Also, with Koopa Shells.
GameBoySMMaze Game Boy One per level. Grant 5000 points.
KeySMMaze Key It's needed to clear a level. It should be insert in a Keyhole.
KeyholeSMMaze Keyhole If a key is insert here, the level will be clear.




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