Super Mario Maker Pro is a spinoff of the Mario maker franchise released for the JoyCon and Nintendo NX in 2020. It adds many features to the original mechanics of building Mario levels and sharing them online.

New Features

  • 4-player multiplayer- Creators decide how many players are allowed in a level (4 being the limit). The player can play these levels with online multiplayer with friends. They can be played cooperatively or in Coin Battle mode.
  • New Theme- Super Mario Bros. 2
  • New items including slopes, 30 new enemies (some new to the game!) and more!
  • Powerups from EVERY game can be used in any theme!
  • New level types include Ice, Desert, Lava and Cloud!
  • 100 levels made by nintendo and JoyCon themselves come with the game!
  • Players can play with their mobile device as their second screen!


The game was praised as a great improvement on the original game.

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