Super Mario MHL: Series 3|A new game by 1337DOOM!
This is a NEW Fan Game created by 1337doom, THE KING OF KIRBY!.
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Super Mario MHL: Series 3
Developer(s) Omegaverse Corp. Formerly EEA Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii Logo
Release Date(s)
Release dates unknown.
1-4 Players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included Wii Disk

Super Mario MHL: Series 3 (Japanese: すべてのマリオ; sのホッケーリーグは戻る Mario All-Star's Hockey League Returns) is a Mario hockey game for the Nintendo Wii. It was supposed to be developed by EEA Inc. but was developed by Omegaverse Corp. because EEA Inc. stopped working on it. It is rated E for Mild Cartoon Violence and Crude Humor.


Arenas return! The "arena creator" that was introduced in the first game returns but in more depth, letting you go into a mini-programming mode that lets you program using a limited programming language the game teaches you. If you program something that doesn't make sense the game will try to help you fix it.

Normal Arenas

There are slightly more Normal Arenas then there have been in the past. These new normal arenas each come from different video game series.

Arena Description Status
Super Mario MHL Machine In the background is a giant machine creating copies of Super Mario MHL Games. Unlocked
Megaton Punch This is similar to the Megaton Punch Minigame Stage from the Kirby series. In the audience you can see Wheelzen, Kirby, and more cameos. Unlocked

Mario Arenas

These are the gimmicky-arenas. 8 of the arenas from the first game reappear unchanged.

Arena Gimmicks Status
Mario Sewer Spinys and Sidesteppers come out of pipes for the players to hit. The puck can go down a Pipe and come out a different Pipe. Unlocked
Luigi's Mansion At unknown times Ghosts from Luigi's Mansion will appear out of nowhere and chase the players. The puck can also get lost in the bushes. Locked
Peach Dome Garden If and when the underwater dome springs a leak, the water and Cheep-Cheeps will get in the player's way. Unlocked
Daisy Cruiser Cheep-Cheeps can jump out of the water onto the deck. Gooper Blooper's arms can tip the Cruiser and get in the player's way. Locked
Yoshi Desert There are three quicksand areas around the arena, which the players and the puck can sick into. Pokeys also roam the arena. Unlocked
Wario's Sewer This level is very similar to Mario Sewer, but Buzzy Beetles and rats live here instead. Instead of pipes, the puck goes into sewer grates and fall from the sky at random places. Unlocked
Waluigi Maze Madness The whole level is a maze! Sometimes you will find an item in the maze, but you might find a Thwomp instead. Beware! Locked
King K. Rools Pirate Ship Cannonballs and items fall from the sky, Klaptraps jump out of nowhere, and music from Donkey Kong Country 3 plays. Every once in a while, cannonballs and items look like question marks and you don't know if it's a cannonball or an item. Unlocked
Bowser Jr. Bedroom Bowser Jr. is now old enough for a "big koopa"s bedroom. It is similar to Bowser Castle and Bowser Jr. Playroom. Locked
The Princess's Secret Slide The slope of the level morphs over time. Also there are a lot of items here. Locked
Toad Highway Cars and trucks drive down the highway in the middle of the arena when the traffic light is green and can hit the players. Unlocked
Toadette Band Room When the puck hits one of the instruments on the side of arena, a symphony starts playing. If any players are on the ground when the drum is hit, they fall over. Locked
The Center of the Universe Hungry Lumas can eat the puck and shoot out new items and platforms. There is a floating platform which is hard to get up too with lots of items. Locked
Noki Noki Amusement Park 4 Goopy Piranha Plants return, and there are also a lot of bullet bills. A roller coaster may hit the puck. Unlocked
Baby Mario Park The Wiggler Roller Costar comes down close to the arena and can hit the players each time around. Locked
Shy Forest Shy Guys shoot leaves and Snifit's shoot bullets at the puck. A Wizard Guy can cast a spell on the puck making it blend in with the background. You can still see it a little though. Unlocked
True Shy Forest The Demon Shy Guy owns this place. Wigglers are ridden by Shy Guys and the trees from Shy Forest are dead. Locked
1-1 Looks similar to World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. Locked
1-2 Looks similar to World 1-2 from Super Mario Bros. Locked
8-4 Looks similar to World 8-4 from Super Mario Bros. Locked

Mission Arenas

The new Mission Arena is even smaller than last time!

Arena Description
Mini Rink The audience is huge in this level.

Boss Arenas

The bosses have returned and there are some new ones, as well as old ones.

Boss Coliseum How To Defeat Image
King Goomba King Goomba's Fortress Shoot Red Goomba or Blue Goomba with the puck, so that King Goomba is defenseless. Then shoot King Goomba with the puck 2 times. Goomboss
Large Mud Pirhana Isle Delfino Shoot pucks at the fire alarms to turn on the sprinklers that clean the Mud Pirhana. Clean him 3 times, then shoot his head. No Image Yet
Gooper Blooper Water Palace Each of his arms will try to grab you. Let them grab you. When he's about to throw you on the ground, shake the controller violently. He'll be stunned. Now shoot all of his tentacles. Gooperblooper01
King Boo Vanilla Dome Ghost House Shoot pucks at his crown 5 times and it will fall off. Then shoot the bandage on his head. No Image Yet
Demon Shy Guy Evilshy Castle Use a Fire Flower to burn down his shield. Shoot a koopa shell to make him trip 7 times and die. No Image Yet
King Chomp Lava Volcano Knock off his crown using Koopa Shells and then shoot it off the stage with the hockey stick. Do this 6 times to defeat him. King Chomp
Topmaniac Battlerock Galaxy Shoot pucks at him until he falls off the stage. His helpers throw him back up. Then shoot a puck at his head. Do this 3 times. Topmaniac
Bowser Bowser Coliseum Room 2 Shoot Bowser with a Fire Flower 10 times, a Koopa Shell 5 times, and the normal puck 3 times. He'll roar and grow into Giga Bowser. Avoid him until he falls into a pit. He comes back angrier as Dark Bowser. To defeat him, shoot the Dark Star he shoots 5 times until he gets hit so much that he explodes. Bowser


There are only 52 playable characters, unfortunately. This proved to be one of the biggest downfalls of Super Mario MHL: Series 3. Some characters have multiple colors. The player can also play as their own Miis. If the player has no Miis there are Guest Miis to choose from. The characters (except Miis, which the player can chose the number optionally) are given numbers from 1-52. Once the player has masters each of the Missions with a character the player will receive a diploma. There are 54 diplomas- one you earn automatically, one you earn by getting all the other diplomas. Only two of the characters are not unlocked at the start. (51 and 52)

Character Multiple Colors # Image
Waluigi Green 1 Waluigi Skate
Wario Red 2 WarioTime
Mario Yellow, Green 3 215px-MarioMP8a
Luigi Purple, Red 4 HockeyLuigi
Toad Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple 5 Toad4
Petey Piranha Pink 6 PeteyPiranhaPlant
Diddy Kong None 7 Diddy Kong Card
Bowser Jr. Bib Outfit, Red, Green, Blue 8 BowserJr.SMG
Birdo Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green 9 BirdoDino
Yoshi Red, Blue, Yellow, Light Blue, Pink 10 HockeyYoshi
Daisy Peach 11 SportsDaisy
Peach Daisy 12 WinterPeach
Toadsworth Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Greyscale, Inversion 13 Toadsworth
Lakitu Red, Blue 14 Lakitu - New Super Mario Bros Wii
Blooper Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Brown 15 600px-Blooper
Luma Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Rink, Polari, Hungry Purple 16 Luma
Rosalina Peach, Daisy, Midna 17 PrincessRosalina
Kritter Blue, Red, Brown 18 Kritter
Dixie Kong None 19 DixieKong
Funky Kong None 20 FunkyKong
Tiny Kong None 21 Tinymss
Lanky Kong None 22 LankyKong
Wiggler Angry, Tired, Sad, Happy, Tyedye 23 Wiggler2
Flutter Angry, Tired, Sad, Happy, Tyedye 24 No Image Yet
Monty Mole Red, Blue 25 MontyMole
Ukiki Purple, Green 26 No Image Yet
Captain Shy Guy None 27 No Image Yet
Spear Guy Blue, Yellow, Green, Black 28 No Image Yet
Red Snifit Grey, Brown, Green 29 No Image Yet
Goomba Angry, Sad 30 No Image Yet
Hammer Bro. Boomerang Bro., Fire Bro., Ice Bro., Sledge Bro., Yo Bro. 31 Hammo
Captain Syrup None 32 No Image Yet
Merfle Blue, Yellow, Red, Grey, White, Purple, Turquoise 33 No Image Yet
Queen Merelda None 34 No Image Yet
Toadette None 35 MP7 Toadette
Shy Bandit Blue, Green, White, Black 36 No Image Yet
Dino Piranha Fire, Ice, Lightning 37 DinoPiranha
Major Burrows Red 38 SMG 026
Bandit None 39 No Image Yet
Mouse Red, Blue, Rat, Pitch-Black, Mowz 40 No Image Yet
Pauline Peach 41 No Image Yet
Snow Spike None 42 SnowSpike
Koopa Troopa Red, Blue 43 200px-Koopa
Spiked Goomba Gold, Silver, Bronze 44 180px-Goomba
Shadow Shy Guy None 45 ShyGuy
King Boo None (not playable during boss fight with King Boo) 46 KingofBoos
Boo Mario Pink Boo, Dark Boo, McBoo 47 BooMario
Pianta Red, Yellow, Brown 48 PiantaTree
Noki Red, Green 49 NokiShell
Bee Mario None 50 Full Bee Mario SMG
Nightwolf Sonic, Shadow, Scourge, Metal Nightwolf, Super Nightwolf 51 Nightwolf3D
The Almighty Fan The Enemy, The Assistant 52 The fan 1


Items reappear. Several different items, new and old, are available.

Item Use Image
Mushroom Makes the player have top speed. Mushroom2
Mega Mushroom Makes the player extra large and can crush other players. Mega Mushroom
Fire Flower Makes the player have the ability to shoot fireballs. 100px
Star Makes the player invincible and able to knock over players. Star
Green Shell When tossed it can bounce off walls and hit a player. Green Shell
Red Shell When tossed it chases one player and hit him/her. Red Shell
Spiny Blue Shell It will fly over to the puck and blow up all players near it. Spiny Blue Shell
Banana 6 Bananas can be tossed on the ground for players to trip over. Banana
Bob-omb When tossed it can blow up players close to it. Bob-omb walking
Yoshi Egg When tossed it chases one player and if hit in releases three items. Egg
POW Block When tossed it will shake the ground and stun players on the ground. POW
Thunderbolt It will zap all the players on the other team making them small. 600px-MKwii Thunderbolt
Chain Chomp It will chase many players and try to chomp them. Chomp
Bullet Bill It chases a player and blows up when it hits the chosen player. Bullet Bill
Mini Boos They make the puck invisible. Mini Boos
Big Boo They make the puck invisible for a longer period of time. No Image Yet!
Chaos Emeralds They make the player catch on fire. Anyone who touches them gets knocked away. They can move very fast. VERY RARE item. No Image Yet!

Story Mode

There is a new story mode to play through in this game! It is not as developed as previous games, but is still fun.

Bowser rests in his castle. "HOW DARE HE NOT INVITE ME!" he roared. "AFTER ALL IVE DONE! I even let him be inside my body, help me get my castle back, let him get killed by my best minions... AND HE DOESN'T INVITE ME! That's it, I'm going to make my OWN new Hockey Tournament. The Koopa Kappa League! Yeah!" Bowser went to work. Meanwhile, Mario is playing hockey at the Toad Toadstool League with his friends. "It's a fine day for Hockey, Master Mario...." remarked Toadsworth. When suddenly, the Koopa Clown Car hit the ground. "BWAHAHA!" said Bowser, who took all the hockey equipment. "Come to MY TOURNAMENT if you want to play Hockey EVER AGAIN! BWAHAHAHAHA!" and he flew off.

The rest of the game is going to each arena and fighting each boss. However you must gain a certain amount of experience before you can come to some bosses.

E-Reader Returns

The E-Reader Returns system was packed with this game. The E-Reader Returns plugs into a Gamecube Controller on your Wii. You can bring in E-Cards of most of the characters from the other Mario Hockey League games using the cards. Commen cards cost 1 dollar each. A pack of five random cards is three dollars. A rare card is worth five dollars.

No More Sequels

Omegaverse Corp. has decided that they will not work on any more MHL games without the permission of EEA Inc. Additionaly, they want to release more E-Reader Returns cards to expand the game, so they have no need for a sequal.


  • It has slightly different graphics then the other MHL games.
  • The game is very similar to the original MHL.
  • The game's beta name was Super Mario MHL III.
  • Many fans were angry that there were not as many characters, that is why the E-Reader Returns Character Cards were made.
  • Kirby, Nightwolf, and Fantendo Origins characters cameo.
  • Nightwolf wears a big jacket in the Mini Rink.