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Super Mario Light's Camera Action

Super Mario Light's Camera Action

Super Mario Light's Camera Action is an 2013 video game developed by Badsaw Productions and only for the Nintendo 3DS and is simlar to The Movies and Yoostar 2 but with more story and more features

Story Mode (1 Player)

Mario and Luigi are just relaxing in their homes when they get a message from Bowser saying that he has kidnapped Peach again and is in a Hollywood Movie Studio so they Mario Bros head to Hollywood and enter the Studio only to find out that they the best acting skills to beat this adventure

Movie Mode (1-4 Players)

Movie Mode is the game's multiplayer mode and has two modes

  • Teamwork Trailer

Teamwork Trailer is where 4 players work together to create the perfect movie

Player 1 (Director)

Player 2 (Producer)

Player 3 (Writer)

Player 4 (Editor)

  • Battle The Scenes

Battle The Scenes is where 4 players battle each other to create the perfect movie whoever gets the most points wins










Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong


Bowser Junior


Badsaw Productions have confirmed to do a sequel for this game and might be a 2014 release and they think the title may be called Super Mario Light's Camera Action The Plumber Who Loved Me which means that the next Super Mario Light's Camera Action will have 007 films

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