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Super Mario Maker Advanced
SMMAdvanced Logo
Developer(s) ThePowerPlayer
Publisher(s) NintendoLogo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Platformer, D.I.Y. Game
Series Super Mario
Predecessor Super Mario Maker
If you can imagine it, you can create it.
William Arthur Ward; tagline of Super Mario Maker Advanced

Super Mario Maker Advanced is the sequel to Super Mario Maker for the Wii U. The game is played on the Nintendo 3DS. Like its predecessor, the game revolves around creating Super Mario levels and sharing them to the community, but the main attraction introduced in Super Mario Maker Advanced is the addition of the Course Catalog, a guide detailing every possible element in the game. Other new features in this game include multiple playable characters, new course design elements and features, and the ability to create worlds and put your levels in them, then release them as small "games" to play; a bigger challenge than individual levels. This was demonstrated using a promotional poster made for the game. 

Loading Animations

Every day, a short animation will play while the game is loading.

Day Event
Monday A big Chain Chomp knocks Builder Mario offscreen.
Tuesday A UFO abducts Builder Mario.
Wednesday A Bob-Omb walks towards Builder Mario and stops near him. Shortly after, the Bob-Omb explodes, destroying Builder Mario.
Thursday A paintball gun targets Builder Mario, then repeatedly shoots him, which makes a mess with paint until Builder Mario eventually drops to the bottom of the screen.
Friday A Warp Pipe sucks Builder Mario up as if it were a vacuum.
Saturday A small airship takes Builder Mario and flies off with him.
Sunday Foreman Spike hits Builder Mario with his hammer, which squishes Builder Mario. Foreman Spike then walks off and text saying "Happy Sunday" is displayed.

Title Screen

When the title screen is displayed, a sample level is available for Mario or other characters to explore. Tapping on the screen will summon a random enemy, and dragging the Nintendo 3DS stylus around the screen will generate a stream of magic similar to a Magikoopa's. When a character completes a level, another level will appear in its place. When a character loses a life, however, the level does not change until completed.

Title Letters

Tapping the letters on the title screen make strange things happen depending on which letter you tap.


Creation Studio

The Creation Studio is where Super Mario courses, worlds, music, and pictures are made, or as said by the main developer, "where all the magic happens." Anything made in the Creation Studio or downloaded from online play will be transferred to the Creation Showcase.

Course Maker

The Course Maker, the main feature of Super Mario Maker Advanced, lets players make their own Super Mario levels by simply dragging and dropping elements from the palette at the top of the screen, which has a drop-down feature that enables players to see every element they have unlocked. By dragging the stylus across the screen, nearly any element can be generated in bulk, including tiles, enemies, and items rather than in the first game, where only a few tiles were available to generate this way. When ground tiles are generated, scenery no longer appears, because it can be used as a separate element. The clapper in the lower-left corner of the screen is an easy way to, when tapped, switch between "play" mode and "edit" mode.

"Play" mode has the course designer play through their level. There are two features unavailable in actual level gameplay; Mario or other characters are invincible for a short time at the start of "play" mode, and the stylus can be used to drag the character to another part of the level. If the player completes the level or loses a life, the mode is automatically switched to "edit" mode.

At the bottom-right of the screen, there is an option to undo the previous action taken (an icon of Undo Dog) and an option to reset the course entirely (an icon of a rocket). To the right side of the screen is an eraser tool with an eraser icon, an icon which lets you enter the Creation Showcase, and multiple new icons. The first is an icon with a stylus on it, and is used to select the brush size (a bigger brush size means more tiles are put down when the screen is tapped); however, this only works for tiles. The second is a paintbrush icon that, when selected, allows the player to paint certain elements to make them a different color, and the last two are used to enter multi-grab mode (used for selecting multiple elements at once) and copy mode (used for copying elements), respectively.

The left side of the screen has drop-down menus. One of them lets the player pick the course's theme, such as a ground or underground world, and the other selects the level's style, such as Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros. 3. There is also an icon which lets the player review the tutorial, and when unlocked, a Soundfrog icon, which enables sounds to be added to the course. The player can even record a sound of their own. Unlike the previous game in the series, Super Mario Maker Advanced allows for saving of up to one hundred sounds, which can be used in another course later, although only one sound can be recorded at a time.

When a course is finished, it can be uploaded to the World Showcase, provided it is beaten by the player.



The palette is a menu where elements selected can be placed in a level by dragging and dropping them from the palette to the level. When elements are dragged around the level, they can be shaken to place another element, usually similar to the other one. In the menu, elements can easily be sorted by ID number, alphabetical order, or element type.

The player starts with only a small amount of elements, but he or she can earn new ones by completing the first segment of the Course Maker's tutorial, and afterwards, by using the Course Maker frequently. After completing the first part of the tutorial, every sixty minutes that the Course Maker is used, a delivery truck arrives and brings you new elements and features.


Course Catalog

Course Features

Playable Characters

Unlike Super Mario Maker, the sequel has multiple playable characters. Mystery Mushrooms will work with any character; they will also keep their gameplay attributes (high jump, speed, etc). One character is unlocked at the very start, and three are unlocked by spending time in the Course Maker; the other seven characters are unlocked by miscellaneous means.

Image Info
Small Mario
Mario is the perfectly balanced character, not lacking anything but not excelling in anything, either. This makes him a good choice for newcomers to the Mario franchise.
NES Luigi
Luigi is Mario's brother. He can jump the highest out of any character, but he moves quite slippery, as if the ground were covered by a thin sheet of ice.
SMM SmallPeach
Peach, the original damsel in distress, can float in the air for a while when she jumps. She has a fairly slow running speed, though.
SMM SmallToad
Toad, the Mushroom Retainer, can't jump very high. To make up for this, he is the fastest character in the game.
Wario is the slowest character in the game. While running, however, his brute strength allows him to take out small enemies such as Goombas, and he can destroy Hard Blocks as well as Brick Blocks by hitting them from below.

Unlocked by playing the game (not just using the Normal or Advanced Course Maker) for 5 hours or more.

Waluigi is able to jumps high (although not as high as Luigi) and can flutter in the air for a short time. However, he is one of the slower characters.

Unlocked by unlocking every element and special feature in the Course Maker.

SMMA SmallDaisy
Daisy is unable to float like Peach, but can double jump in exchange, making her the second-highest jumper. She is also slightly faster than average.

Unlocked by playing 125 levels or more in Course World.

SMMA SmallRosalina
Rosalina may jump fairly low and be the second-slowest character, but this is made up for with her ability to double jump while using a spin attack at the same time. While she spins, she's able to defeat or reflect hazards.

Unlocked by discovering every single element in the Course Catalog.

SMMA Toadette
Toadette cannot use Mushrooms (meaning that losing nearly any other power-up will revert her back to her small form), but she has great stats, being the second-fastest runner and the third-highest jumper.

Unlocked by using the previous eight characters at least five times each.

SMMA SmallSonia
Sonia is a young girl who has recently joined Mario and friends on their adventures. She has stats a little below average, but she also has the ability to enter a brief state of invincibility. However, this ability will only last for ten seconds and has a twenty-five-second cooldown after use to prevent spam.

Unlocked by unlocking every other character and completing the developer level Champion's Road.

Game Styles

Course Styles

World Maker

Once the player has created at least one dungeon level and one level of another theme, they will unlock the option to create a world, which consists of multiple levels that are completed in a certain order to unlock the dungeon level, which completes the world upon beating it. The player can design their own overworld using the same drag-and-drop system as the Course Maker. Multiple worlds can be combined to create an Adventure. Both Worlds and Adventures can still be uploaded to the World Showcase.

Below is a list of elements that can be used in the World Maker.


Music Maker

Paint Studio

Creation Showcase

World Showcase

The World Showcase is the designated place for sharing anything built in the Creation Studio with the rest of the Super Mario community. Part of the World Showcase includes Course World.


Beta Content

There was originally going to be an Advanced Course Maker, but the idea was scrapped due to there not being much of a difference between the two modes; however, the main feature of the Advanced Course Maker (the Course Catalog) was integrated into the original Course Maker. The Creation Studio would have allowed players to make their own adventures by using multiple worlds (this was scrapped because an adventure would take much too long to create and complete) and have a comic and minigame creator (scrapped because these features would be too similar to WarioWare D.I.Y., and because the developers didn't want the game to grow into an all-around creator, rather than a Super Mario course maker with added features to the game, which is the intended goal). There also would've been a Gnat Attack level maker, but this was scrapped due to disinterest of the idea.


  • Foreman Spike is used as a side character, rather than just a Mystery Mushroom costume, because he was Mario's enemy in the game Wrecking Crew. Builder Mario wears nearly the same attire as Wrecking Mario, and Wrecking Mario's job is to destroy buildings, while Builder Mario seemingly helps to create Super Mario courses, meaning that Mario might have quit his demolition job in favor of course creation. This means that Wrecking Crew possibly has a strong affiliation with Super Mario Maker, and its sequel.
  • The World Showcase's name is a reference to the real-life World Showcase, in Epcot.

Staff Credits

Main Developer

  • ThePowerPlayer


  • Nintendo (Mario, Luigi, Undodog, Yamamura, Mary O., most enemies and other elements)
  • ThePowerPlayer (Sonia)
  • Mario Fan Games Galaxy users
    • Almnich (Wario, Waluigi)
    • AwesomeZack (Peach, Toad, Daisy, Rosalina)
    • Gamermakerguy (Toadette)
  • Miscellaneous graphics created by ThePowerPlayer and Nintendo

This is a fan project. ThePowerPlayer is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or any of its subsidiaries.

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