Super Mario Life is a new game and a spin off of the Super Mario Galaxy series

Super Mario Life
Super mario life
Publisher(s) Nin
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Europe 25th October 2014
25px-Flag of USA 28th june 2015
25px-Flag of Japan 3rd December 2012
25px-Flag of Australia 6th April 2015
Genre(s) Action

Brawl series.


This gameplay is very similar to Super mario galaxy. The characters moveset are pretty much the same, but when the player uses the wii pad the other player can create blocks or platofrms to help the other character.


Princess Peach and Princess Daisy prepares for Mario's birthday celebration. Peach then sends Mario a letter inviting him to his party, and Mario heads off to the celebration. At the party tatnga shows up in a large aircraft and beams up Peach and Daisy to his ship and flies off to Bowser's castle. Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi must team up to save the Princesses and his birthday party


Image Name Description
Mario (NSML)

Mario the main hero


The main veteran of the game. Mario is invited to the castle for his suprise birthday party planned by Peach and Daisy. When the two are kidnapped Mario, Luigi, Toad and Yoshi are off to rescue the damsels in distress


The sidekick

Luigi Mario's twin brother and 2nd plumber in command. Luigi joins Mario on his adventure after witnessing Daisy and Peach be kidnapped by Tatanga at Mario's birthday
Yoshi (NSML)
Yoshi Mario's dinousaur like partner. Yoshi tags along when Mario found him inside an egg on a abandoned island.
Toad (NSML)
Toad a loyal servant of Princess Peach, Toad joins the group to help rescue the Mushroom Kingdoms beloved princess

The damsel in distress


The benevolent ruler of The Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach along with Princess Daisy has invited Mario and his friends to a dinner celebration in her castle for Mario's birthday. But as the festivities approach Peach and Daisy were kidnapped by Tatanga (who is working for Bowser) and is taken to Bowser's castle.
Daisy Daisy the energetic and sassy princess of Sarasaland. Princess Daisy helps Peach prepare for Mario's birthday party but once the celebration starts her old enemy tatanga captures her and Peach and she is held in Boo's mansion


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