Fanon DLC for Super Mario Maker, this page lists all of the fanon DLC ideas for Super Mario Maker. These will all be free and listed by update.




Update 1.6 Info:

  • Adds slopes. These are created by shaking the ground tool and then lining ground tiles in a diagonal pattern.
  • Unlocks are now every 30 minutes spent in the level editor as opposed to before. The old method still works but you are now guaranteed unlocks.
  • You can now place Goombas in Brick Blocks, creating Pile Driver Micro-Goombas. This works in all styles.
  • You can now change the background music to three different variations for every style's theme.
  • Shaking Yoshi will change him into a Kuribo Shoe for the Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U styles.
  • Shaking Goombas makes Galoombas in the Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 3, and New Super Mario Bros. U styles.
  • Shaking Galoombas in the Super Mario World style makes them Goombas.
  • "Automatic" levels no longer show up in the 100 Mario Challenge.



Update 1.7 Info:

  • New desert theme for all styles.
  • Added Spike enemies. These enemies toss spiked balls at Mario, although they stay in the same place and can be stomped. Shaking them turns them into Stone Spikes. Unlike normal Spikes, Stone Spikes can only throw their spiked balls downwards.
    • Putting a Spike into a Latiku just makes them throw the Spiked Balls as opposed to Spikes.
    • Same goes for Bullet Bill Cannons.
  • Quicksand added for all styles. Shaking it turns it into a Quicksand Spout, which shoots upwards.
  • Shaking a Fire Flower now turns it into a Ice Flower.
  • Smaller enemies, coins, and power-ups can now be put inside Ice Blocks that can only be melted by Fire Balls.
  • New row for creation tools added, with the row consisting of Spike and Quicksand for now.



Update 1.8 Info:

  • Colored ground blocks added. There are more than 20 colors to choose from and they only work for the Super Mario Bros style. To access the colors, shake the ground block to access the color grid.
  • Bowser can now use the Luigi/Skinny Mushroom. This makes his jumps higher and his flames thinner with a green color.
  • You can now place Message Blocks in levels, with each block allowing for a 100 character message. This block is added to the row introduced in 1.7.
  • Giving a Goomba a Raccoon Leaf will make it sprout a tail and allow it to make short jumps across caverns if it sees Mario.
  • When in the Underwater theme, Bullet Bill Cannons can be shaken a third time to create Torpedo Teds. These work basically the same as Bullet Bills on land in water.
  • When in the Underwater theme, Piranha Plants can be shaken a third time to create a Lava Lotus. They are capable of creating and storing lava balls under their transparent leaves and attack by opening up to release them. The fireballs can go through platforms and make navigating underwater difficult. The number they shoot out is random and can be up to five at a time.
  • Fishbones now are correctly seen in the Underwater theme when editing. Prior, they displayed as Dry Bones.