Super Mario Maker Epsilon
Developer(s) McGean Epsilon Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Age Rating(s)
Super Mario Maker Epsilon (or in game, Super Mario Maker ε), is a game collaboration between Nintendo and McGean Epsilon Games for the Nintendo Switch console. It's biggest new feature is the Maker's Wrench, replacing shaking enemies or other elements. Selecting an enemy or object with a maker's wrench allows you to select what type of enemy or object it is. For example, selecting a Koopa will allow you to choose whether it has a Green, Red, Blue, or Yellow shell, as well as whether it is a Beach Koopa, or just a shell, and toggle whether or not it can be ejected from it's shell.

Another notable change in feature is a Maker's Map, obtained through the playing portion of a Game Making Competition (more on these later).

New Features Edit

SMME has some new and returning options for what to do to an element if tapped, or to make certain elements.

  • Mario Glove: Allows Mario to drag and create elements
  • Maker's Wrench: Replaces shaking and creates a small menu to customize elements
  • Paint Bucket: Allows the maker to change the appearance of some objects
  • Liquid Bucket (day 2): allows the user to make liquids suchas water, lava, quicksand, etc.
    • Water (day 3)
    • Quicksand (day 2)
    • Poison Bog (day 5)
    • Lava (day 8)
    • Geysers (day 7, any liquid)
    • Black Hole (Day 8)
  • Block Axe: Makes ground slopes and can change the form of ? Blocks
  • Eraser: Erases elements
  • SFX Frog: Switch between elements and Sound FX
  • Undodog: undos last action
  • Bob-omb: Deletes Course

Bold = also applies to Sound Effects

Pre-Title Screen Animation Edit

Day Animation
Monday A Pipe appears under Maker Mario and he enters it
Tuesday 2 donut blocks appear under Maker Mario and fall
Wednesday A Fishin' Lakitu takes Maker Mario off the screen
Thursday Maker Luigi replaces Maker Mario, and his voice can be heard saying "Luigi Time"
Friday A Fire Bro. hits Maker Mario with a fireball, and "Friday" is replaced with "Fryday"
Saturday Maker Mario is crushed by a Thwomp, similarly to the previous game.
Sunday Maker Mario is stomped by Maker Bowser, and two goombas change it to the title screen
Halloween A Boo sneaks up on Maker Mario, and makes him disappear
Thanksgiving A turkey gradually pecks Maker

Title Screen Edit

Like in it's preceeder, Super Mario Maker, SMMε has a different result from taping each letter

Letter Result
Super Mushroom, as well as a group of people yelling "Super Mario Maker EPSILON"
M The M becomes a W, a reference to both Wario, and the previous game, as it did the same thing. Will give you a mystery mushroom giving you a Wario costume
A The A will flip as if in Super Paper Mario, disappearing, and soon flips back.
R The R flips, and acts as a P-switch
I The I hits the ground, killing all enemies nearby
O The O becomes a portal to a Switch Palace
M The M shoots a Maker's Wrench into the air, acting similarly to a Maker Mario Mystery Mushroom.
A The A fills the title with paper Bob-ombs, which peel off.
K A blue shell comes out of the K.
E The E turns into an Epsilon (ε) for a second, and paint comes out of it
R Undodog growls, then Barks
ε The Epsilon explodes into confetti, and creates a Super Star in a Koopa Clown Car.

Course Level Styles and Course Game Styles Edit

Course Level Styles are the style of the course itself, such as Overworld, Cave, Water, etc. and Course Game styles are the game the course would be played in, such as Super Mario Bros.

Game Styles Edit

Name Picture Day
Super Mario Bros 1
Super Mario Bros 2 2
Super Mario Bros 3 2
Super Mario World 6
Super Mario All-Stars 8
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins 4
Super Mario 64 6
NEW Super Mario Bros 4
Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story 5
Super Paper Mario 1
Super Mario Galaxy 2 7
NEW Super Mario Bros Wii 4
NEWER Super Mario Bros Wii 3
Super Mario 3D Land 2
New Super Mario Bros 2 2
NEW Super Mario Bros U 5
Mario & Luigi Dream Team 7
Super Mario 3D World 6
NEW Super Mario Bros Switch


Super Mario Odyssey 8

All game styles are converted to a 2D platformer if they are not already. Some mechanics are altered to fit other ones, but other effects are retained. Other effects are altered

The "Day" box is the day you get the style in. The 9-day system is sightly different, as they are all themed by worlds, and there are 8 days. (the themes of the worlds are based on the ones in NSMBW; grass, desert, water, ice, mountain, sky, and lava.)

Level Styles Edit

Main Article: Super Mario Maker Epsilon/Styles

Name Picture Day Alternate Versions
Plains 1 Night Plains, Autumn Plains, Watery Plains
Cave 6 Volcanic Cave, Sewers, Desert Cave, Ice Cave, Water Cave
Sky 7 Athletic, Space
Desert 2 Quicksand Desert
Island 4 Desert Island
Underwater 4 Sunken Ship
Snowy Plains 3 Freezeflame Glacier Area
Jungle 5 Haunted Jungle
Mountain 6 Chocolate Mountain
Airship 7 Airship Tanks, Boat
Ghost House 5 Haunted Shipwreck
Volcano 8 Dark Land, Freezeflame Volcano Area
Castle 8 Underwater Castle, Final Castle, Fortress
Bonus Area 8 Switch palace, Coin Heaven

Course Elements Edit

Day #1 Edit

Element Availability Day Picture How to use
Coin All 1 Normal
Star Coin,

Dragon Coin,

Green Star

Dragon Coin: SMW, Green Star: SM3DW, and Star coin for all others 2 Maker's Wrench on Coin
Red Coin, Blue Coin, and Green Star Coin/Green Coin All, Green Star Coin available only in SM3DW in which it replaces a Green Coin 2 Sync a Coin to a Red Ring, P-Switch, or Green Ring/Star ring respectively, by dragging it to the object
Pink Coin All 8 Maker's Wrench on Coin
Super Mushroom All 1 Normal
Mini Mushroom All 1 Maker's Wrench on Super Mushroom
Mega Mushroom All 1 Maker's Wrench on Super Mushroom
? Block All 1 Normal, block ax for other forms.
Used Block All 1 Maker's Wrench on ? Block. In game, hitting a ? Block turns it into a used block. block ax for other forms
Brick Blocks All 1 Normal, block ax for other forms
Rotating Blocks All 6 Maker's Wrench on Brick Block
Ground All 1 Normal, Paint Bucket for other forms, block ax to slope
Stone Block All 1 Normal
Wings All 1 Normal
Spikes All 1 Normal
Spike Trap All 1 Maker's Wrench on Spikes
Goomba (can be brown, blue, grey, or green) All 1 Normal (paint bucket for other forms)
Galoomba SMW, SM3DW & SPM 6 Use Maker's Wrench on Goomba in the styles in which it is available
Goombrat all but SMW, SM3DW & SPM 5 Use Maker's Wrench on Goomba in the styles in which it is available
Koopa Troopa (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow/Gold, Orange, Purple) All 1 Normal (Paint Bucket for other colors)
Shell (Green, Red, Yellow/Gold, Orange, Purple) All 1 Maker's Wrench on Koopa Troopa
Special Blue Koopa Shell All except for SML2:6GC 1 Maker's Wrench on Koopa Troopa
Beach Koopa (all Koopa Troopa Colors) All 1 Maker's Wrench on Koopa Troopa
Shy Guy (red, blue, and green) All 1 Normal
Piranha Plant All 1 Normal (Maker's Wrench to make a Fire or Ice Piranha Plant)
Rolling Hill All 1 Normal, diameter adjustable. Maker's Wrench to adjust speed. Paint Bucket to change looks
Yoshi (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Rainbow) All 1 Normal, (Paint Bucket for other colors)
Goomba Shoe All except for snowy themes, where they are Goomba Skates 1 Normal
Pipe (Green, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple-Red, Purple, Orange, White, Grey, Black, Brown) All 1 Normal (Paint Bucket for other colors)
Biddybud (Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red) All 1 Normal (Paint Bucket for other colors)
Semi-Solid Platform All 1 Normal (paint bucket for other forms)
Arrow All 1 Normal (tap to change directions)
Goomboss All 1 Boss
Boom Boom All 1 Boss, Maker's Wrench to turn into Pom Pom, who giving a Shuriken flower causes her to throw shurikens and make clones.
Larry Koopa All 1 Boss

Day #2 Edit

Element Availability Day Picture How to Use
Pokey All 2 Normal, paint bucket to make green.
Snow Pokey All, but only in snowy plains 3 Normal
Trampoline All 2 Normal (block axe to turn sideways)
Spiny All 2 Normal
Spike Top All 2 Add Spikes to a Spiny
Red Ring All 2 Normal
Gold Ring All 2 Maker's Wrench on Red Ring
P-Switch All 2 Normal
?-Switch All 2 Paint Bucket on P-Switch
! Switch All 2 Paint Bucket on P-Switch
Angry Sun All 2 Normal
Fire Flower All 2 Normal
Ice Flower All 3 Maker's Wrench on Fire Flower
Hammer Flower/Suit All 2 Maker's Wrench on Fire Flower
Boomerang Flower All 2 Maker's Wrench on Fire Flower
Thunder Flower All 2 Maker's Wrench on Fire Flower
Shuriken Flower All
Hammer Bro All 2 Normal
Boomerang, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Goomba, Spiny, Bill, Wrench, Shuriken, Bone/Dry, Ball, Ring Sis, Bomb, Sand, Sumo and Ink Bro. All 2-5 Paint Bucket on Hammer Bro. The Hammer Bro. can also be given certain powerups to make him a different type of "Bro."
Larger Version of the Bro. All 2-5 Super Mushroom added to any form of hammer bro.
Mystery Mushroom (default costumes: Red Goomba, ? Block, Trampoline, Maker Mario, PipMcGee, and Shellcreeper) SMB, SMB3, SMW, and NSMBU 2 Place Amiibo. Or same as SMM1. Replaced by vegetables in other styles.
Platform All 2 Normal
Warp Portal
Mummipokey All 2 Boss
Birdo All 2 Boss
Wart All but M&L:BIS, M&L:DT, and SPM 2 Boss
Fawful Mario & Luigi Styles 2 Boss
Dimentio Super Paper Mario 2 Boss
Roy Koopa All 2 Boss
Bowser Koopa Jr. All 2 Boss (maker's wrench to make dry)

Day 3 Edit

Element Availability Day Picture How to Use
Ice Block All 3 Normal
Cooligan All 3 Normal
Spike All 3 Normal
Stone Spike All 3 Maker's Wrench on Spike
Snow Spike All 3 Maker's Wrench on Spike
Falling Icicle All 3 Normal (size adjustable)
Bob-omb All 3 Normal (clock axe to make lit)
Bully All 3 Normal
Thwomp All 3 Normal
Whomp All 3 Maker's Wrench on Thwomp
Screwer All 3 Normal, can be changed to face up, down, left, right, or the screen.
Super Leaf All 3 Normal
Cape Feather All 8 Paint Bucket on Super Leaf
Bullet Bill All 3 Normal
Bullseye Bill All 3 Paint Bucket on Bullet Bill.
Lemmy Koopa All 3 Boss
King Bob-omb All 3 Boss

Day 4 Edit

Element Availability Day Picture How to Use
Penguin Suit All after SMB3 4 Normal
Frog Suit SMB3 and before 4 Normal
Cheep Cheep All 4 Normal
Text Block All 4 Normal
Red Text Block All 4 Normal