Super Mario Land World Place 3D 64 IV: The Quest For Peace is a game for the 3DS released in 1998. It was found under the ET Cartiages in New Mexico.


The gameplay is the exact same as any other Mario game.



Mario and Peach were having a pinic until Bowser kidnaps her. And then Mario goes to save her again.


Thisisarealuser Says: wow thes gams so gret i pley t all day!

Anotherrealuser Says: Um...this sounds extremely stupid. Just like the fanboy who made it.

Thisisarealuser Says: no u shut up this gams so asom

Anotherrealuser Says: It's fake, this is 'Fantendo'. FANtendo, not Super-Realtendo. Idiot.

Thisisarealuser Says: yah i gess ur rite thus gamsucks

Anotherrealuser Says: Yes, it does suck.

Bananaman Says: Well, I'm glad you two made up, now we can all agree that this game idea and the person who made it both suck. :)

Anotherrealuser Says: Yep. :)

Thisisarealuser Says: yah 8===D

Bananaman Says: Why'd you draw a dick?

Thisisarealuser Says: its not a dik its a man thats the eys than teh nos an moth

Bananaman Says: Oh.........