Super Mario Mages, is an entirely new spin-off series in the Mario series for the Nintendo 3DS. The game uses Mario characters, casting spells and using potions against eachother in tournaments or duels for fun. The game involves a story and lots of spells;

Super Mario Mages
Developer(s) Hammers R Us Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
See Modes
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Duel
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge


The gameplay is somewhat similar to Doodle Hex in form of dueling with magic. Players will fight it out in a stage on the top screen, while the person using the 3DS will be drawing signs to cast spells on the bottom screen. The aim of the game is to defeat opponents by getting there Health Points bar down to nothing. To do this you must cast lots of different spells and make combo attacks. Players in story mode will travel Mushroom Kingdom areas and seek rivals or shops to buy spells! Spells include the Ink Squirt Spell, Bob-Omb Blast Spell, Green Shell Shot Spell and lots more! There are also Fused Spells which are forming two spells into a completely new one, such as if putting the Bob-Omb Blast spell with the Ink Squirt spell you would get the Inksplosion Spell, these moves are very special because you must find a Mage who can fuuse spells, you will also get a sign to draw to cast the spell. Toadsworth, also manages a shop, where you can buy potions, these potions being bought then can be used at any time in battle even when used once! Unlike the Doodle Hex game, this game lacks the pets, but brings a new mode of Team Duel and Tag Duel where players will work in teams.


There are a variety of modes in Super Mario Mages;

  • Story Mode
  • Tournament Mode
  • Duel Mode
    • Normal Duel (1 Player and up to 3 Computers)
    • Deluxe Dule (1 Player and 4-7 Computers)
    • Tag Duel (1 Player and 3, 5 or 7 Computers)
    • Team Duel (1 Player and 7 Computers)
  • Online Mode
  • Mission Mode
  • Options Mode

Story Mode

Playable Mages

There are 36 playable Mario characters in Super Mario Mages, some being default and some being unlockable;


These catergories are used to make certain characters have advantages and disadvantages;

  • All-Around: All-Around mages preform well in every stat, but the disadvantage is that they don't have one brilliant stat.
  • Technique: Technique mages are good at drawing their spells perfectly and try their best to preform them as good as the character can, they lack defence though.
  • Power: Power mages spells can be very powerful and can take do a lot of damage, they're quite defensive too, their disadvantage is that they take a while to preform spells fastly.
  • Speedy: Speedy mages are good at preforming their spells very fastly, their disadvantage is that their attacks aren't very powerful and don't do much damage as normal.
  • Defence: Defence mages are good at defending themselves from alot of attacks and don't take much damage, their disadvantage is that they lack technique.
  • Tricky: Tricky mages are very good at preforming hard to draw spells, but the disadvantage is that these spells are very hard to pull off!

Default Characters

There are 8 out of 36 of the roster availible from the start;

Character Description Mage Type Special Spell
MarioMKW All-Around Mage Fire Finale Spell
LuigiMKW All-Around Mage Poltergust 3000 Spell
PeachMKW Technique Mage Goodnight Kiss Spell
Yoshi-MKWii-Icon Speedy Mage Flutter Rainbow Spell
ToadMKW Speedy Mage Mushroom Defence Shields Spell
WarioMKW Power Mage Garlic Stinkbomb Spell
WaluigiMKW Defence Mage Waluiwhirlpool Spell
DonkeyKongMKW Power Mage Konga Earthquake Spell

Unlockable Characters

Character Description Mage Type Special Spell
DaisyMKW All-Around Mage Flower Petals Spell
BirdoMKW All-Around Mage Broken Egg Hearts Spell
ToadetteMKWIIMug Speedy Mage 'Shrooms in Bloom Spell
DiddyKongMKW Speedy Mage Raining Peanuts Spell
BowserMKW Power Mage Banzai Bill Summon Spell
Bowser Jr MK Wii icon Tricky Mage Graffiti Splatter Spell
BabyMarioMKW Speedy Mage Baby Bubble Mayhem Spell
BabyLuigiMKW Defence Mage Mouser Summon Spell
BabyPeachMKW Tircky Mage 3-Point Crown Spell
BabyDaisyMKW All-Around Mage Moo Moo Barn Cattle Run Spell
KoopaTroopa-MKWii-Icon Speedy Mage Giant Shell Summon Spell
Koopa Paratroopa Technique Mage Energy Ball Spell
ShyGuyRed-CSS2-MSS Technique Mage Lightning Bolt Throw Spell
FlyGuyRed-CSS2-MSS Technique Mage Thunder Whirl Spell
BooMKW Tricky Mage Thriller Spell
KingBooMKW Defence Mage Phantom Spell
MK Wii Dry Bones icon Defence Mage Scattered Bones Repair Spell
MK Wii Dry Bowser Defence Mage Bone Barrier Spell
Petey-MKWii-Icon Tricky Mage Polluted Piranha Summon Spell
WigglerCSS Defence Mage Angry Forcefield Spell
RosalinaMKW Technique Mage Star Forcefield Spell
Lubba Tricky Mage Star Bit Comet Summon Spell
MK Wii Funky Kong icon Power Mage Surfs Up Spell
DixieKong1-CSS2-MSS Technique Mage Giant Banana Forcefield Spell
Boom Boom Power Mage Shell Spin Forcefield Spell
HammerBro-MKWii-Icon Power Mage Hammer, Fire, Ice and Boomerang Spell
MagikoopaBlue-CSS2-MSS All-Around Mage Bookshelf Forcefield Summon Spell
Toadsworth-CSS2-MSS Tricky Mage Fungus Poison 'Shroom Tomb

Unlocking Criteria

Spells and Potions

See here


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