Super Mario Legend II is a platformer for the Nintendo Wii being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). Mario has no power-ups in this game, but instead has a health meter.


Mario woke up to an explosion and a red sky. As fast as he could, he rushed outside and made a beeline for Peach's Castle. When he made it there, he stopped and his face was a mask of agony. The castle was on fire! He leaped into the flames in hope of finding the princess still alive. He tore his way through the flames and debris that surrounded him. If only he had seen a demonic-looking Bowser floating above him. If only he had seen the boulder in his hand. If only he had moved out of the way before Bowser hurled the boulder on top of him. But he didn't. All at once, Bowser had finally done it. Bowser had finally defeated Mario. With a roar of victory that shook the heavens, Bowser flew off to his new, enormous castle.

Mario woke up. He had died, he knew he had. All around him, clouds surrounded him. Then there was a blinding flash, and a large star spirit stood there. Mario asked him why he was not completely dead and the spirit said that his soul was still strong enough to interact with the Mushroom World. Then the star spirit glowed, and a bright red flash came out of his eyes. It engulfed Mario and flew into his body. Instantly, he felt stronger. The star spirit told him to go and stop the now demon-like Bowser, and Mario went off to do just that.

Gameplay & Controls

In this, Mario is super-charged and extremely powerful. However, Bowser's minions have also become stronger, and it will take much power to defeat them. You run through the levels and defeat enemies.

  • D-Pad - Move, Ground Pound, press as you touch ground to roll.
  • 2 Button - Flip Jump
  • 1 Button - Throw fireball. Hold to increase its size.


  • Mario - Our hero who finds himself with amazing fire wielding abilities.
  • Bowser - A large dragon that made himself nearly unstoppable with the Ztar Crystal.

Rest TBA...


  • Fireball - Mario shoots a fireball.
  • Fire Dash - Mario dashes forward, engulfed in flames.
  • Fiery Fury (Fire Dash + 1) - If 1 is pressed when Mario is about to hit an enemy with Fire Dash, he'll flip the enemy into the air with a kick.
  • Fiery Wrath (Fiery Fury + 1 repeatedly) - While the enemy is in the air after Fiery Fury, constantly pressing 1 will cause Mario to keep throwing fireballs at the enemy. This is a very powerful attack.

Rest TBA...

Enemies & Bosses


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