Super Mario Legends is a 2015 TV series to be produced by Nintendo and MercuryRush Films, and will air on Cartoon Network (Nickelodeon in other countries) in mid  2015. The series will follow the adventures of Mario, Luigi, and several of their allies as they travel across the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond to defeat Bowser and his minions. Legends will feature new villains with powers never before seen and the mystical Smash Balls that are scattered throughout the land.

Super Mario Bros. Legends
Genre(s) Cartoon


First Air Date(s)
June 2nd, 2015
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme "The Grand Finale" from Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Ending Theme "Pollyanna (I Believe In You)" (instrumental) from EarthBound
Country of Origin United States
Original Language English
Season(s) 2 (possibly more)
Episodes TBD
Runtime 30 minutes per episode
Status Airing


Mushroom City...a bustling metropolis lying at the heart of the Mushroom Kingdom. It's home to dozens of Toads and other species alike. One night, a mysterious glowing object strikes a hill outside of the city. The object is a Smash Ball, an orb containing the ultimate power. It awakens some of the kingdom's greatest threats and causes the master of the Smash Ball, Master Core, to come to life as well. The next day, the Mario Bros. get word of this and set out to find the Smash Fragments, which were scattered after Master Core was reawoken. 



Name Image Voice Actor Description First Appearance
Charles Martinet Mario is the main hero of Legends. He has a very strong bond with his brother, Luigi, and their Bros Attacks are proof of this. Mario is in love with Peach, and sometimes he can't wait to get his hands on some spagetthi. Episode 01: Press Start
Luigi U
Tony Rosato Luigi is the cowardly brother of Mario, and a ghostbuster with his Poltergust 5000. He is similar to Mario but has a Scuttle Jump and he can use some form of lightning powers. Episode 01: Press Start
Princess Peach Bubble Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Tracey Moore Peach is the current ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, as her father - King Rose - disappeared over 15 years ago. She is Mario's girlfriend and often participates in most of Mario's favorite activities. Episode 01: Press Start
Kazumi Totaka This cheerful little dino was hatched just in time to help Baby Mario reunite with his brother. Yoshi is a fun-loving dinosaur who usually only says "Yoshi" (thankfully Professor E. Gadd came up with a translator) and loves to eat almost anything! Episode 03: Hatching Up Trouble!
130px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land
Samantha Kelly Episode 01: Press Start
Captain Toadette
Samantha Kelly Episode 10: Oh My, Fungi!
Deanna Mustard Episode 04: Sands of Time
Kerri Kane Episode 02: When You Wish Upon A Starman
Donkey Kong
Richard Yearwood Donkey Kong is Mario's former nemesis and current caretaker of Diddy Kong, as his parents are missing. He enjoys any form of banana - except for rotten ones - and refuses to let his precious Banana Horde be stolen (although King K. Rool stole it 3 times). Episode 09: Wipeout in the Clouds
Diddy Kong
250px-Diddy Kong SSB4
Andrew Sabiston Episode 09: Wipeout in the Clouds
Dixie Kong
Stevie Vallance Episode 27: Mariozan of the Kongs
Cranky Kong
230px-Cranky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Aron Tager (Season 1)


Unconfirmed (Season 2)

Episode 27: Mariozan of the Kongs
Funky Kong
240px-Funky Koncomg Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Unconfirmed Not much is currently known about Funky Kong, but he will appear in Season 2. Unconfirmed



There have been at least 2 seasons planned. Each episode has the Bros. fighting a new threat, but occasionally it's something different. New episodes are released on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Season 1: Hunt for the Fragments

35 episodes will be in Season 1.

# Name Synopsis Release Date
001 Press Start Peach has a simple picnic with Mario and Luigi...again. Bowser kidnaps her...again. Geez, everything seems so similar! That is until a mysterious orb crashes into a hill. (Villain: Bowser) June 2nd, 2015
002 When You Wish Upon A Starman The night of the Star Festival is upon the Kingdom, and Rosalina returns for the time being. However, she somehow gets a stowaway, and it's not friendly. (Villain: Cosmic Spirit)
003 Hatching Up Trouble! Mario and Luigi return to Dinosaur Land in order to find a Smash Fragment and Yoshi. They find their dinosaur friend, but discover that Kamek has returned to the land and is causing havoc. (Villains: Kamek and Boshi)
004 Sands of Time Something's spooked Professor Kolorado and his team during their expedition in Sarsaraland! Luigi, nervous for the safety of Daisy, takes Yoshi and gets on a plane to fly to the sandy dunes. When they land, the two encounter something they never expected. (Villain: Phantoopa)
005 Race Day Bowser challenges everyone to a "fair" kart race for the Bowser Cup. Who said anything about being fair? Mario investigates and soon realizes there's a bigger risk at hand. (Villain: Speedy Spookster)
006 Blizzard Blitz Part 1 of the Weather Kings Saga. A mysterious blizzard brews in the Mushroom Kingdom during the summer, and it's up to the Mario Bros. to discover who's behind it. (Villain: Blizz)
007 Rising to the Occasion Part 2 of the Weather Kings Saga. Blizz reveals he's only one of the four Weather Kings in the Mushroom Kingdom, and that his master, Thuneus, has a Smash Fragment. Mario and Luigi set out, but soon encounter the 2nd Weather King. (Villain: Ty Phoon)
008 Hurricane o' Pain Part 3 of the Weather Kings Saga. The bros continue their quest to find Thuneus, this time aboard Daisy Cruiser. However, a hurricane hits the ship and causes it to capsize. Mario wakes up to find Luigi and Daisy gone and a clue to where the 3rd Weather King hides. (Villain: Owen Stormshi)
009 Wipeout in the Clouds Finale of the Weather Kings Saga. Thuneus' lair is at the top of DK Mountain and the bros are going to need some extra strength to get up there. (Villain: Lord Thuneus)
010 Oh My, Fungi! Captain Toad invites Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette to join him on an adventure. During their expedition, Captain Toad and Mario are kidnapped by Wingo, leaving the others to their own devices. (Villain: Wingo)
022 November 20th, 2015
023 November 24th, 2015
024 November 27th, 2015
025 December 1st, 2015
026 December 4th, 2015
027 Mariozan of the Kongs A new threat lurks in Jungle Hijinxs, and the Mario Bros. are on the case! However, Mario is accidentally hit on the head by a Banana Bunch and thinks he's a Kong! Can Luigi and Yoshi restore his memory before it's too late? (Villain: Swappuh Kern) December 8th, 2015
028 December 11th, 2015
029 December 15th, 2015
030 December 18th, 2015
031 December 22nd, 2015
032 Bah, Humkoopa! Christmas special. Princess Peach decides to put on a play of the Christmas Carol with Mario as Scrooge! However, Bowser plans to sabotage the play, but he's not alone! (Villain: The Director) December 25th, 2015
033 Chip off the Old Block The Kongs are having a peril of their own! After solving the Mariozan incident and defeating Swappuh Kern, they discover that King K. Rool has stolen the Banana Horde with the help of Lord Fredrik. It's up to the Kongs in order to stop their two threats and retrieve their Banana Horde and a Smash Fragment! (Villains: King K. Rool and Lord Fredrik) December 29th, 2015
034 Tables Turned! Part 1 of 2 in the Season Finale. Master Core's power is accidentally restored by Luigi. The Master proceeds to possess everyone except for Mario and Yoshi, and turns Peach and Daisy into his slaves. Mario and Yoshi escape to the Comet Observatory, where Rosalina alerts them of Master Core's coming. (Villains: Master Core and Possessed Citizens) January 1st, 2016
035 The Return of the Master Part 2 of 2 in the Season Finale. Mario is giving a new item to help combat Master Core - the Ultra Star.  January 5th, 2016

Season 2: Mechanical Mayhem

Season 2 was announced on New Year's Eve 2015, and will feature characters from other Nintendo series in several episodes, along with the first appearances of Funky Kong, the Axem Rangers, and several other villains. The main villain of this season will be Metallius, an accidental creation of Professor E. Gadd. So far, only 5 episodes have been confirmed.

# (season) # (series) Name Description Air Date


036 Only One can Remain Mario has defeated Master Core and can transform into Grand Mario at any time. He is then invited to a tournament to test his powers, but (in fear of his safety) Luigi and Yoshi go with him. They soon discover something vile within the tournament. (Villain: Ninja Kong)


037 Scrap Metal (Villain: Metallius)


038 It's A Cruel, Cruel, Cruel, World. (Villain: 
004 039 Axem Maximum (Villain: Axem Rangers)
005  040 Infected! (Villain: Prince Shroob)


  • Peach and Luigi's voice actors from the Super Mario World cartoon return.
    • Danny Wells was intended to play Luigi, but because of his passing, Tony Rosato returned to play Luigi.
    • Andrew Sabiston (voice of Diddy Kong in both this series and the Donkey Kong Country series) also voiced Yoshi, but turned down the role as some scenes involved both Diddy and Yoshi talking. Thus, Kazumi Totaka reprised his role as Yoshi.
  • Bah, Humkoopa was originally intended to be released on December 1st, 2015, but was moved to Christmas Day. 

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